costa concordia salvage experts 'ecstatic' with progress so far - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
costa concordia salvage experts \'ecstatic\' with progress so far  -  oil spill absorbent
On Tuesday, significant efforts continued to be made to stabilize and ensure the re-listing of the Concorde, and international salvage experts said they were "ecstatic" about the smooth progress of the operation so far ".
The salvagers are trying to protect the giant cruise ship with a series of chains, cables and anchors, just the day after the cruise ship has been on the artificial platform since last September, when it is dragged straight from the capsized position.
Nick Sloan, senior salvage master (Getty)
The complex task of placing chains and cables underwater is being monitored by a fleet of seven robotic submarines known as remote control vehicles.
In the past two and a half years, they recorded 50,000 hours of video.
Costa Concordia's celebration when he left Gilio Costa Concordia as the Costa Concordia was re-floating over time, the cost of Costa Concordia Floated for the first time in two years, step 1by-
The Daily Telegraph learned that one of the $26,000 robots was lost on board on Monday in a small setback to the operation.
Technicians say it could be crushed by one of the giant chains used to fix the ship.
A South African technician told the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday that overall the international team of salvage experts was "ecstatic ".
Wearing rustic overalls, baseball caps and heavy boots, he discussed the day's action plan with other workers from the UK and the United States outside a cafe in Giglio's picturesque port
There are more than 20 ethnic groups in these two countries.
Efforts to improve and eliminate 950ft-
On the evening of January 13, 2012, 32 people were killed when they hit a long cruise line at Giglio.
The remains of Concordia are only a few hundred metres away from the main residence of Geely (Nick Squires)
The hard work is far from over.
Concordia rose about 7ft in the water on Monday, but before being safely towed to the northern port of Genoa, it had to lift another 30 ft or more
It will be abandoned in western Italy.
On Tuesday, three powerful tugboats connected to the Concorde stirred the sea through cables while keeping the ships in place.
Thirty huge hollow boxes, known as the "Hobsons", are attached to the hull of the ship.
Now that it has moved about 100ft off the coast of Giglio, engineers will be able to put some of the Hobsons on the starboard side.
Previously, they were unable to do so because they were close to the shelves and the rock bottom.
An Italian coast guard patrol boat monitors the resurgence of the coast of Concorde. Nick Squires)
The ship will be towed away from Giglio on July 21.
The Concorde and a fleet of at least 10 ships will cross a large marine reserve stretching from the Italian coast to Corsica.
Before the ship, there will be a ship full of whales and dolphin watchers.
If any marine mammals are seen, the fleet will slow down until they pass.
Costa Cruises, the company that owns the ship, insists that the risk of contamination leaks is negligible when the ship is towed north, but it will accompany two oil spill response ships, two ships equipped with a oil purifier, a 16000ft-foot water-absorbing floating arm, and a rapid response team consisting of salvaged divers.
"In the process of shipping to the final destination port, the vessel will be constantly monitored to detect and deal with any material loss or overflow of the hull if necessary," Costa Cruise said . ".
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