company behind west virginia's chemical spill files for bankruptcy - chemical spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-09-08
company behind west virginia\'s chemical spill files for bankruptcy  -  chemical spill absorbent
The free industry company in charge of the chemical leak, which kept 300,000 West Virginia people out of tap water for most of the week, filled 11 chapters of bankruptcy on Friday.
Lawyer Aaron Harrah said: "I think they underestimate the debt a little . " His company claims to file a class action lawsuit against liberty and West Virginia American Water.
He told the Wall Street Journal.
According to the Charleston Gazette, the company's assets and liabilities are listed between $1 million and $10 million, respectively. Freedom owes $3.
The top 20 unsecured creditors amounted to $66 million, more than $2.
4 million of the unpaid taxes can be traced back to at least $2000, and nearly $93,000 of the Kanava county property tax, about half of which has expired and is in arrears.
The announcement came two weeks after Pennsylvania coal mine executive Cliff Forrest had a hard time buying free industry for $20 million a week before the 7,500 gallon leak was discovered.
However, the company's troubles are far from over.
Hala said his suit, one of 25.
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