exclusive-update 1-after backlash, p&g changes pampers cruisers - super absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-21
exclusive-update 1-after backlash, p&g changes pampers cruisers  -  super absorbent material
* Pampers Cruisers are updated and feel softer * cruisers have the words "Dry Max" on them, package packs * hugs bring stylish diapers, innovative plans (
Added details of the lawsuit, parent Review)
Jessica Wall Chicago May 4 (Reuters)-
P & G is changing the way it produces Pampers Cruisers and removing the word "Dry Max" from the package a year later
The touted diaper makeover has led to complaints and lawsuits against the sparkling baby's ass.
Procter & Gamble's biggest brand Pampers update diapers every year.
This year's updated product should feel softer and more absorbent. after Pampers face a rebound in 2010, it may get more attention than usual.
P & G (PG. N)
After listening to the opinions of several parents, adjustments are being made.
Thousands of people complain to the United StatesS.
Security Council of Canada
The company was even sued.
Pampers are the best
Selling diapers brands around the world, there are several varieties.
The Pampers Cruiser is a more expensive version for larger babies and toddlers.
Pampers will start selling the updated Cruisers in August with white lining and new images of Sesame Street.
"It's always a good time to make our products better," Brian McCleary, director of external relations at P & G baby care, told Reuters . ".
"We're particularly excited because we give people what they want --
New features requested by consumers.
The Pampers for smaller babies sw swaddled diapers did not change, but both sw swaddling diapers and cruiser packaging will lose the materials that highlight the thinner "Dry Max" words to help babies move to more absorbent last year.
The cruiser will now "three
Echoing a technology promoted by the company back in 2007.
Last spring, P & G vigorously promoted the Pampers sw package and cruisers for Dry Max.
Bob McDonald's chief executive even called them the brand's "biggest breakthrough" in 25 years ".
The latest change is at a critical moment.
Expensive diapers have lost customers, and Pampers and its main competitor, Hugo Gies, are preparing to raise the price tag. [ID:nN25202633]
Pampers and hugs made by KimberlyClark Corp (KMB. N)
They want to attract parents who are willing to pay more for diapers, who say they are more comfortable and easy to absorb than other diapers.
Retailers like to promote new diapers to help with sales
Not just diapers, but other baby items.
In the face of rising food and gasoline costs and a slowdown in the US economy, parents want to save money and the task becomes even harder. S.
The birth rate puts pressure on the sale of diapers.
Despite such problems, several parents supported Pampers, whose annual sales reached $10 billion.
"I'm skeptical about doing Max's thing, but there's no problem," said Robin estelin, a mother of Minni apores city with two children wearing
Describe "Pampers for devotees.
"Wall Street has noticed that P & G's diaper business is losing its share, even if the company has lowered some of its Pampers prices and promoted its smaller
Expensive Luvs brand to keep parents from turning to competitors.
"I think the Procter you're seeing is struggling and still a little bit of a sequelae in the Dry's biggest controversy," said Ali dibaji, an analyst at Sanford Bernstein . ".
Graphics in the United StatesS.
Click here: Sales of diapers in the worldreuters.
Com/nyz39r P & G was sued by parents on May 2010, claiming that dry Max diapers can cause serious rash, blisters and other skin problems.
In the past, P & G called these statements "completely wrong ".
"A lawsuit is pending in the United States. S.
Southern District Court of Ohio.
P & G declined to comment.
After months of investigation, the United StatesS.
The Consumer Product Safety Board and Health Canada did not find specific reasons for the connection between diapers and rash. [ID:nN02224806]
Pampers are the best in the world.
Selling diapers also makes the popular pull-
Ups training pants, the best-
According to Euromonitor International, a market research firm, brands are sold in the United States.
Both brands saw their dominance tested last year as Wal-Mart
Mart department store (WMT. N)
The parent company of Costco Wholesale company chooses the brand (COST. O)
The Kirkland Signature line and diapers from other chain homes have gained traction.
Curious hope fashion is enough to win customers.
It brought its "jeans" diaper back to the United States. S.
After the store, Parents splurge on cowboy clothes with a little extra money --
Diapers are available in the spring and summer of 2010. Kimberly-
Clark estimates that more than 2 million bags of jeans and diapers were sold in North America last year.
The company quoted Nielsen as saying blue diapers helped huglittle sales grow by 20% when sold.
There may be other hugs on the road, but Kimberly-
Clark declined to comment on a patent application for the small hugies moving company. On.
The company said CEO Thomas Falk's diaper innovation, which was discussed in April 25, is still a few months away. (
Jessica Wall reports, Gerald E. editorMcCormick.
Editor Robert MacMillan)((jessica.
Wall @ Thomson Reuters.
Com 312 408 8132;
Jessica, Reuters News. wohl. thomsonreuters. com@reuters. net))
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