easydry brings innovation to the salon - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
easydry brings innovation to the salon  -  absorbent
In recent years, with more and more consumers paying attention to environmental protection, the market of environmental protection products has grown steadily.
One Irish company that has had an impact in this area is Dundalk Vytal, which produces a series of eco-friendly disposal towels called Easydry.
Anne Terry, founder and CEO of the company, explains how it works.
"Easydry is the next --
Super Generation
Use the latest textile design technology innovation to create luxury disposable towels.
These are recyclable and biodegradable, while providing the highest possible level of hygiene.
"Towels are made from eco.
Friendly process and chemical-free, offering a sustainable and convenient alternative to cotton towels.
She added: "What's better is that they save money and are 25 PCs cheaper than money laundering.
"The size of the towel is from small hands and face towels to large bath towels.
However, the company's biggest seller is still their hair towels, which are now used in many hair salons in Ireland, even the world's top hair salons and beauty salons.
At home, their customers include the houses of the color salon, Aidan Gerrard, Storm, Salon Tibo and Leonard --
While their international clients include celebrities such as Ken Picton, Andrew Barton, Karin Jackson, Leo Bancroft, Anne Vic and hook young.
In addition to this market, the company has recently launched new products in the field of leisure --
Easydry sports towel series, now used in many of the world's most advanced sports towel series
Mind Gym, leisure center and pool.
As part of the company's expansion, Anne has offices in the United States and Australia, and all products produced today have 90 pc exports.
In addition to its own offices, the company also cooperates with dealers in a wide range of regions such as Malta, Finland, Iceland and the Middle East.
Now that they have built a good foundation in the areas of hair, beauty and leisure, they have now expanded to areas such as healthcare, hospitality and pet care.
"They are neither paper towels nor cotton towels," Anne explained ".
"They're next by the patent-
Textile materials.
Because we only use natural
Based on fibers, they are 100 pc compostable and biodegradable within 12 weeks of being put into a landfill.
In addition, since they are disposable, they offer great savings and benefits compared to the water and energy use involved in cleaning towels.
"Our research shows that a typical hair salon saves an average of 60,000 litres of water per year by using our disposable towels," she added . ".
"From the user's point of view, even if it is wet, they have a three-fold increase in water absorption and remain strong and durable.
The company celebrates its 10 th anniversary this year-
This is an interesting 10-
A year-long journey for business women in Louth.
Anne Bent grew up in Dundalk, Co Louth.
In her teens, she remembers that education and business are important influences in her life.
Her mother is a local primary school teacher, and her father is a stonemason.
Family businesses that specialize in Tombstone and granite countertops.
"My father's advice is always to work hard for himself," Anne recalls . ".
However, this is something that must be waited.
After school, she received a business degree at UCD and later a master's degree in business.
Over the next six years, she held various marketing roles with financial and software companies in Dublin.
However, the desire to start a company has never diminished.
At the age of 2003, her brother Steven Gerrard worked in a family business.
The challenges he faced eventually created the opportunity for Annie to begin.
"At that time, he was trying to source granite and other raw materials from around the world and paid a lot of money to importers and middlemen," Anne explained . ".
"It led me to the idea of building a global partnership and sourcing, helping Irish companies to source raw materials directly from overseas manufacturers.
At that time, I was working with various companies from all walks of life in Ireland, from building supplies to textiles and medical devices.
The advantage of Ireland is that these companies have not outsourced production to low-cost areas overseas, and she is proud to add: "They can continue to produce their products in Ireland, because we can reduce the cost of their raw materials. ".
Two years later, this simple idea came up.
Anne shared an apartment with six other girls in Dublin.
"I'm getting frustrated with the pile of damp, dyed towels my roommate left behind after dyeing her hair," Anne explained with a smile . ".
"So I decided to go and see if I could find another option in the form of a disposable towel.
"She was surprised that she couldn't find anything and decided to invent it herself.
So the idea of an absorbing and disposable towel was born.
While she initially targeted the consumer market with a home hair color kit, she quickly found it more challenging to launch consumer goods than she expected.
"Products in this industry usually succeed first in the salon industry and then enter retail stores," Anne explains . ".
"Unless you're a very big company, or have millions of dollars for marketing, it's expensive to launch a consumer brand from scratch.
"She quickly realized that she needed to divert her attention and began producing disposable towels for the salon.
At a trade show in the UK, she was lucky when she found her first trading customer --
L'Oreal College London.
"It turns out that they are an important customer because hair stylists will come here from all over the world to train and keep up with new trends in new products and businesses.
"As a result, the salon owner started pouring into sales a lot," Anne explained . ".
On top of that, her contact with L'Oreal also helped her break into other markets --
In 2009, she launched Easydry in Australia.
"Because of the frequent lack of water in Australia, salon owners are particularly receptive to a product that can help them reduce their dependence on washing towels with water," she explains . ".
Last year, she opened her second office in the United States, and this time she has seen the departure of sales.
Canada also started walking very well.
She is currently selling products to 22 different countries.
She also recently launched the Easydry sports towel collection at the gym --
Now, there are exciting signs of growth in China's economy.
After a downturn in the construction industry in 2007, her brother Steven Gerrard also joined the industry and brought a wealth of experience.
Particularly in the areas of procurement, production and R & D.
The innovative nature of Easydry has won considerable recognition and honors from Annie and her business, including many trade awards.
So what is the next step for the company "we are still focused on expanding our share of the market in hairdressing and beauty salons and are constantly looking to open up new geographic markets.
"We are also keen to develop our gym and leisure markets through our existing network of international distributors," Anne explains . ".
"We have been looking for new dealers who can help us understand industries such as food services, health care and pension care," she added . ".
Anne believes that in the field of NGOs, there is an Easydry market in institutions working in developing countries or disaster relief zones, where water shortages are critical to health concerns.
She also saw many opportunities in hotels and airlines.
"We have developed this product.
Now, it's all about growth and scale, "added Anne, who is confident of achieving annual sales of 5 euros over the next three to five years.
Anne is a quiet, modest, dedicated and capable entrepreneur.
Growing up in a family environment that promotes education and self-development
She did well in both aspects.
While her first start-up success was limited, it did lay the foundation for her next start-up.
Like most successful founders
Ups, the idea of her new business came from a response to a problem she personally encountered and she could not find an alternative solution.
So she developed one.
It's never easy to come up with a new product or launch a new business.
Anne Terry did both.
Her success and achievements so far seem to be just the beginning of this smart and focused business woman.
For more information: "In business, you will receive a lot of counterfeits before you succeed.
This is especially true if you are trying something that involves changing established concepts and behaviors.
You have to believe in yourself and your product and stick to it.
"Research can help you understand the needs of your market and potential customers.
You need to understand their requirements and key features and match your products and services to these.
Customizing your information also depends on knowing what your customers are willing to pay.
"In order to remain relevant in the market, businesses need to develop and innovate continuously.
This includes adjusting your business, products and packaging based on market feedback.
To grow, you need to constantly find ways to improve everything you do.
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