down to the cob: scrape versus slice - corn cob absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-03
down to the cob: scrape versus slice  -  corn cob absorbent
The best tool to remove the corn kernels from the ear is a good set of teeth-
Of course, this technique only applies to diet.
There are specialized tools for recipes, but do they do better than kitchen knives or box sharers?
We tested two.
First of all, the tools you need depend on the dishes you make.
For recipes that require an entire core, such as salads, salads, and delicacies, you need a clean cut device. Or a knife.
For recipes like chowder, souffles, puddings and creamy corn, you want a gadget that can scrape the kernel from the stick so their milk is released.
The job will be done by a box player.
Kernel Kutter is designed to cut the entire kernel from the cob.
This is a metal ring for teeth (with handles)
It is placed around the ear, pushed from one end to the other, sliced over time.
While it leaves quite a bit of stuff on the cob, the kernel is in good shape and you don't get tough parts at the roots.
For less than six ears, it's also easy to use a sharp medium ear
Kitchen knife size
Place the knife in the center of the stick, cut to the bottom of the ear, then turn the corn and cut off the remaining half.
For maximum taste, scrape the corn cob with a knife back and extract any juice.
Corn Cream is 17-inch-
Long wooden trough-
Like a tool and scraper with teeth, it can cut the core and scrape the juice in the stick.
This is a large gadget that uses a limited amount, and while it needs to be balanced in the bowl, it doesn't have a handle, so when the corn pushes along the trough, it slides on the edge of the bowl.
Embarrassing and confusing.
It's too easy to engrave a finger on a sharp blade.
We found that a daily box grinder works just as well as a corn Creamer.
The handle gives you a good grip to prevent the tool from sliding while working.
When you grate, you control the depth of the cut with the pressure you apply on the stick (lengthwise)
, So you can avoid getting the tough fibers of the cob by not pushing down hard.
When you stir the corn with a grinder placed in a bowl, the grain and milk will be neatly collected as you go.
* What's the difference for the entire kernelsKERNEL kutter: When you have a rhythm, it's quick and furious.
Adjust to fit all ears.
But save to reduce the quantity.
Our idea is: it's a great gadget if you have a bushel corn to cut.
How much: $10 in Williams-Sonoma store ,(877)812-
6235, or at www. williams-sonoma. com;
Or kernel Kutter (800)577-0705.
The difference between KNIFEWhat is: you have more control, so you can get close to the cob as you like.
Our idea is: it worked before and it will work again.
How much: in your kitchen.
What's the difference for the cream corn cream company: the long wooden trough supports the corn cob, but the cutting area is smaller than the grinding machine with the box.
Our idea is: one of the gadgets that makes this task harder than before.
It's too dangerous if you slip.
How much: $10 Williams-Sonoma store ,(877)812-
6235, or at www. williams-sonoma. com.
What's the difference: time-Honor Design (
Handle, many grating surfaces)
The work went well and the work was done quickly.
Our idea is: it is a versatile kitchen tool that can beautifully cream corn.
How much: use the one you have.
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