editorial: where is our 'world class' oil spill response? - oil spill pads

by:Demi     2019-09-15
editorial: where is our \'world class\' oil spill response?  -  oil spill pads
Judging from the overall situation of the oil spill, so far from the sinking tug Nathan E.
Stewart is small near bellabella.
After all, the barge it pushes is empty.
The problem is diesel on the tugboat now.
Underwater fuel tank.
The tugboat was loaded for about 200,000 liters, most of which appeared to be loaded and recycled.
In contrast, the 0. 333 billion-liter crude oil spilled during the sinking of the Atlantic Queen in 1979, or the 0. 77 billion-liter crude oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.
However, for Heiltsuk, which relies on fishing shellfish, Herring seeds and other seafood resources threatened by leakage pollution, it seems small, huge environmental and cultural disasters compared to other economic events.
Just as it is necessary to advocate a substantial increase in the public relations sector of companies that export oil by sea in Alberta.
Barges transporting oil are critical for supplies to isolated coastal communities.
They will not leave soon.
At the same time, the tanker crossed B. C.
No major accidents have occurred in the waters since the 1930 s. Right now, B. C.
About 250 oil and chemicals tankers are transported by the port every year.
However, if the expansion plan of the goldmorgan pipeline is implemented, the annual transport volume of tankers from the south coast may double to 400.
The port is already Canada's busiest port and handles almost five times as much cargo as Montreal's second busiest.
The Port of Prince Rupert has seen similar growth.
Some analysts predict that 200 LNG and tankers will be added to the north coast by 2020.
This Bella accident mainly shows that the government and regulatory authorities have failed to address the issues that environmental critics, First Nations and the public have been arguing over for many years --
We do not have enough resources, equipment, training, and are not prepared to respond to B. C.
A complex, rugged coast.
So far, with increasing pressure to expand the export of petroleum products to overseas markets, we should prepare the equipment in advance.
Emergency rescue personnel received comprehensive strategic training for rapid deployment and active containment.
Instead, in response to Nathan E.
Stewart sinking said that our ability to deal with big problems is far from enough.
Emergency oil spill.
It's almost half a decade since B. C.
The government has listed five conditions it says must be met in order to support the proposed pipeline that will significantly increase tanker traffic on the west coast.
A major requirement is to create a world.
Leading prevention, response and recovery systems for oil spill accidents. Where is it?
Why not in place?
What is the provincial government's plan for this?
So far, both the federal government and the provincial government, especially the oil government, should be clear.
Provinces that produce complaints about inland resources, if they wish to enter into defensible social contracts with British columnians, to continue to implement the LNG development strategy and to expand the export capacity of crude oil and synthetic petroleum products, they need to act quickly and actively on this document and replace assurance with action.
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