complete room transformation wins one diyer $5,000 in frogtape(r) earn your stripes(tm) room makeover contest - sap super absorbent polymer

by:Demi     2019-08-24
complete room transformation wins one diyer $5,000 in frogtape(r) earn your stripes(tm) room makeover contest  -  sap super absorbent polymer
AVON, OH--(Marketwire -08/13/12)-
Earn your stripes in the second year™In the competition, 93 contestants submitted a project hoping to get a chance to get $5,000 from FrogTape®Brand painter's tape
A panel of judges selected the top three designs based on the standards of craftsmanship, creativity and accessories.
This year's winner is Olivia Pruitt from Va Chatham.
Second, the $2,500 that was taken home was Irene Willis of Neb Lincoln. ;
In third place was Jody's gown from Kingwood, Texas, whose transformation earned $1,000.
Prut won this year's grand prize by completely transforming her bedroom from a white wall and a least decorated boring space to a unique design full of color and reflecting her personality.
She created a custom tree and bird pattern using FrogTape, with bold, multi
Colorful stripes in pink, black and turquoise.
For extra characters, Pruitt decorated her new space with a painted lampshade, a refurbished photo album and a freshly painted mirror frame.
"Homeowners continue to impress us with their creativity and design skills," said Kristin Osinski, media relations manager at ShurTech Brands, LLC . ".
"Earn Your Stripes this year™The contestants are amazing and Olivia really shows how to change any room in your home with creative, paint and FrogTape brand painter tape. "Second-
Place champion Willis wants to add a vintage
The atmosphere of her husband's music man cave is cool.
She was inspired by 1950 s of Las Vegas-
There are plaid patterns on the walls and simpler rectangular patterns on the floor.
Using FrogTape, she was able to prevent different paint layers from bleeding together and create clear, straight lines throughout the design.
The third one to take home
In a tight budget, she redone her daughter's bedroom with FrogTape.
After the hardware store clerk recommended using FrogTape to clean the lines, she recorded the stripes using FrogTape's delicate surface tape.
After 7 paint colors and 230 sharp paint lines, her remodel was done!
"We are not surprised at the amazing design that homeowners can implement with FrogTape, as this is the only painter tape to be processed with PaintBlock®Technology, "Osinski.
"PaintBlock is a highly absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in the latex paint and is gel immediately to produce micro
A barrier to prevent paint bleeding.
FrogTape helps provide clean lines and beautiful results for all 2012 entries.
"2012 FrogTape earn your stripes™The competition is also the first year to select a "Best Show" winner from seven categories, each with a cash reward of $100.
They are: "We are excited about the various painting projects that homeowners have submitted to this year's earn your stripes™"Osinski.
"We like to see consumers participate and share their stories about how FrogTape can help them change their families, and we can't wait to know what consumers are creating for next year's competition.
"To see all the amazing entries this year, visit www. frogtape.
The tape of the FrogTape brand painter has two different adhesive grades, which allows homeowners the flexibility to paint on different surfaces throughout the home. FrogTape Multi-
The surface has medium adhesion and can be used for curing colored walls, wood decoration, glass and metal.
The delicate surface of the FrogTape has a lower adhesion to prevent surface damage such as fresh paint (24 hours old)
Wallpaper and artificial finish.
FrogTape has a variety of widths to choose from to suit a variety of patterns, designs, and paint items.
The tape is made of reusable plastic cans designed to protect the edge of the tape from damage.
FrogTape can be purchased at Home Depot, Walmart, Lloyd's, Sherwin-
Williams and other fine paint and hardware retailers in the United States and Canada, suggested that the retail price in the United States be $6 to $12, and the retail price in Canada is $8 to $12, depending on the size of the tape.
FROGTAPE®Brand productshe FrogTape®Brand of ShurTech Brands, LLC marketing offers quality-
High quality innovative painting tape with PaintBlock function®Technology, a super
Seal the edge of the tape to keep the absorbent polymer with sharp paint and lines.
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