corn : garden fresh : corn of many colors - corn cob absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-03
corn : garden fresh : corn of many colors  -  corn cob absorbent
For most Americans and most people in the world, corn is either yellow or white.
If they only know what they missed-
Corn is the most colorful food in the world.
For thousands of years, American Indians have harvested cores of many colors, as well as varieties with stripes, spots and ombres.
The corn cob starts with a flower stalk, and the small flowers on it grow into corn kernels.
Even if the kernel reaches the "milk" stage (
When the piercing kernel spews a milky mass)
Almost all varieties of corn are pale.
However, as the kernel matures, their colors will deepen and some will become more gorgeous.
Most people won't get glory until they are fully mature. -that is, bone-dry.
After the color is in full bloom, you have to decide how to deal with your gorgeous harvest.
Grind the kernel into rice?
Turn them into corn porridge?
Are they hot and popular with butter?
According to the starch classification in corn kernels, there are several types of corn.
Each type is adapted to a specific function.
I think the most exciting thing is flour corn.
At the milk stage, the ears are baked well, or the corn kernels can be placed in fresh tamales.
The dried grain is almost entirely soft starch and is easily ground into delicious flour.
They did well, too.
This morning I made fine corn cake with flour of Mandan bride corn, a glorious combination of colors: Pomegranate, purple red, lavender, purple, Navy, cranberry cream and Whirlpool, like a Sunset from Santa Fe.
They grind together into gray food with countless color spots.
Dent corn kernels have a soft center of starch and a hard side-
When the two parts are not evenly dried, a dent appears on the top of the kernel.
The bloody butcher is 150-year-
Old Dan from Virginia-
Dark red kernel with dark color
Red stripes on pink/red cobs. Easy-
The growing dents can be used the same as flour corn.
The hard grains of flint corn contain a small amount of soft starch, but their advantage is that many corn can endure the cool soil and mature very early. -
Very short place in summer.
The most important thing is the Flint store.
The most colorful Flint listed by the seed players is used for decoration.
However, the native seed/search provides flints of glowing colors collected from remote areas of Mexico.
Most of them are untested, so planting them is an adventure.
Popcorn is like flint corn. it has hard corn grains, no soft starch, and is considered the oldest cultivated corn.
The ears are small, but they can also be wet in color like charming little strawberry popcorn.
I have always preferred the pantiti Pueblo with a lot of colors for the bride of Mandan.
Sadly, when you pop the colored corn, it turns white and there may be a little bit of color in your throat.
At least the kernel looks great in the jar.
Popcorn corn kernels are especially delicious to Bake gently (
Four to five minutes in a moderate oven)
Then grind into rice.
Over time, every indigenous community in each region has adopted the corn that best suits it and provides the community with what it needs.
Some corn has been cultivated to produce flour ears next to Flint ears on the stem-
There are soft flour particles next to the hard flint stone particles-
There are even dents.
Therefore, whatever the elements bring, there are precious corn.
Flour, dents, flint stone and popcorn are called field corn, a rough term that shows that most people do not lose their ability to cope with barren soil and drought.
Their son of honor, Johnny. come-
It's sweet corn recently.
Sweet corn without starch has crumpled seeds-
Its sugar has not yet been converted into starch.
That's why, old-
Vintage breed, you have to boil the kettle before picking your ears-
When the stick leaves the stem, the sugar begins to be converted into starch.
Most sweet corn is grown in the milk stage, but many varieties become rich and colorful after drying, and they can be used as raw materials for delicious food.
Hooker's Sweet india is one of them.
Many people think this is the best of all the old flavors --
Old-fashioned sweet corn, the kernel of the milk stage is white and lightyellow.
They turn purple when they mature, then blue. black.
Once the soil temperature reaches 65 degrees, you can sow corn in the spring, and you can continue to sow dry corn until about 100 days before the first expected frost in autumn.
One of the joys of corn seeds is that the later you plant, the faster they move.
Now is the best time to sow something like a prostitute that you can enjoy at every stage.
Or, if your season is short, sow the Mandan bride in a cool climate.
Given the demand for corn, it is easy to grow ---
The more you give corn, the more it gives you back.
In my opinion, this reaction may be one of the reasons why corn is deified by so many cultures.
To give you the best, corn wants plenty of sunshine, soil rich in nitrogen (
Dig two or 3 inch of compost and/or aged fertilizer deep with a shovel)
Put an inch of water in its basin every week, no weeds, if there is wind, the soil will push up around the stem.
A deep covering of grass crumbs or rotten straw (
From Feed Shop)
Save water, prevent weeds and nourish plants.
Corn is pollinated by the wind, so to help the wind to work, sow in a block ---
Each road has four rows of squares with the least number of plants separated by 1 feet.
16 ears per corn-
32 to 64 or more heritage varieties such as Hook's.
Hook is only four to 5 feet tall, so there is a row behind a mixed bed with leaves and tassels floating in the breeze, forming a happy square matrix.
Because corn is the wind
After pollination, you have to separate different kinds of seeds, otherwise you will be like the first year I planted corn, with blue seeds dotted with golden ears.
The most reliable way to prevent popcorn from hardening sweet corn and super corn
From the beginning of Hu Yi, sweet corn will be planted every four weeks.
Don't forget to discuss with corn.
Plant neighbors before you sow them.
The wind is not known from the property line.
Now, if you want to taste the colorful corn, but you don't have 16 square feet yet, you can plant a plant ---
Or line up your plants like a duck. -
If you pollinate with your hands
This is a charming and simple operation.
Every grain of pollen must be fertilized by every silk.
The time for pollination is when the suspension on the tassel turns golden and the silk at the tip of the ear is thick.
In the morning, after drying, gently bend a tassel down, put it in a paper bag, and shake it in the bright pollen.
Release the tassels, spread the silk over the ear, shake one evenly from the corner of the bag
Half a teaspoon of pollen on it.
I did this for three consecutive mornings.
It feels like a maid in the wind
Just like you deal with all the crops, rotate the corn in your garden and let the three to four years fall between the planting in the same place.
Use a strong water spray in the morning to prevent ants and aphids insects.
Any caterpillar you see should make a loud noise and take it off.
If there are racoons nearby, I have found a reliable way to keep them out of the patch.
Every three to 4 feet m I plant summer and winter around the corn.
Not only squashed the traditional partners-
They profit from each other's companies. -
But picky racoons hate spiny leaves and stems and don't go through them effortlessly even if they get the corn they like.
To harvest in the milk stage, wait until the silk is dry, then pull the leaves on the ear back, pierce a kernel with a thumbnail, if it sprays the milk, run, open the kettle-
Or burn their ears in their shells with coal.
For dry corn, wait until the straw is completely dry.
Cut your ears with scissors.
Pull the leaves and silk back and hang in a cool, dark, dry, airy place.
Rub two ears in a large paper bag when you need their kernel (
Gloves to prevent blisters).
To grind a meal or two, the blender works beautifully.
Because the air can cause the taste to deteriorate, grind it before you need it.
My only trouble is that right now, there is no magic in pure white and yellow as I have grown gorgeous colors and influenced traditional varieties. . . .
Source: Bloody Butcher corn: Bloom 83706, stage seed, Idaho City, Boise, Idaho.
Mexican Flint and popcorn: local seeds/Search, 2509 NCampbell Ave. , No.
325, Tucson, arritz. 85719.
Other: rich life, Port Townsend, Wash, Box 772. 98368.
Cooking Blue Corn Products: New Volos chilos, Mexico, box 6215, Santa Fe, N. M. 87502.
* Freshly ground colored corn has an amazing taste of roasted walnuts, dry soil and warm summer air.
Because the taste of corn is so subtle, pour honey or berry syrup or salsa on these cakes with a light hand.
The cake is widely used.
The mix of fresh fruit is perfect-
And caviar and sour cream.
They made a big dinner with all kinds of beans and beer.
Before you grow your own corn kernels, you can grind the corn noodles from the market or health food store-
I think the white meal is the best. AIRY SILVER-
$1/2 cup of very fine corn flour (
Starting with 1/3 cups of flour-Various cores)
1/2 cup screened flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 tablespoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 large egg 3/4 cup milk 1/4 cup sour cream 1/4 glass of water cheese screened corn flour, flour, baking powder, put sugar and salt into a mixing bowl.
In another bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, sour cream and water until they are mixed.
1 or 2 large frying pans (Best Actor. iron)over medium-high heat.
Add the wet mixture to the dry mixture and stir until smooth.
Add 2 tablespoons of melted butter and stir until mixed.
Sprinkle a drop of water on the frying pan.
If the drops bounce, the frying pan is ready.
Add butter to the surface of the frying pan.
Paste a portion of the face.
When the top is bubbling (almost at once)
, Turn around and bake the brown bottom for about 25 seconds or more.
Arrange overlapping tortillas on hot plates and supply them at the same time.
About 48 cakes, 3 to 4.
About 472 calories per 3 servings;
1,116 mg of sodium;
146 mg of cholesterol; 30 grams fat;
41 grams of carbohydrates;
9 grams of protein; 0. 2 gram fiber.
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