containment cap 'limiting oil leak' - oil spill containment

by:Demi     2019-09-13
containment cap \'limiting oil leak\'  -  oil spill containment
The head of the US government's response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill said a new
Installing a safety helmet on a damaged BP rig helps to limit leakage.
Admiral Sade Allen of the Coast Guard said at a briefing in Washington that more than 14,800 barrels (56,000 litres)
For the past 24 hours, oil has been left out of the Gulf waters.
Mr. Allen told reporters that from the first day of the installation of the helmet, the amount of oil to prevent leakage to the Gulf was "steadily rising ".
He also said officials will meet with BP to assess how the company is doing in dealing with relief requests from people injured in the oil spill.
The purpose of this is to "see if we need to provide oversight," Allen said.
He said Monday that BP is working hard to handle the claim.
Mr Allen responded sharply to a question as to why no more progress had been made in curbing the leaks caused by the April 20 explosions and fires.
"I never said it was going well.
We are doing our best, "he said in a telephone interview with reporters.
"I say again and again that nothing good happens when the oil is on the water.
He called the accident a "disaster" in the area ".
Meanwhile, Barack Obama said he has been talking to fishermen and experts along the Gulf Coast about BP's oil spill so he knows who to kick in the ass"
The tough language is part of the president's recent efforts to convey his contacts with the crisis to Americans, said in an interview with NBC's Today show in Michigan.
He defended his role in dealing with the crisis that began with the April 20 BP bombing.
An oil rig was rented in the Bay area, killing 11 workers.
"A month ago, I was there, before most of these conversations even focused on the bay," Obama told NBC's Matt Lauer . ".
"I met the fishermen in the rain to talk about what could be a potential crisis.
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