colorado floods spur fracking concerns - oil pads

by:Demi     2019-09-11
colorado floods spur fracking concerns  -  oil pads
The devastating floods that hit Colorado last week also flooded a major center in the state's drilling industry, temporarily stopping production of natural gas.
Flooding flooded 55 photos of Colorado the mix of flooding and drilling operations also caused environmental and health problems, and industry and government officials said they were monitoring closely, activists seize another proof of the dangers posed by hydraulicfracturing.
Pictures and videos that appear on-
In recent days, fracking sites and local news media have shown that oil pads are flooded, wells are flooded, tanks are overturned in some cases and pipelines are broken.
It is reported that many people have been severely attacked by floods in Weld County and Boulder in northeast Denver.
It has nearly 18,000 active wells and is a major drilling center in Colorado, where the state is increasingly dependent on hydraulic drilling.
Fracturing of energy production.
A photo from the villain.
Fracking activists say the Colorado rig is flooded.
Industry officials warned that the photos lacked data and details.
Cliff Willmeng/East Boulder County United "water pollution is the biggest problem," said Gary Walker, director of the Colorado Anti-pollution program
Clean water operation of hydraulic fracturing group.
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"Our biggest fear is that oil and gas hydrocarbons and fracking chemicals will go into the water supply system, and the flood will spread the pollution to large areas of land.
"A poisonous well?
Fracking research has sparked a double impact on Colorado's oil and gas business, while industry delegates have played down what one executive described as a "social media frenzy" of photos and videos due to lack of information ", they have taken steps to mitigate concerns, including by preventing the flow of oil from potentially affected Wells, a process known as a "shutdown ".
Doug Hawk, director of public relations at Encana Oil and Gas, said that 1,241 wells operated by EnCana, energy-heavy Denver-
The jursborough basin closed 397 last week.
Since then, 99 of those shut down have resumed production.
A photo from the villain.
Fracking activists say the Colorado rig is flooded.
Industry officials warned that the photos lacked data and details.
"We still haven't found any reportable quantity leaks, but we can't rule out future discoveries until we find everything," Hock said Tuesday . ".
Colorado Natural Resources Department spokesman Todd Hartman said in a statement that Colorado officials have been "actively assessing the impact of flooding on oil and gas facilities ".
Officials noted that information on the location of oil and gas in the region remained limited, but warned of possible health risks from hazardous substances in floods.
"The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is advising Colorado people that many pollutants, such as untreated sewage, and potential releases of chemicals from homes, businesses and industries, hartman said in his statement: "It may be flooded. ".
"We encourage people to stay as far away from water as possible.
"Natural gas experts in the field of hydraulic fracturing provide a mixed assessment of the situation.
"They are too cautious," said William flekenstein, head of the interim department of petroleum engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, referring to concerns among activists about flooded wells.
Fleckenstein said that most natural gas wells are designed to withstand a lot of pressure and remain sealed under all conditions.
Although he pointed out that it is difficult to predict the potential damage to the well site caused by the combination of Flushing and debris.
Just flooded. -
Unless the ground is damaged in structure-
"The situation of the well should be quite good," he said . "
"The biggest concern is open --
"Wastewater pits," said Robert Jackson, professor of environmental science at Duke University, who led a study earlier this year linking fracking to water pollution.
Hazardous fluid waste generated by hydraulic fracturing is sometimes called drainage
Jackson said the air pit could overflow if it was flooded.
However, according to the Colorado Petroleum and Gas Association, in Colorado, wastewater is usually stored in storage tanks and treatment tanks before being disposed of or reused.
On June 2012, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission's speech on regulating the mine included an open picture
Welding the air pit in the county.
Officials in Colorado say they are evaluating the impact on digging holes, but in the Wattenberg Field area hit by floods, usually fewer pits than in the eastern region, most of which are not affected by floods.
Responding to inquiries from CBSNews.
Hartman of CDNR said: "It is important to remember the things in the pit and their purpose.
Pits are rarely used in fracking operations in northeastern Colorado.
The fracturing and flowback fluid is stored in the storage tank and then recycled or delivered to the disposal well.
Pits used during hydraulic fracturing store fresh water.
There are also very few drilling pits in the western part of the DJ Basin, as the company has turned to closed-loop drilling to reduce the size of surface disturbances and to re-use the drilling fluid.
Jackson also said that the chemicals on the flooded oil pads during drilling operations could cause concern for health and the environment, although the regulation would prevent oil and gas companies from
However, the leak did happen.
A search for COGCC online records shows that the state recorded nearly 20 oil spills before the September flood.
Some of these occur in Weld County and in some cases hydrocarbons and benzene are liquids listed as carcinogens by the American Cancer Society.
The mix of flooding and fracking was an issue in New York in 2011, as the state debated the safety of this practice and dealt with its own flooding in the state with heavy rain. An anti-
The fracking group Catskill Mountainkeeper warned that if fracking is approved in New York State, future flooding could lead to disaster as toxins from fracking wastewater enter our water supply from the flood.
"This is a real problem.
We were talking about this two years ago, "said Wes Jilin ham, project coordinator at Catskill Mountainkeeper, in an interview.
He said his team is now closely following the events in Colorado.
"People need to understand what kind of pollution is happening in Colorado and how it affects health.
That's what we all want to know in New York.
"Industry officials say they will assess and resolve losses as water levels return to normal.
"Their types of activities include ongoing monitoring operations, closing wells, evaluating midstream facilities, conducting environmental inventories, aerial surveys, and responding to calls and mitigating potential hazards when potential hazards are identified, thysa Schuler, president of the Colorado Petroleum and Gas Association, said in a statement on Monday.
"We 've seen social media fanatics about photos of underwater oil and gas facilities.
While the photos look extraordinary, no data or details are provided.
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