diesel spill in gorge waterway linked to sunken boat - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
diesel spill in gorge waterway linked to sunken boat  -  absorbent
The Victoria Fire Department was summoned to the canyon waterway on Sunday to help control the diesel leak associated with the wreck.
Acting Battalion Chief Mark masliak said a public called from the Selkirk Trestle to report the leak at about 10. m.
The department sent fire-fighting ships and four-
The crew found a diesel leak near the public pier at the foot of Styles Street near Banfield Park.
The crew identified a shipwreck at the site, informed the Canadian Coast Guard and deployed a fence to control the leak.
Mastiliak said it was believed that the wreck was connected to an abandoned vessel anchored in the area.
Coast guard spokesman Dan BART said in an email on Monday that the agency had received a 35-
Hiking boat near Banfield Park Public Pier.
He said a Coast Guard environmental response ship responded on Sunday and deployed an absorbing boom.
The crew returned on Monday to assess the situation and reconfigure the boom and water absorbing liner.
"The results at the site indicate that the pollution is small, but there are still some sheening that may be found in the area," he said . ".
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