docs, dietitians warn of toxic detox - foot patch

by:Demi     2019-09-11
docs, dietitians warn of toxic detox  -  foot patch
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They found detox smoothies, detox foot stickers and detox colon cleaners.
So they contacted the company and asked for proof that their product was valid.
Not only is there no evidence to support these claims, "they can't even make it clear to us what 'detox . ".
Old and New: products that promise to remove toxins and impurities from the gut, liver, gallbladder and other organ systems will never be more popular than after the holidays, when people seek repentance for excessive indulgence.
Chemist Wells of the UK's voice of youth science group says detox products appear to be a quick solution that consists of more than 300 researchers.
"The idea of being able to eat what you want and to completely solve the problem overnight by using some kind of magic potion has attracted people.
"But doctors and nutritionists issued a detox diet warning saying that they have little benefit in the long run, but can cause dehydration, electrolyte imbalance," liquid overload, decreased immune function, in rare cases
If used as an enema and with sufficient strength-a burst colon. A 52-year-
The old woman of England recently received a prize of nearly $1.
5 million in an out-of-
After she claimed that she followed the advice of a nutrition therapist for a detox diet, the court settled --
Amazing Hydration Diet
Causing her brain damage.
The woman was told to drink plenty of water and reduce her salt intake, British media reported.
A week after she started her diet, she had a seizure that affected her memory, language, and attention.
Offers hundreds of products from 30-
Day Colon cleaning, detox body packaging claiming to help you "lose weight quickly!
"Celebrity Detox dieters include gwynys Paltrow and Kate Moss, and Beyonce loses weight by using master cleaning in Dream Girl (
Water, lemon juice, maple syrup and pepper. )
The main cleaning and other therapies that work on the colon claim to break down the weight of waste stuck in the intestines and make people feel healthier, lighter and bloated.
"I think it's ridiculous for the vast majority of people that we carry with us what is toxic to us," said Dr.
David Armstrong, associate professor of medicine at Hamilton McMaster University.
Data show that humans carry more bacteria in the colon than we do in the body.
Armstrong says humans have been living together with this group of bacteria for millions of years.
It helps us digest food and helps bacteria prevent infections caused by harmful bacteria.
"We should detoxify ourselves and often wash everything, because there are a lot of bad things out there, which is inconsistent with the way humans and other animals and mammals develop, said Armstrong.
Although the toxicity of these products is small, colon cleaners can cause an imbalance of salt or water.
Drinking too much water will fill the blood with liquid, putting pressure on the heart, Dr.
Mitchell Capel, director of digestive medicine at William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, Michigan. —
Canwest News Service issues, registered dietitian and nutrition consultant Helene Charlebois said she ended up covered with a rash when she tried a popular liver flush, "What matters is not what you did in 365 days.
"People want to start over and get back to life.
Wash the old one and now I'm on a diet on Monday.
They clean up and then go back to the old bad eating habits.
"Is this beneficial in the long run?
Literature tells us no.
But if this saves you a few days of eating junk food, then, OK.
When British researchers delve into the word "detox" for each product, they find that sometimes it means simple cleaning, for example, "detox" foam gel, basically removing make-
Dirt and oil.
They studied a detox body brush that claims to work by stimulating the lymphatic system to remove "impurities" and, in fact, its role is to remove dead skin cells.
"Well, I'm not an expert on this for me, but dead skin cells don't sound like impurities and sound more like a part of the body," You know, dead, wells told the company's representative.
Other detox programs use tinc agents or supplements of vitamins and minerals to clean and purify, digest trans fatty acids and neutralize free radicals.
Free radicals can cause damage to cells and DNA, but while it is attractive to think that increasing intake may help prevent cancer, heart disease and aging, wells said that just antioxidants can improve health, there is little reliable data.
First of all, the TRIMDetox foot patch is required to clean up the form of sweating from waste and toxic substances.
But, according to young science, while patches make the covered areas sweat more, and "very, very small amounts of chemicals" ooze out of sweat, "It will not have any obvious effect on the chemicals in your body.
"End the optional TRIMDr.
"Detox products attract" worried people, "says Jason Boxtart ".
"What they are worried about is (
Chemicals in the environment)
So they said, well, let's detox, "said Boxtart, president of the Canadian Society of natural therapies physicians.
"Should people worry about it?
The answer is, maybe.
Exposure is everywhere.
There may be 100 different chemicals in each person's body, and it is impossible to design a study to find out if this chemical soup is really a problem.
"The difference between buying a" detox "kit at a health food store and talking about detox with a natural therapy doctor is that there is no health assessment," says Boxtart.
"This person may just be too tired, the real problem is that they don't sleep well.
Some natural products can protect the body from toxins, says BEGIN boxart.
He said that the Thistle has been shown to have the ability to improve the level of liver-reduced glucose, which helps to prevent the damage of toxins to the liver.
The same is true, he said, for N-from turmeric extract of turmeric-
A powerful antioxidant for the liver.
"For healthy people who do not have any known medical problems, end the optional TRIMGenerally," These (detox)
"The kit is basically safe," says Boxtart . ".
"When people have pre-
Health problems.
They should not do this if they are taking prescription drugs. Full stop. No discussion.
"Prescription drugs can interact with herbs and supplements and cause harmful reactions.
The suggestion to start the optional endwell is simple.
"For most of the things you can find in your daily life, we already have a very effective removal system.
"According to his group, the liver was able to clear almost lethal alcohol doses within 36 hours (
Their flyer debunking detox warned: "We don't recommend trying this method", which is being distributed to the public
Retail area in central London. )
But, Wells said, "people should get a balanced diet, a little rest, a large glass of water, not spending money on detox products, and if they drink too much and reduce a little alcohol, let their bodies continue. "Skirkeycanwest.
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