david suzuki: monkeying around with oceans is just stupid - carbon dioxide absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-06
david suzuki: monkeying around with oceans is just stupid  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
A few years ago, I received a call from businessman Nelson scaba.
He wanted to know my thoughts on spreading iron in the ocean to stimulate plankton growth and absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
My answer is, "This is a stupid idea, because we don't yet know how to start speculating with an ocean that is already in trouble because of human activity.
"I never heard from him again, so I was surprised to learn that he was a recent supporter of the dumping of iron sulfate into waters near Haida Gawa.
It was clear that my suggestion did not leave much impression on him.
Skalbania correctly pointed out in his recent guest column in the province, adding iron to the ocean just reflects nature, the terrible abuse that our oceans face, from raw sewage to rising from carbon dioxide
But he used our abuse to justify further invasion.
It's wrong to have a few mistakes.
We are developing the biosphere, but we rarely consider the consequences.
We know that in most human beings we are deeply rooted in nature and are completely dependent on it.
But we have become so numerous, our technology is so powerful, our consumption is so huge that we are changing the Earth on a geological scale and thus destroying the life support system --
Air, water, soil, biodiversityof the planet.
We think we can "manage" nature, but we don't know anything about the complexity of the ecosystem and can't predict our impact.
After we dropped a nuclear bomb, spread DDT in the field, released fluorine-chlorine carbon from a spray tank, we discovered what we didn't know --
Radioactive sedimentation, biological amplification and degradation of the ozone layer.
How dare we call the iron program "experiment" or "science "? ” It is not; it is a stunt.
You need a baseline to evaluate a scientific experiment.
Anecdotal accounts of large amounts of plankton outbreaks or the sudden appearance of birds and fish are worthless, unless we understand variables such as water flow and temperature and plant and animal species entering and leaving the area before and after many years of dumping.
Otherwise, we don't know what actually happened and can be attributed to iron dumping.
The only way to measure long
The word "success" is by monitoring the number of plants and animals, not days and weeks, but months and years.
If you want the carbon in the form of plankton to sink into the abyss for thousands of years, so is the purpose of this plan, you don't want it to go into the food network that eventually produces salmon.
The concept that the ecosystem effect is direct is repeatedly denied.
We think that because the seals eat fish, "cull" them will increase the amount of cod.
These are ways to deceive yourself into avoiding real problems --us.
So, yes, the ocean is in a mess, largely because of our activities.
However, we have intensified the problem of the project for the Earth Engineering of the cockamie.
The solution is obvious.
We must change our energy to clean renewable energy, stop destroying forests and wetlands that effectively absorb and seal carbon, and reduce our demand for resource extraction, transportation and pollution in the oceans.
We cannot continue to try to rationalize our reluctance to confront our primary role in creating a global ecological environment.
Crisis and delay limit the only species we can manipulateourselves.
David Suzuki is an international famous Vancouver-
Scientists, writers, broadcasters and environmental activists. The editor of the edit page is Gordon Clark, who can be contacted by Gordon Clark of the province. com.
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