eat unripe bananas but don't eat mash or cook with olive oil for a healthy diet - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
eat unripe bananas but don\'t eat mash or cook with olive oil for a healthy diet  -  absorption of water
The way to eat healthy is simple, says one professor: eat immature bananas, do not mash potatoes, and do not cook in olive oil.
Rodney Bilton spent 15 years researching what a healthy diet is based on scientific evidence and providing readers with some rules.
This includes eating green bananas because they contain more resistant starch than mature bananas.
Honorary Professor at Liverpool's John Morse University said that starch "is the most important form of soluble dietary fiber [which]
Absorb more slowly in the body "and give a long timeterm energy.
Starch can also help lose weight as it stimulates the release of the hormone glucagon, which increases the speed at which the body burns fat.
In schools and hospitals, doctors say, why should olive oil be banned from eating sugary food in a frying pan? Half of shoppers now buy "free" products for food-intolerant mothers as she delays aggressive cancer treatment, in the "smelly room" in the test of your lystryn, "Professor Sheng also found that by smashing or cooking potatoes, smart Google contact lenses can monitor your health, cut sugar into chips.
Heating and grinding starch particles in potatoes "releases starch converted into sugar by breaking the surrounding membrane", resulting in an increase in the amount of sugar.
The professor suggested that readers of The Daily Mail use olive oil and extra virgin oil as salad dressing instead of cooking.
He said that compared to other types, these types of oil burn at low temperatures, and when the oil overheat, toxic chemicals are produced, called lipid peroxide.
"When they eat [Lipid peroxide
It is possible to react with proteins and DNA that are thought to increase the risk of cancer and heart disease.
"Other tips, including drinking water to reduce back pain, awareness of the risk of tofu and its potential to prevent the absorption of essential minerals, remember that even fructose-natural fruit-containing healthy smoothies still contain sugar.
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