different of printer paper - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
different  of printer paper  -  absorption of water
The printer is a computer, and the text paper and images are stored in the computer program product.
There are several types of printers on the market today, laser inkjet printers and more popular printers.
Use an inkjet cartridge and use a laser printer toner cartridge at the same time.
The two types of printers use different types of print paper.
The printer is divided into black and white and color printers.
Black and White cannot be printed in black and white, and color printers produce text and images of different colors.
If you print the document, it is important to select the correct print paper in order to get the best results.
The paper capacity of the printer can be used depending on the type of printer and the type of work.
Depending on the quality, there are different versions of the printing paper.
Treatment generally involves the structure of the surface of the paper.
The first type of printing paper to paper-
Coating can be applied on one or both sides.
This document is smooth, colorless and boring.
These cards produce clear images and graphics.
Then there is a coated paper, the printer, there is a wax coating.
The surface of this paper is usually processed and therefore does not reflect light.
These documents can be smooth or similar to surface lines, and can be integrated screens.
Paper is often used to print text newspapers as reminders and records in the office.
Often referred to as the offset of a textbook or paper.
Lighter and thinner than regular paper, the target can be coated or uncoated.
It is ideal for printing certain items, including brochures, stationery and leather interiors.
The weight of ordinary offset paper is 50, 60, 70, 80 and 100 pounds, respectively.
Print paper has different brightness levels, 1-100.
The brightness measures the ratio of blue light to reflect the wavelength of the paper.
The brightness of the paper determines the contrast, clarity and perception of colored ink between dark and light colors.
Higher scores reflect more levels of light, ideal for printing photos.
Press paper, called dense.
The standard weight of ordinary printers is about 20 pounds.
Both types of paper can be easily used on all types of printers, which is the ideal weight for commercial paper, bond paper.
The insurance amount of printing paper varies greatly.
Coverage is determined by the absorption of the ingredients and the weight of the paper, simply the percentage of the back printed, displayed.
The cover of the print paper ranges from 0 to 100, and 0 means that the transparent cover 100 and the opague are completely covered.
It is known to select the type of paper suitable for a print job, such as the printing process.
There are all kinds of printing paper on the market.
The quality, workmanship, weight and experience of the documents vary.
The type of paper work can be determined according to the quality of the work, and ink cartridges can be used.
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