cold case - 55 gallon drum

by:Demi     2019-09-09
cold case  -  55 gallon drum
1957 Chicago police found the body from a broken wound. down 55-
A gallon bucket floating on Lake Michigan. A 5-
Two days later, a gallon metal barrel with a head, hands and an arm was found in the lake.
The victim's head was shot at least once, maybe four times.
It is difficult to judge from news reports.
Given location--Chicago--
And advanced disposal methods-
Bullet in the victim's head (
Apparently with. 32-caliber pistol)
Dismember, put in a metal barrel and dump on Lake Michigan, you might think the theme is a lowlevel mobster.
You're wrong. She was 15-year-
Old Judith May Anderson, who disappeared late on Friday, August.
1957, from visiting his girlfriend home.
This unsolved murder is the three things Sherlock Holmes says. pipe problem.
Unfortunately, the news coverage did not help and in fact prevented the dedicated and impartial Inquirer.
At least for the past 20 years, police and news reports have focused on only one person who has never been charged and may have nothing to do with murder.
The facts in this case are very rare and very tragic.
On the evening of August.
Judith May Anderson, 1957, 15, is said to be watching TV at Elena abbatakora's home, 1019. Central Avenue.
Judith is the only daughter of Ralph W. and Ruth A.
Anderson, who also has three sons, lives at 1520 New York. Lotus Ave.
She is about to enter her junior year at Austin High School.
Since she was identified by a fingerprint found from a photo of Jesus in the room, we can infer that she does not have a police record, at least to some extent religious. About 11 p. m.
Judith called her mother and said she and her friends were watching movies on TV and asked to stay until the movie was over.
Her mother said no, so Judith began to go home at a distance of 0. 8 of a mile.
She never came. On Aug. 22, a cut-down 55-
A gallon barrel with a torso was found in Port Montrose.
Two days later, the head, hands and arms were found in a month-
Gallon barrels recovered from the same area.
According to The Times, despite fingerprint evidence, Judith's father, Ralph, refused to believe that the victim was his daughter because there was no trace of vaccination on her left arm.
The murder sparked a massive investigation involving a large number of detectives.
A lot of people call tips (
There are all kinds of reports about people hearing shots and screams)
However, there is no evidence that is conclusive and the case goes into hibernation due to lack of leads.
People's attention was eventually focused on a sexual offender found in 1987 and 1991 articles in the Chicago Tribune.
However, a recent report in The Tribune denied the identity of the man.
He was never prosecuted in this case.
While Googling the murder, I found a website dedicated to investigating the case.
It is prudent to be extremely skeptical about websites that are committed to actual crime, so I will limit myself to what appears to be an account in the initial investigation.
According to 1957 of news reports, on the night of Judith's disappearance, she visited the home of Nancy O'Brien, in her 222 S. Kenneth Ave.
According to the Chicago Sun
According to The Times, Nancy and Judith have been dating a sailor named Kenneth Blevens.
He was on vacation in Chicago at Naval Air Station.
Nancy said she was getting married to Kenneth and called Kenneth in Russia to prove it.
Kenneth told them he loved Nancy but he told the Sun
When he loved Judith
On the last day of trying to rebuild her, the newspaper also found Judith in the milk bar at 5156 W.
But the statement about her visit is contradictory and problematic.
It is speculated that Judith's father called Abbatacolas to inquire about Judith's failure to return home.
He went to the house when no one answered, but no one came to open the door ---
At least based on unverified accounts on the Internet.
Presumably, he did not successfully search the block and finally woke up a man at his home in Abbatacola at 2: 30 a. m. m.
He was allegedly told that Judith planned to go home by bus.
According to the testimony of the investigation, Elena Abbatacola contacted three boys after Judith disappeared and told them not to disclose that they had spent the night together.
Okay, armchair Sledge (
Especially if you live in Chicago. -
You know who you are)
I hope to get some help.
First of all, let me stress that, at least on the surface, it seems to be an extremely complex way to deal with it. (
On the right, Detective James Hennigan, who is in charge of the case, and some documents about the investigation).
What the killer has to do is: he (
I think this is a man--maybe two)
Must control 15-year-
The old girl, fired a few shots at her head and found a place where he could cut the body safely, dispose of the blood, put the remains in two metal barrels, seal or close the drum, load them into the vehicle, drive to Lake Michigan and dump them in the port of Montrose.
Not caught.
What I want to say is that the murderer must have a good reason to go through all the trouble, instead of driving to the countryside of DuPage County and throwing the victim into the culvert.
Here are some things we don't know. (
Keep in mind that these remains have been in the water for about a week, so there may be some questions that cannot be answered, for example, if she has been sexually assaulted or has been hurt in addition to being shot).
First of all, we may not know the identity of the murderer, but we can be sure that he has a gun and a vehicle, and because of careful disposal, we may rule out someone acting on an impulse, suddenly he found himself holding a dead teenager in his hand.
It is also reasonable to assume that the murderer is familiar with the Port of Montrose and knows that he can throw two drums into the water without being caught.
I can also imagine that he was either quite strong enough to lift the drum up and down the car with a big suitcase (
Or he has a truck)--
Maybe he got help.
Frankly, this killing seems professional if the victim is under 30year-
Not a 15-year-old. year-
Old girl, I suspect that people with organized crime will execute the death penalty.
The fact that no one has provided information may prove again linked to organized crime.
But it is absurd and irresponsible to speculate with so little information.
The tragedy, of course, is that there is no solution to Judith May Anderson's ending.
Maybe someone will come forward and provide some answers at such a late hour.
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