corrosive chemical spills in trailer near global marine terminal - 55 gallon drum

by:Demi     2019-09-09
corrosive chemical spills in trailer near global marine terminal  -  55 gallon drum
Police and firefighters responded yesterday to a report saying there was a leak of corrosive chemicals in a tractor.
Trailers near global shipping terminals. At 12:01 p. m.
City firefighters were sent to 100 jersey Harbor Avenue.
Bayonne Fire Captain Keith Weaver said that near the pier, they found a small leak on the ground at the back of the trailer.
55 in the trailer-
Weaver said that the National Environmental Protection Department identified the gallon barrel as sodium hydroxide, and determined that two of the barrels leaked about 15 to 20 gallons of chemicals.
The fire chief said no one was injured in the incident.
According to the Ministry of Health, sodium hydroxide is a colorless solution with pungent smell for household cleaners, photography and fertilizers.
Contact with chemicals can seriously stimulate and burn the skin and eyes.
Sodium hydroxide is not combustible, but ammonia steam will be formed in a fire that will ignite and cause an explosion.
Weaver said firefighters wearing hazmat suits entered the trailer to confirm items inside the vehicle. As late as 5 p. m.
He said a cleaning contractor was cleaning the spilled chemicals on site and removing the drums from the trailer.
Firefighters cleared the scene around 5: 50. m.
Weaver said that the Hudson Regional Health Council and the federal police force received a notice on the incident and responded to the scene.
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