coast guard to interview pilot after tanker strikes san francisco-oakland bay bridge - oil absorbent material

by:Demi     2019-08-28
coast guard to interview pilot after tanker strikes san francisco-oakland bay bridge  -  oil absorbent material
San francisco-Coast Guard investigators on Tuesday planned to interview the pilot of an empty tanker that crashed into a tower in the heart of San Francisco --
The Auckland Bay Bridge is sailing under a huge span. The 752-
According to Coast Guard and state transport officials, foot Overseas Reymar hit the tower on Monday afternoon as he headed to sea.
Unidentified pilots will also report to the national pilot Commission, which will conduct its own investigation into the accident.
The committee oversees bar pilots.
Charlie Goodyear, spokesman for the San Francisco Lawyers Association, said the pilot has been a pilot of the San Francisco Lawyers Association since 2005.
The association did not publish his name.
Coast guard spokesman Sean Lansing said that under federal regulations, pilots and others on board will be tested for drug and alcohol use during the accident.
Investigators will check the Hull up and down the waterline and are exploring possible factors, Lansing said.
Visibility was about a quarter.
But officials did not say whether it was a factor.
"Human factors always exist," Lansing said . "
Lansing said the ship's twin shells were not broken and state officials said the bridge was slightly damaged but opened immediately after the accident.
The collision damaged the 30 to 40 feet "Fender" material that needs to be replaced.
The accident on Monday reminded people of a major accident in November 2007, 902 of which-
Cosco Busan rushed into the bridge, leaking 53,000 gallons of oil to San Francisco Bay.
The accident contaminated the 26-mile coastline, killed more than 2,500 birds and delayed the start of the crab --fishing season. Capt.
Cosco Busan pilot John Kota was sentenced to 10 months in prison after admitting two minor offences.
Monday's accident did not affect traffic on the busy bridge. -
The main artery between San Francisco and Auckland.
Parent company with Marshall Islands
Registered ship of OSG Ship Management Company
He said that at the time of the accident, the ship struck the underwater part of the huge bridge structure.
Overseas Reymar did not transport oil as cargo on Monday, Goodyear said, but only provided fuel for its engines.
The Coast Guard said no oil or hazardous materials were leaked into the water.
Nevertheless, for the sake of safety, officials spread 4,000 feet of the absorbent material in the water.
No crew members on board were injured and the Hull appeared to have suffered some scratches and minor dents, added Goodyear.
"There's all sorts of speculation about whether the ship is pushed into the fender by strong tides rather than head
In a collision, "Goodyear said.
"This seems to have a much smaller impact compared to 2007.
OSG spokesman Darrell Wilson said: "The crew of Overseas Reymar reported no loss of steering or advancement, and preliminary investigations showed no water leakage in any ballast tanks.
"The crew on board anchored the vessel safely and sent all appropriate notices to the authorities," Wilson said . ".
Jordan Scott, spokesman for the California Emergency Response Authority, said the bridge had a good upper structure.
"The ship has only some damage, but nothing poses a danger to anyone," Scott said . ".
"A fire ship is outside to make sure it stays in that state and it should.
The California Department of Transport spokesman, Ney, added: "The Tower of the bridge seems to look good from a distance.
A Fender system made of steel and wood Wood was built on the west side to absorb the impact, he said.
Investigators have not yet explained the cause of the accident.
Immediately after the accident, the tanker docked west of yeerbabuena Island.
State law requires a bar pilot to guide every large vessel-
Whether it's a luxury cruise, a billionaire yacht, an aircraft carrier, or a cargo ship-
In and around San Francisco Bay.
In the crash in Busan, COSCO, the role of the pilot was under strict scrutiny.
The company in charge of Cosco Busan paid nearly $60 million in cleanup fees and criminal fines.
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