enbridge northern gateway pipeline: what will 500 extra tankers off b.c. coast mean? - absorbent pads for food packaging

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enbridge northern gateway pipeline: what will 500 extra tankers off b.c. coast mean?  -  absorbent pads for food packaging
The Alberta provincial government has agreed that another 500 tankers will enter and leave North B. C.
Every year, every ship that leaves is loaded with millions of oil that goes up to foreign markets. As each double-
On the Douglas Channel near Kitimat, a lanyard tugboat will help keep the giant ship on the route.
Navy pilots trained in local waters will ensure that ships sail safely through the waters.
But what if an accident happens, what if a huge ship hits a rock along B? C.
The coastline, oil starts to penetrate into the water, who takes action first, who is responsible for cleaning up, who is responsible for ensuring that it is done correctly, despite the controversy surrounding the pipeline, and the questions raised by B. C.
Government and environmental activists on safety and responsibilityand-
Who makes the bolt process more clear.
The first responders on the tugboat immediately rushed to the scene to control the leak.
Tanker Company-
Polluters who are financially responsible for this mess
The Canadian Coast Guard or emergency line in the province must be notified immediately.
And a call to the federal government.
A certified leak response organization that will come to handle the crisis. In B. C.
The organization is the western Canadian marine response organization.
It dispatches the vessel to the leak within a few hours and accommodates it using a variety of boom, slag skimming, suction pumps and suction pads.
Meanwhile, the Coast Guard will arrive on site to supervise the cleaning workup.
According to Canadian regulations, the leak should be controlled within 10 days.
If the response of the polluters is considered inadequate or negligent, the Coast Guard will shift from a supervisory response to a direct clean-up of the leak.
Bruce Turnbull of the Western Canadian Ocean Response Group said stormy weather could delay the response time, usually between 6 and 72 hours.
Six hours you think.
Seems a lot)
"But we don't drive there, we don't fly there, we have to be on the water and it's not that fast," he said . ".
Turnbull says resources
Including a high
Speed Response oil purifier
If the northern portal project is approved, the personnel will be closer to the Douglas Channel to match the perceived risk level.
But history shows that despite the agreement, a major ocean leak
For example, many environmental activists and indigenous groups say that if the $6 in dispute --
Northern portal project approved
Often don't go according to the best-laid plans.
The agreement did not take human error into account.
Just last week, about 190,000 liters of crude oil leaked from the Enbridge pipeline in rural Wisconsin, causing the United StatesS.
The Transport Department's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has asked the oil giant to submit a resubmitted report
Start the plan before reopening the pipe.
The government questioned the company's pipeline integrity plan, noting that tests carried out during pipeline construction in 1998 showed defects and that the pipeline had also broken five years ago, with crude oil leaking more than 200,000 liters in Clark County, Nevada.
In 2010, millions of litres of oil sands poured into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, affecting more than 50 kilometers of waterways and wetlands.
A recent report from the United StatesS.
Investigators will be Calgary
Because it has destroyed the leak response in Michigan, it is located in Enbridge, "Keystone Kops.
The report showed that when the pipe broke, the employees were not responding well and they did not fix the defects found five years ago.
The Kalamazoo River has only recently reopened, clean-
Enbridge costs $800-million.
After the incident, the oil company said it had made many changes, including doubling the number of employees detecting pipeline leaks, increasing technical training and improving the company's safety culture.
"The key aspect of avoiding human error is starting with the philosophy of the company, which will not be acceptable, and we have to do what we can to make sure that there is no leakage, "John Carruthers, president of the northern portal project, said in an interview.
Northern portal project currently under consideration by the federal review team will carry tar sands oil
Crude oil containing diluted asphalt
From Alberta to northern B. C.
It will be shipped to Asia.
Wayne Bridge said late last month that it would invest another $500.
Enhance the safety of the proposed pipeline.
Former fisheries minister David Anderson said he did not believe the company had learned from the Michigan oil spill.
"If this is a record of this company, it is described [in the most critical terms]the U. S.
National Committee on Transport Safety
"Then you can't expect them to do a good job elsewhere," he said . ".
Anderson also said the recent wave of federal government budget cuts to the fisheries and marine sectors meant that the Coast Guard had little capacity to deal with the massive oil spill on the west coast.
"You can always say that we can do habitat protection, or we can do oil spill response, or we can implement fishing regulations on rivers," he said . ".
"You can do one of these things, but you can't do these three things because you don't have the resources to do it.
"Canada's liability rules mean that spiller may not have to spend more than $1.
3 billion clear maritime disaster.
The remaining costs may fall in the province and Ottawa.
This helps to push B. C.
Prime Minister Christie Clark insisted that Ottawa take more financial responsibility for cleaning up and asked B. C.
Get a larger share of profits from this line to compensate for the risks that the province may take.
Edward Owens, a geologists and shoreline protection consultant at Enbridge, said the project's leak management plan would be "state-of-the-art.
"According to Canadian shipping regulations, once the oil is transferred from the northern portal pipeline to the tanker, the responsibility of Enbridge should end," he said.
However, Enbridge is expanding its spill response strategy to cover open waters.
A tanker will be tied to a tugboat at any time to maintain its course, and a ship with a leak response device will accompany the ship, Owens said.
There are three equipment warehouses.
He said Transport Canada's required capacity is already located in Kitimat, and more warehouses will be stationed in Prince Rupert, Hartley Bay and other areas along the channel Douglas.
But Owens admits that no matter what the world is
Class plans, bad weather conditions, poor communication and poor management will delay the occurrence of oil spills.
"I have seen all these mistakes," he said . "
"There is no formula for success.
The key is that you can have everything.
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