deleted - super water absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-25
deleted  -  super water absorbent material
Note: The author has removed this note, what is the crystal?
For those who do not know, crystals are used in potted plants and gardens as a way to keep the soil hydrated.
They have the ability to absorb many times the weight of water and release it to the plant as needed.
When all the water is released, they return to their crystal form.
They continue to expand when watering and drying.
The technical name of these crystals is acrylic resin, also known as super-absorbent.
They are the same high absorbent material used in disposable diapers and female pads.
Have you ever thought about how those disposable diapers can hold so much liquid? Now you know.
Where to Find crystal water, you can find crystal water online or in home and garden shops such as Los and Home Depot.
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