detox product claims 'misleading' - foot patch

by:Demi     2019-09-11
detox product claims \'misleading\'  -  foot patch
No two companies use the same definition of "Detox," the report says, and their claims are "meaningless ".
The study was conducted by the Voice of Young Science (VoYS)
An organization representing more than 300 bloggers and post-doctors
Doctoral students working in the field of science.
It found that while manufacturers use the word "detox" to "promote everything from foot patches to straighters ", they are unable to provide reliable evidence or consistent interpretation of the actual meaning of the "detox" process.
The authors contacted a number of manufacturers and retailers to inquire about their claims for the product, including boots 5-
A day's detox program and a clean detox from Garnier
Bubble gel.
The authors say "detox" does not make any sense except for clinical treatment of drug addiction or poisoning.
The study was conducted shortly after the British diet Association, which represents 6,000 nutritionists in the UK, said there was no "potion or lotion" that could "magically" remove the chemicals in the body.
Health experts have also rejected the idea that dangerous toxins build up in the body, saying the body has the ability to clean itself.
Today's report is written by scientists including pathologists, biochemists, doctors and pharmacists.
One of the authors, biologist Harriet Bauer, said: "detox is a marketing philosophy that modern life fills us with unseen troubles, and unless we buy the latest terms, wefilled remedy.
"Our survey of detox products leads us to believe that there is little or no evidence at all that these products work, except to separate people from their cash, and play down all the amazing ways our bodies take care of themselves.
"Boots realize that people don't drink enough water," said a Boots spokeswoman . ""The Boots 5-
The day detox program encourages people to drink water, including a daily drink and tablet with anti-toxin ingredients that help prevent the danger of free radicals and make you feel refreshedenergised.
A spokesman for Garnier said that this has turned clean detox back
Foam gel, said: "-
Dull foam gel detoxifies the surface of the skin by removing impurities such as dirt and dirt accumulated during the day.
Its price is consistent with other mass market foam gels.
"All Garnier products are strictly tested and evaluated to ensure that our statements are accurate and are of concern to consumers.
Neil Young, one of the authors of the report, said scientists were "shocked" by the company's statement, contrary to what people really know about the body.
Oliver Fenwick, a physicist, added: the "detox" industry has been a huge success.
However, it seems that the industry is almost entirely based on marketing slogans, because when you approach a little, you will find that most of these products are only achievable by your own body.
Alice Ning, a development official for scientific awareness who published the report, added: "It's ridiculous that we see products claimed to have mysterious attributes in the 21 st century, I am really happy that young scientists share their concerns with the public.
Speaking of the study, senior pathologist Sir Colin Berry said: "detoxification is easy;
Just let your body use the great system it has developed for thousands of years to get rid of anything that hurts you.
But if it's wine, drink less.
The author of the study today produced a leaflet --
This will take place in the public in central London.
The leaflet says the liver and kidneys are a great "detox" system and there is no need to spend money on expensive products and treatments.
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