dover business: we're not interested in $25,000 reward after helping solve thefts - hazmat absorbent pads

by:Demi     2019-09-03
dover business: we\'re not interested in $25,000 reward after helping solve thefts  -  hazmat absorbent pads
Police have arrested people they think stole copper pipes from three families.
During a theft, the flood flooded a house and leaked the oil into another theft.
Stanhope's 24-year-old Michael Kaloudis has been charged with all three thefts following investigations involving Hopatcong, Mount Arlington and the Roxbury police department.
Police at Hopatcong said Kaloudis sold copper to the C & M scrap site in Dover.
Police said the staff there printed the detective the items he sold for $1,931, which helped to link him to the theft.
The Hudson Farm, which owns property including the Hopatcong bear pond, has been providing information for $25,000, leading to a conviction of who caused pollution in the pond.
On Friday, a person who answered the phone at the farmer's number said that the police had not contacted the farm about the arrest, but "when we hear more, we will take appropriate action.
"We are here to help enforce the law. A reward —
Frank Charles, manager of C & M, said: "We won't be looking for that anyway . ".
"I don't think we're interested in that. "As is, Lt.
Thomas Kmetz of Hopatcong Police said it was not just the help of C & M.
"It's through arrest, leads and excellent detective work," he said . ".
Because, according to state law, the waste yard collects the identity of anyone selling metal, C & M often cooperates with the police to conduct such investigations.
The bear pond incident was discovered on December.
Police said firefighters responded to reports of oil on the water and put out the enclosure boom and the suction pad.
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Com/morrisOfficer Robert Haffner investigated a vacant house across the street and found it had entered, police said. Someone —
Is now referred to as Kaloudis.
Police say copper pipes have been cut off, including those that cause the tank.
The oil then leaked into the basement, penetrated underground, and found the way to the pond, police said.
When police described the incident on December, they were not sure how much oil was in the tank.
Police said the Hudson Farm hired a special HazMat facility to clean up oil from houses and ponds.
Kaloudis was also charged with the motto of theft, and hopakon returned home.
Police said the knob at the back door of the deck bent and unlocked the lock in that incident.
Police said Kaloudis removed copper pipes from the heating system, which leaked water into the house.
He also allegedly removed the copper pipe from a propane tank outside.
In addition, police at Hopatcong said Kaloudis was accused of stealing copper pipes in Arlington Hills, where he allegedly stole 80 feet of the pipes.
He was also accused of theft in that city.
Police said kaloudisis's bail was $50,000, the Hopatcong theft charge was $25,000, and the Arlington Hills charge was $.
He has been held in Sussex County Prison in lieu of bail.
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