ebola fight takes a community-wide response - 55 gallon drum

by:Demi     2019-09-09
ebola fight takes a community-wide response  -  55 gallon drum
It contains Ebola in a major area of the United States. S.
The city needs more than just trained hospital staff and good equipment.
Starting with cleaning, a long list of people and companies is needed
Companies willing to take the Ebola virus
The infected waste is handed over to social workers who are ready to place potential virus carriers in many corners of the community, and social workers can relieve the pressure of the outbreak.
"In fact, hundreds of people have come into contact with this in some way," said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlins . ".
"Every time you turn around, you will find another expert you need.
It's actually a village where the process takes place.
"When the news of the first Ebola case in the United States was announced.
On the 30 th, state, local and federal officials in Dallas rushed to clean up everything around the town after patient Thomas Eric Duncan arrived from Liberia.
The Ebola crisis: First, it is not easy that cases may increase dramatically.
Officials called several companies to ask for a clean-up of the apartments that Duncan and fiancee Louise Trow and three other family members lived in.
The companies refused one by one.
The phone finally got to a cleaner named Fort Worth. Based on danger
Garbage cleaning company
The company, which usually handles highway leaks and hospital cleanup, accepted the job.
"This is a real eye --
Owner Eric McCallum said.
"We trained for something like this, but then it went home.
We realize that we are not dreaming.
This is true.
"Within 24 hours, more than 15 workers in hazmat suits stripped off their clothes at the Dallas Northeast apartment in Duncan and Troh, tearing off carpets, mattresses and furniture," all McCallum said. Workers triple-
Bag the item and stuff it in 140 55-gallon drums.
Drums need to be sent to incinerators 400 miles away where they will be destroyed.
But McCallum said it would take a few days to get an appropriate permit from the Department of Transport, as the agency would need to specifically draft a permit for Ebola transport.
Ebola response: Mark Zuckerberg, who gave $25 to fight Ebola, said: "There is no DoT license because this has never happened in this country before . ".
The department created a temporary license and the barrels were shipped out.
At the same time, county officials need to find a house where Duncan's relatives can live while being monitored for disease-but no one will take them away.
Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said that after multiple phone calls, including one to the leader of the local clergy, the emergency officer found a house where the family could live and he was leading
He said that if allowed, scheduling all companies and institutions in line in advance would avoid delays in cleaning the house and moving relatives.
"You need to have the contract ready and the parties agree and back it up to those parties," Jenkins said . ".
"Everything you see in this response can happen again.
Whenever we deal with these things, we should do them better.
"Another unforeseen obstacle is how best to deal with friends, family and medical staff who have some interaction with Ebola patients-known as" contacts ".
Staff at the Dallas Center for Disease Control and Protection and hospital staff initially monitored 48 contacts, including Duncan's close relatives, to look for signs of the virus.
However, Charnetta Smith, a CDC staff member in Dallas, said even contacts considered "low risk" were stigmatized by neighbors and sought after by the media.
In future outbreaks, social workers should be on standby to help these people, especially those under pressure, she said.
"Being a contact person is an emotional drain for a family," Smith said . ".
"Their lives have changed, too.
"Drag close to 200 55-
Gallon barrel full of Ebola
Cleaning staff McCallum said his team has learned to sail safely in the dangerous areas of Ebola virus cleanup.
McCallum said his farewell advice to other companies was "training, training . ".
"It's not just throwing people in rabbit suits out there.
You must be able to do this during sleep.
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