debbie travis: dresser needs to be heavy enough to hold sink - absorbent

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debbie travis: dresser needs to be heavy enough to hold sink  -  absorbent
Dear Debbie: We have a beautiful old hand --me-
Came down from my grandmother's drawer and wanted to put it in our bathroom.
What do we need to do to reconfigure it to accommodate the sink?
I want to use a sink. Anon.
It's a good idea to customize the bathroom with a vintage piece of furniture.
It will add a lot of characters and you will have a story to tell.
There are several points to consider.
The vanity should be sturdy and preferably built with solid wood so that it can withstand the weight of the sink and faucet.
In order to make room for the pipe, the drawer must be removed and reconfigured as a door.
Think about splashing water on the wood or on the front and sides.
The wood will eventually twist.
Consider adding waterproof top such as slate or marble.
If there is a problem with the space at the top of the dresser, please install the faucet and faucet on the wall.
Custom dressers that look like furniture are a popular trend, and Bath companies like Kohler have a custom system that allows you to combine custom designs with items in stock.
You can choose the size, style, finish, storage, top, sink and accessories that will combine all of them together.
Here is the Felt dressing table in Felt gray.
The Margaux sink faucet and lever handle the shimmer with polished nickel, the same as the pure wall light.
Dear Debbie: I was buying bath towels recently and found some big sales.
What's the point of spending a lot of money on my towel?
We have six people.
What should I look for and why is there such a big difference in price?
You have a big family to shop, Nancy, so I know the price is important.
There are a few points to consider before buying.
You want a towel that absorbs water.
Quality towels have tightly woven fibers that are cut off so they can stand up.
The pile or ring brings moisture into the fabric and then into the bottom of the towel.
Therefore, more rings and thicker substrates mean better and faster absorption.
You can usually judge by feeling.
The towels you want will be heavier and more fluffy than the cheaper ones.
In household items, you will find more and more bamboo.
Bamboo has a strong absorption capacity and can be combined with cotton thread.
Turkey is known to have the highest quality cotton.
Plush is not the only option
Waffles and towels.
These towels are very thin, they absorb moisture quickly due to the way they are woven, usually faster than fluffy towels. Waffle-
Towels also dry faster.
If you find that your towel is not as fluffy as it was when you bought it, it may be that the fibers are blocked.
Always wash the towel separately with warm water and don't use too much detergent.
Add a little white vinegar to wash and rinse.
Do not use fabric softener as it will stick to the fiber and limit the absorption capacity.
Put two dryer balls in the dryer to loosen the towel.
It was written by Debbie Travis and Barbara Dingle.
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