diapering 101 - how to fold and use cloth diapers - absorbent pad under meat

by:Demi     2019-09-16
diapering 101 - how to fold and use cloth diapers  -  absorbent pad under meat
Let's skip the great diaper debate and let's say you 've read what you're going to read and finished your soul --
Search and make a decision-
For your baby, this is natural for tender skin.
Whether your decision is ecological, economical, or based entirely on something else, you have decided on baby diapers.
It's 101 now.
How do you turn a rectangular piece of cloth into a comfortable cover for a little angel?
Wash the diapers first.
Never give baby diapers directly with brand new cloth diapers packed in plastic.
Between natural cotton and the manufacturing process, the new diapers have a "WSIB" coating that reduces their absorption capacity and stimulates the baby's skin.
Throw all your new diapers into the washing machine and run them five or six cycles with detergent, bleach and the hottest water you can collect.
If you have a clothesline and a sunny day, this is the best way to dry your clothes.
Folding DiapersYou think you made the final choice when picking the fabric, did you? Think again.
The choice of 100% natural cloth diapers is even more than that on the supermarket disposable diapers aisle. Pre-
Folding, padded, flatfolded, nappy-style, all-in-ones, all-in-twos -
Just trying to absorb all this is enough to make your head spin.
In addition to this, the choice in the diaper sleeve-plastic pants? Nappy covers? Wool covers?
One of Velcro, pin or novelty diaper fasteners?
For the sake of this transparent baby class, we assume that you are using an ordinary old apartmentfolds -
A simple water-absorbing cotton rectangle with a possible quilting layer in the middle for additional absorption.
Here are several different diaper folding methods provided by mothers, grandma and DyDee. The Angel-Wing Fold1.
Spread the diaper vertically on the table where the diaper is changed.
Fold the sides of the diaper to the middle to form a suction pad. 2.
Fold a few inches in front. 3.
Spread the sides on the back of the diaper and blow them away. 4.
Put the baby on the diaper and pull the front between his or her legs. 5.
Lean the front against his belly, bring both sides of the back to the front, and fix the pin, and pass the pin through several layers of diapers.
You don't have to go through the diaper all the time so that the pin is attached to the baby's skin.
Twisted bikiniCut Fold1.
Lay the diaper flat on the table. 2.
Flip one end of the diaper completely, twist the diaper at the midpoint to form a suction pad. 3.
Put the baby on the diaper (
Or diapers under the baby to which is easier). 4.
Pull the front of the diaper between the baby's legs. 5.
Pull the rear corner of the diaper around the baby over the front corner and hold it firmly. Double-
Heavy wet diapers.
Use a regular diaper and a baby size diaper.
Pee on the table.
Place baby sized diapers in the center. 2.
Fold the side of the baby diaper, then fold the side of the regular diaper to cover the baby diaper. 3.
Fold a few inches of diapers and fan the back of the diaper to form angel wings. 4.
Pounce the baby in the middle of the diaper, then proceed to the angel wing fold.
Whatever fold you choose to use, cover the whole thing with a diaper sleeve, flatten the little tyke and let him go back and play with a warm, dry bottom.
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