croda launches surfactant system. - oxygen absorber

by:Demi     2019-09-08
croda launches surfactant system.  -  oxygen absorber
* Croda introduced vegetable Crodasinic TG
The system based on surface active substances is specially designed for toilet Edge Gel, which is the latest trend of toilet cleaning and freshness.
Crodasinic TG is a complete surface treatment system with excellent flash foam, which can dissolve a large number of perfumes and produce obvious fragrance effects.
Circle 250 on the service card CMS developed the monitoring system * CMS, a quality monitoring system developed by Carnforth, UK to verify the washing test, thus eliminating rogue washing conditions and identifying the faulty machine
During the testing process, the washing data of each machine is automatically captured and returned to the personal computer for comparison with acceptable washing conditions.
Ciba Circle 251 on service card get oxygen absorption line from BP Amoco * Ciba Specialty Chemicals and amsorb 2000 from BP Amoco
These products are used in packaging to absorb oxygen in plastic packaging to maintain freshness and shelf life.
Ciba plans to sell these additives globally as part of its strategy to expand the technical scope of additives in the packaging industry.
Circle 252 on the service card Uniqema introduces a new range of special alcohol-salt Surface Active Agents introduced by the detergent surface active agent * Uniqema, which provides excellent deface force, first-class foam control
Synonic LF/RA has been specially developed to provide from de-
In the high temperature system, foam and foam control the purification rate of towels and low foam.
Applications in the new product range include automatic detergent, glass cleaner, window cleaner, carpet shampoo and cleaner, floor cleaner and metal cleaner.
Penreco * Penreco's 253 turn new fat Ester series on the service card introduces a range of gel fat ester for sunscreen, sunscreen and shower moisturizer.
MP products can be suspended particles.
The base used in Versagel MP is a fatty ester of isoester, isoalcohol, and soft fatty acid.
The product has good clarity, excellent thermal and UV stability, and chemical compatibility with multiple functions.
254 laps on service card Prem-a-
Hybrid dispenser provided by Premier Mill * shorter batch time, more flexibility, and consistent reusable dispersion systemshaft, dual-Shaft and multipleshaft Prem-a-mix dispersers.
According to the reading, the diffuser can be customized for vacuum or pressure capacitybased company.
Circle 255 on service card e
Internet focus on chemicals release 2000 * e-Chemicals Inc.
Leading supplier of e-commerce
Chemical industry supply chain solutions re-release Internet Focus2000, a publication designed to provide members of the chemical industry with the latest information on e-commerce
Business plan.
The appendix includes a series of articles on topics ranging from the chemical industry to the chemical industry
Strategy and implementation;
Next generation digital supply chain;
Evaluation and Development of Dot
Alliance and use of e-commerce
Promote supply chain optimization.
ISP * circle 256 on service card Gafquat launched by International Professional Products has launched Gafquat 440
Specially designed for the formation of hair design products, cation polymer.
It provides a combination of gloss, control and substance for all hair styling products.
Circle 257 Indena on the service card to launch ginkgo derivatives * Indena to launch ginkgo-selected plants, a ginkgo derivative that is said to be safer and more effective.
The improvement of this derivative is largely due to the improved organisms
The availability of the principle, which means that it is better absorbed by the body.
258-turn local vitamins * from tagrav Biotechnology's tagrait microcapsule vitamins on the service card from Tagra biotechnology are suitable for local skin applications.
Based on extensive research and development efforts, Tagravit provides several unique advantages for formulators and consumers, such as significant stability of active ingredients and optimal release of vitamins, resulting in 95
97% deliver the active ingredients to the target area.
This unique system also ensures an extended shelf life for the final product.
Circle 259 on service card Chroma developed the rotating molding department of 25 dry colors * Chroma developed production lines of 25 dry colors that can be delivered overnight from the Midwest and West Coast regions. Dry-
Chroma Color was developed to meet the rapid response needs of designers, rotating molds and end users in order to move new product ideas from the mind to the market in the shortest possible time.
Circle 260 on the service card APS offers a new model * APS pressure-free combiner model CBR-
Please come from automated production systems company.
Provides the reliability, quality and efficiency required to run containers of various sizes and shapes.
The model uses flowmeter/brake quality-
Control the flow of the product to the feed part of the synthetic area.
Multiple chains are placed side by side, and all chains are driven at a speed-up rate for reducing product density and increasing product spacing.
The circle 261 on the CMI service card provides closed packaging * New York International Beauty technology company has launched a closed foundation stick and two fullsize lipsticks.
The cosmetics industry can pack these volatile formulas into lipsticks and foundation without worrying about drying and cracking.
Foundation sticks can also be used in blushers, bronze and sunproducts.
Circle 262 Midwest food supply product brochure * Midwest food products create a new brochure on cosmetics and personal care ingredients outlined by presentsan.
Broad range of natural grains
The basic ingredients that the company produces for hair and skin care systems.
Including the company's description of wheat, soybeans, rice and oats
Product-based and convenient-a-
The Glance chart matches these components with their respective applications.
263 laps on the Watson service card-
Marlow Bredel to solve the pollution problem
Marlow Bredel's 800 series eliminates the cross with the revolutionary tubing
Biological pollution
Medical applications.
The innovative design of the 800 series prohibits process fluids from touching metal parts to ensure contamination-
Free transfer of high viscous materials.
To further prevent pollution, Sta-
Pure tubes in the 800 series prevent cracking and internal tubedegraation.
The 800 Series offers the highest available pressure and is located efficiently
Pressure process applications including filtration, live cell transfer, flat coating, fermentation, batch transfer of sanitary fluids and fluid metering applications.
Round 264 National Starch quotation hair care formula * National Starch chemical company provides free formula to show the main features of potential uses and benefits hairconditioning polymer including Celquat H-100, L-200, SC-240C andSC-230M.
Flexan 130 polymer for thermal protection and resistance
Static and adjustment features are also provided.
Round 265 high quality yunmu mine on service card Azco yunmu mine
The company is currently mining and processing high-quality baiyunmu from the company's Black Canyon mine.
The mine, about 40 miles north of Phoenix, AZ, began production in October 1999.
At present, the reserves of yunmu mine have exceeded 1 million tons.
Baiyun mother was transported from the mining area to azkoxin prefecture-of-the-
Arts processing plant in AZ Glendale.
After arriving at the factory, the cloud mother film is layered, filtered, dried, sized and bagged.
A rigorous quality check is carried out throughout the wet layering process to ensure that the high quality yunmu tablets have consistent pearl white color, low volume density and high aspect ratio.
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