dinner cooked by robots, no wrapping paper and ‘video make-up’ for the office party: this is what christmas will look like in 2040, according to futurologist dr ian pearson - meat wrapping paper

by:Demi     2019-09-12
dinner cooked by robots, no wrapping paper and ‘video make-up’ for the office party: this is what christmas will look like in 2040, according to futurologist dr ian pearson  -  meat wrapping paper
24 years later, according to Dr. Ian Pearson, a futurist, you will be preparing for a very different Christmas.
There is no pile of wrapping paper to clean up and there is no need to pile up the dishwasher as your festival feast will consist of a bunch of robots.
Want to know what else is in the store?
Here is Ian's prediction.
"One of the things we might have by 2040 is synthetic turkey grown in the lab --
So even vegetarians can enjoy it.
"It will taste and look like real things and will cook the same way, but not every one will be part of a real turkey," Dr. Ian said . ".
Who made dinner?
Your robot.
"It is likely that you have a general purpose robot that can help around the house.
"Android will be part of this family and it may even be with you.
"When you enjoy the time with the human family, the robot can also chop carrots faster than you and prepare a Christmas dinner.
"After the gift opens in 2040, there will be no more wrapping paper mountain.
Dr. Ian said: "Nothing can stop you from looking at a normal carton, but, thanks to augmented reality, you see the gorgeous wrapping paper with the full video effect on it and tell you who it is.
"According to Dr. Ian, it is likely that you will wear some kind of electronic film or jewelry that can assess your health and monitor any ongoing health.
If you are too heavy on Bailey, then you can take a pill and let your hangover go away.
"You can take an anti-alcoholic pill that will make you feel good again and wake you up quickly.
"Electronic makeup may be starting soon, so by 2040 you may be a programming expert
It takes only a few seconds to apply.
Dr. Ian said: "Depending on how they are programmed, the components contain tiny particles that are arranged in different ways.
"Depending on how they are arranged, they will appear in different colors, just like the scale on the wings of the butterfly.
"Basically you will apply your face to a makeup tube without color and then press a button on your digital mirror and the particles will align to make you look like
You can even make up for the changes throughout the day with video.
You can get the business to look for a job and then press the button when you leave the office and it switches to full-party war --
You can draw without doing anything!
As it turns out, you can make a phone that suits you in the earrings, so by 2040, wearable technology will be more fashionable than fitbit.
At the end of the long and tiring Christmas day, you can go to bed and decide what you will dream!
"If you want to go to Caribbean beach or have lunch with Google CEO, you can make a decision before going to bed," Dr. Ian added . ".
Active contact lenses can become standard monitors by 2040, so Dr. Ian thinks there will be images in front of your eyes.
How will you direct the earrings phone and contact lenses?
You will think of your order.
Yes, mind control is the future, so don't accidentally think of calling your mom when you take a shower.
The whole family is wearing active contact lenses, and aunt Sheila, who lives in New Zealand, really seems to be sitting at the Christmas table in Newport --
She just can't share bean sprouts. Instead of ill-
It is expected to receive the perfect customized clothes in 2040.
Dr. Ian said: "take pictures of your friends and capture their shapes and sizes in 3D, and you can buy them a really suitable Christmas costume.
"I predict we will see a revival of art and crafts.
"You came up with the basic idea of what you want to give someone and discuss with your home robot, which will help you improve the idea and design it, and then, you can print it yourself using a 3D printer.
"The more advanced the technology is, the more we can focus on being human.
"The 3D printer also means that you can personalize almost any gift you buy and you can even print some at home instead of going to the store.
Ian is confident that driverless cars will become the norm in 2040.
This means that the Christmas gift you would like to order will be delivered by an unmanned van that will recognize you right away --
So you don't even have to sign the delivery.
Put the pen down (
Like a lot of people already have)
Throw the stamp away.
In 2040, we may still send holiday greetings to each other, but the most likely thing is to play video messages directly into the eyes of friends and family through their active contact lenses.
"You can even send instructions to your friend's 3D printer to make a small gift or card to them and wish them a happy holiday.
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