efforts on to bring down tobacco cultivation - super absorbent gel

by:Demi     2019-08-23
efforts on to bring down tobacco cultivation  -  super absorbent gel
To stop tobacco cultivation in the region, the Ministry of Agriculture is helping tobacco growers to turn to other crops.
They are helped to diversify into other crops in stages in order to obtain sustained livelihood support.
The focus is on farmers who are engaged in tobacco cultivation for at least four years.
As a result, people have been identified who grow tobacco in the neighborhoods of darapam, Tirupur, avenasi, kangjiayam and paladam.
"They are now getting agricultural inputs at the rate of subsidies to grow corn," said Mohammad Iqbal, co-director of agriculture . ".
Farmers have 15 kg corn seeds every 2. 5 acres, 12.
Trace nutrient mixture of 5 kg and 1 liter of organismsfertilizers.
They also got the "pusa hydrogels" which is a half
The Indian Institute of Agriculture developed a synthetic high water absorbent resin for root applications.
It will help farmers save water by sticking to the roots of plants.
When the soil moisture drops, the moisture absorbed by the gel will help the crop, officials said.
The corn seeds distributed were selected from a group of seeds recently produced by the Ministry of Agriculture on various farms.
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