dump truck strikes tree on stream bank on route 31 in glen gardner - hazmat absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-09-03
dump truck strikes tree on stream bank on route 31 in glen gardner  -  hazmat absorbent pads
A dump truck hit a big tree by a stream here.
National police spokesman Sgt said a traffic accident occurred on Monday, April 8. Adam Grossman.
The tree apparently prevented the truck from entering the waterway.
About 11: 50. m.
State police responded to the intersection of Highway 31 and Glen Avenue and saw a white truck in the middle of the highway, a silver pickup truck and a black dump truck on the north drive along the embankment of the waterway.
The Hazmat department in Hunterton County responded to the site, saying it contained oil and hydraulic oil, and Brayden Fahey, Office of the county emergency management coordinator, said he added that there was no pollution threat.
Fahey said the diesel tank of the truck was not damaged and there was no fuel overflow.
They put a fence in the stream.
About 1 feet deep-
In order to capture any dangerous liquid, he said, it is also necessary to put down the absorption pad on the ground next to the truck.
Personnel from the National Environmental Protection Department and the national police business inspection unit also responded.
Highway 31 was closed for some time in both directions.
In addition to the Clinton Township and Glen Gardner Fire Department, Hampton, Glen Gardner and Clinton Township EMS also responded to the scene.
Grossman said the three drivers were taken to Hunterton medical center for minor injuries.
The South Lane of line 31 was finally opened, and the Traffic and Transportation Department personnel arrived at the scene to assist in passing.
The traffic in the North was interrupted, and the traffic in the South was later reopened.
Highway 31 was completely reopened around 3: 45. m.
Grossman said the investigation was under way.
More news from Hunterton County: NJ.
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