crews taking oil containment dome to gulf - oil containment

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crews taking oil containment dome to gulf  -  oil containment
Update at 8: 45. m.
ETA ship with 100-
The ton safety tank is heading to an oil spill point in the Gulf of Mexico to try to cover the flow of crude oil and funnel it to the tanker.
The ship was sailing about 50 miles off the coast of Luis Anna earlier Wednesday night.
The giant-concrete-and-
The steel box is the best short-
Long-term solutions to cover up catastrophic oil spills that threaten the lives and livelihoods of the Gulf Coast. CBSNews.
Com Special Section: Disaster in the Gulf oil spill, Trump awarded D-
BP spokesman John Curry said it would deploy Under The Sea by Thursday and connect with a drilling ship over the weekend.
A 280 ship.
A hiking boat called Joe Griffin is expected to start 100 kilometers.
Travel a mile late Wednesday in the Mississippi Delta.
CBS News reporter Jeff Glor reports all the rain in the South earlier this week
Caused so much damage in some places.
Oil may be hidden in the bay at the mouth of the Mississippi estuary, but local towns do not expect this.
The box is the latest idea that oil giant bp plc engineers have tried after an oil rig that the company operated in April 20 exploded, killing 11 workers.
Sank two days later. (
Scroll down to watch "CBS Evening News" Anchor Katie courick interview writer and expert Mike Tidewell's coverage of the massive oil spill in the Gulf region and its potential consequences for coastal communities. )Capt.
Demi Shaffer said it would take 10-
Fly 11 hours at 11 knots or 13 miles per hour.
Shaffer, who lives in suward, Alaska, said when he was not in the oil field as the captain that the ship would be waiting at the Deepwater Horizon site for the arrival of another ship with a crane, the crane will lift the containment unit and reduce it by 5,000-
Feet to the bottom of the sea.
It is not clear how long this process will take.
"So far, no one has told us," Shaver said . ".
Did Congress raise BP's responsibility for the oil spill?
Hidden cost exposure of oil; Will it Matter?
3 oil well leakage capping 1;
The dome to GulfBP still can't stop the leak
Valdez re-examined the virtual reality deployed to deal with the oil spill, which sparked a new debate: drill or not?
How much did BP owe in the Gulf oil spill?
After the Deepwater Horizon explosion, Joe Griffin also helped put out the fire on the rig, the owner of Edison chase offshore and signed a contract with BP.
It has a bedroom and an entertainment room with leather sofa and big sofascreen TV.
The ship was named after a captain who worked with company founder Edison Jost, who was still catching shrimp.
Griffin then followed Jost into the oil industry and eventually found the captain of the port while overseeing several ships.
Griffin died in a car accident in 1970.
According to company spokesman Lonnie Thibodeaux, the ship is one of the few vessels that have not been named after family members.
"Actually, this is our latest and largest supply ship," Thibodeaux said . ".
"It just works for BP.
"BP is responsible for the clean-up, and President Barack Obama and many others say the company is also responsible for costs.
BP closed one of three leak points at the well on Tuesday night, a step that would not reduce the flow of oil, but BP said it would be easier to help spray Wells.
Two satellite photos taken Wednesday morning showed that oil had arrived in the Mississippi Delta and the chandrero islands off the coast of the state of Luis Anna.
It is unclear whether the oil is on shore, but Hans Grabel, director of the University of Miami satellite sensing facility, said the oil is very close. U. S. Coast Guard Lt.
James McKnight said the crew remained in moneydericks on Wednesday after officials received reports of oil going ashore, but they did not find it.
"Basically, they sit there and wait for the first sign of any kind of shine to touch the islands," he said . ".
The images also show oil drifting south to the circulation, which scientists say may take oil to Florida and the Florida Keys, Graber said.
Some oil may have been found on the northern edge of the ocean stream.
Florida officials are worried that tourists will cancel their holiday and are trying to calm rumors that oil has been washing up on the beach there.
"We are two or three days away from hitting the coast," said David Halsted, head of emergency management in Florida . ".
The beach is still open. "The long-
The long-term impact of the leak on wildlife is unclear.
The dead endangered sea turtles are washing up on the beaches along the Gulf Coast, but they have no signs of oil, and Federal Fisheries officials are investigating whether aggressive shrimp hunters will kill them.
On Wednesday, efforts were made to stop oil before it reached the shore.
Coast Guard staff said they were preparing to surround something and set it on fire. Their last attempt was in April 28. A 28-
Thousands of gallons of gasoline were removed after a minute of burning, but the weather did not allow them to burn again.
The waves and the wind were calm on Wednesday.
In prakming parish near the southern tip of the state of Luis Anna, government officials began to inject absorbing substances into the mouth of the Mississippi River shortly after dawn.
The barge will be used as a distribution point for local fishermen to lay a boom around sensitive swamps.
@ Katiecouric: the impact of the oil spill on wildlife along the Gulf of Mexico watch CBS News Video on a nearby dock where local shrimp hunters plan to use their ships to drop the boom
The Coast Guard said officials planned to send about 80 ships from Biloxi and Miss pasagura.
And Orange Beach in Alabama.
Mainly to cope with prosperity.
Two Coast Guard knives will also perform skimming operations at sea.
Mississippi staff are cleaning up debris on the beach to make it easier to clean up when oil goes ashore.
In general, about 7,900 people are working to protect the coastline and wildlife, and about 170 ships are also helping to clean up.
There is already rainbow-like oil shine in parts of the state of Luis Anna, but projections show that oil will not go ashore for at least a few days.
"It's a gift of a little time.
"I'm not resting," said Adm, after the Coast Guard.
Said Mary Landry. In their worst-
BP executives told the congressional committee that there were up to two members.
If the leak gets worse, it can leak 5 million gallons a day, although it's more like 1 gallon.
7 million gallons
BP said in an exploration plan submitted to the government in February 2009 that it could deal with the "worst situation"
It is described as a leak of 6.
Uncontrolled Blowout produces 8 million gallons per day.
At this depth, the safety box has never been tried.
About 5,000 feet-
Because the water pressure is great.
If all goes well, the unit may be launched early next week to start pumping oil into the tanker.
"We are not sure if these devices will work," said BP spokesman Bill Savin . ".
"All we know is that we have done a lot of engineering and modeling and we believe that this gives us the best opportunity to control oil, which is very important to us.
"The rig belongs to Transocean Co. , Ltd.
At the time of the explosion, some workers who survived the ship were suing the company and bp plc.
In a lawsuit filed on Tuesday, three workers said they were floating at sea for more than 10 hours when the rig was out of control and burning.
They are seeking compensation.
Transocean's spokesman, Guy cantville, defended the company's response, saying 115 workers did survive.
Two wrong death lawsuits have also been filed.
While officials are trying to clean up, long waits have affected nerves and incomes.
Perdido Key, a sugar barrier island between Pensacola and Alabama
White sand dotted with apartments may be the first place in Florida to be affected by the oil spill. Perdido -
"Lost" Spanish-
On Tuesday morning I smelled what might be in the store.
"You can smell it, the real heavy oil base," said Steve Owensby, 54, a maintenance worker at Flora --
The Alabama lounge is adjacent to the state line on the Florida side.
Then the air was fresh, but Owensby's 28-year-
Stephanie, the old daughter who runs a bar in the lounge, said some tourists complained that smoke would make them feel uncomfortable.
"It's sad because I grew up here," she said . ".
"I remember growing up on the white sand all my life.
I go to the beach every day. . .
Many people watch and cry outside.
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