damaged tank spills oil into flood-swollen river in colorado - chemical spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-08
damaged tank spills oil into flood-swollen river in colorado  -  chemical spill absorbent
DENVER (Reuters)-
Damaged storage tanks owned by energy company anadako Petroleum
An estimated 125 barrels of oil leaked into the flood.
South Pratt River in the North
The state's oil and gas commission said Wednesday that central Colorado.
The statement provided some details of the leak, in addition to saying that the accident occurred near the town of mileken north of the San seen interchange.
Vrain and the South Platte River, Anadarko responded by deploying the absorption boom on the river.
Todd Hartman, a spokesman for Colorado's natural resources department, the parent company of the National Petroleum and Gas Commission, said the substance released into the river was a "condensate", a very light form of oil.
He said he reported the oil spill to the Commission on Wednesday, but he was not sure when it would happen and had no more information about the spill.
The incident marked "the first fairly large report we already know," involving oil spills caused by Colorado floods, a week after heavy downpours on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Hartman said.
Plus, Denver-based Kerr-
An oil and gas onshore is a unit of Anadarko, which reported Tuesday from 300-barrel-
Capacity storage tank.
Hartman said he was not aware of the incident, which was reportedly discovered by the national oil and chemical spill response center on Tuesday.
It is not clear whether the two reports are relevant.
Anadarko revealed some additional information in a statement released late Wednesday, saying, "so far, we know that two tank batteries have been damaged by flooding,oil releases.
The statement added that the oil spill occurred in "floods related to the south Pratt River and the St. Pratt River"
Vrain River "and said the company is working with state and federal agencies to control and clean up spills.
A company spokesman declined to give more details later on Wednesday. The 125-
Compared with 1,500 barrels of oil released into Yellowstone when Exxon's Silvertip pipeline in Montana broke in severe flooding in the area in 2011, the barrel-shaped anadako leak dwarfs
In the past week, Colorado's recent floods have severely damaged oil and gas operations.
East Colorado is known as the affluent area of Denver.
The Julesberg basin forced hundreds of wells to idle.
Anadarko said that as of Wednesday, about 650 of the company's 5,800 wells operating in the region had been closed and 20-mile-long pipelines had been closed.
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