darwin cruise boat alfred nobel sinks in dock, causing 'dramatic' oil slick - spill kit

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darwin cruise boat alfred nobel sinks in dock, causing \'dramatic\' oil slick  -  spill kit
The Francis Bay berthing basin in Darwin, also known as the "duck pool", was summoned after a well.
A famous cruise ship sank overnight on the dock.
Peter Chatsworth, acting business manager at Francis Bay, told 105.
ABC Darwin doesn't know why-
Alfred Nobel sank.
"Well, she must have sunk.
Now, we are conducting some investigations to find out why and how . "
The ship leaked a lot of diesel, he said, and the crew worked very early to keep the leak under control.
He said: "Unfortunately, diesel is floating on the water and a small amount of diesel is floating on the water and there is a long way to go, so when diesel is floating on the water and spreading, it looks like
"Last night our crew were on board and placed some oil spill boom around the ship to control it.
"This morning, when the boat went down, there was more to ooze slowly, so it was worse this morning, and we put some extra boom around it, for the moment, we already have staff using our standard oil spill kit.
So they put the pads in the boom and sucked up the oil.
He added that while a small amount of oil could leak out of the prosperous area, it would not leak to the Port of Darwin because it was unable to escape the locks in the moored basin.
The Australian Register of Historic Vessels listed Alfred Nobel as a powerless ammo lighter built by the state government of New South Wales in 1951.
Its name is an interesting tribute to Alfred Nobel who invented TNT.
By the age of 1970, no longer needed its services, it was sold to private owners in the state of Tasmania who used it as a shark and salmon fishing boat.
Since then, the Register has not listed its official use until its 2000 s, but there are rumors that it has been used for gun smuggling in Indonesia and squid fishing near Victoria.
In 2004, at mooolaba, Queensland, it was briefly used as a fishing boat and then purchased by the Port Darwin cruise line for major repairs.
It spent most of a decade doing passenger charter flights in Darwin port and was only recently sold for the last time.
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