cnn sunday morning - chemical spill kit

by:Demi     2019-09-10
cnn sunday morning  -  chemical spill kit
Kidnapping/murder in Kansas
On December 19, 2004, 10 contractors were kidnapped in Iraq.
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Betty NGUYEN, cnn anchor: Welcome to the CNN Center in Atlanta.
This is CNN on Sunday morning.
It's December 19.
Good morning, this is Betty Nguyen.
What is the sigh?
CNN anchor Tony Harris: December 19?
HARRIS: The. . .
NGUYEN: It's been almost a year.
So I left safely.
Harris: Good morning, everyone. Tony Harris.
Thank you for being with us.
Iraqi militants have kidnapped more than 10 civilians and threatened to kill them.
A security source told CNN that the victim was an Iraqi employee of the Sandy Group, a Washington-based company that provides security and support services.
The kidnappers asked the company to withdraw from Iraq.
We will get a live update in two minutes.
Defense Secretary Donald lensfeld said that from now on, he will personally sign every letter to the families of the soldiers killed in the operation.
Rumsfeld said he had written more than 1,000 letters and approved them, but did not sign each letter separately.
1,308 American soldiers were killed in Iraq.
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has changed his mind, and now he says he will continue to control Pakistani troops.
Musharraf promised to step down as commander-in-chief in December 31.
Pakistan's constitution prohibits him from holding two power posts after that day.
Lisa Montgomery of Melvin, Kansas, is expected to appear in court tomorrow on charges of kidnapping and death.
Montgomery was accused of killing Bobby Joe steinette in schmore, Missouri, and taking the unborn baby from the womb of steinette.
The baby girl was reportedly hospitalized in Kansas in good condition.
Only 4 minutes from the latest details.
NGUYEN: We have a lot to do this hour.
Job cuts, shutdowns and lack of staff.
Today, firefighters are fighting more than just flames.
And now is a critical moment.
The holiday mail received by the US Postal Center was swift and furious.
How do you make sure your Christmas presents arrive where they are going?
Well, we will have some hints in the live report of the holiday mail hotspot.
Are you a fast food fan?
More and more people say you should get rid of this habit.
Let's tell you about the rise of slow food.
Our headline this morning is a car bomb in Karbala.
There has been more violence on Haifa Street in Baghdad, nicknamed "Little faruja ".
More civilians were kidnapped in Iraq by militants who threatened to kill them.
Reporter Karl Penhaul is connected from the Iraqi capital. Hi, Karl.
Karl penhaul, CNN: Hi, Tony.
The kidnappers posted a video to AP Television showing 10 Iraqi hostages.
We know that these 10 people are members of the Sandi Group in Washington, DC. C.
Security group based.
The kidnappers threatened to kill the hostages unless the Sandi Group pulled out of Iraq together.
The kidnappers said they represented some resistance groups, including
The Black Banner Brigade is also an army of jihad.
Of course, we know that the black banners have carried out this kidnapping before and have dealt with these threats well.
With an estimated 7,000 employees across Iraq, the sandy group performs various functions, including security, transportation and the protection of a number of hotels where media organizations are located.
However, it is not clear when these Iraqi security personnel were taken hostage or the specifics of the kidnapping.
Elsewhere in Iraq, it was a bloody day.
At about 7: 30 this morning, on Haifa Street, it is a very violent street, only a few yards away from the green area of the United States. S.
Both the government and the Iraqi government were held there and there was a gun battle on the street.
In addition, when a car passed by, rebel gunmen stopped the car, pulled passengers out of the car and shot and killed three of them.
Police told us that all three of the dead were members of the Iraqi Independent Electoral Commission, who helped prepare for the January 30 elections.
Shortly after lunch, around 1: 30 local time, a car bomb exploded at the main bus station in the southern city of Karbala.
Police and hospital sources told us that 10 people were killed and at least 37 were injured.
We were told that most of the casualties were civilians.
We don't know who put the bomb yet, but it's only the second one a few days later.
Another bomb exploded in Karbala on 15th day of this month.
Tony, seven people were killed in the attack.
Harris: there was another violence in Iraq this week.
Thank you, Carl.
Peace in the Middle East.
President Bush said it will happen soon.
In an Israeli newspaper, President Obama said he was sure he could achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians. And Mr.
Bush said he could do that in his second term.
He says he plans to invest a lot of what he calls creative thinking to achieve this goal.
NGUYEN: We have new details that are emerging in the event that a woman in Kansas is accused of killing a pregnant woman and then taking the baby out of the womb.
Police say the suspect has been showing off her child hours before he was arrested in Melvin, Kansas.
We now want to get some details from Sandra Olivas, a reporter from CNN Kansas City subsidiary KCTV. (Start Video)
Pastor Mike Whitley: Well, she's a precious man --
You know, this is one of the most beautiful babies I 've seen in a long time.
They always look a little smooth when they are just born, wrinkles and other things, but everything is bright red. She was -
The baby is beautiful.
KCTV journalist Sandra Olivas: Pastor Mike Whitley and his wife are used to welcoming family members and their newborn babies into the church.
So when they got a call yesterday morning from Lisa Montgomery and her husband saying they were coming to show off their newborn baby girl, it was not unusual.
Whitley: we have to hold the baby. just love it.
She sat there, looked at us and commented on the delivery and how her water broke.
My wife asked her where she bought it.
She said she had eaten at the delivery center in Topeka.
Pastor Wei Yili said that for months everyone, including her own husband, thought Lisa was pregnant.
Wei Yili: she is very small.
I commented to her on the matter.
I asked her if she should-
When she's due
She said she was due in December.
I said, "Well, you're going to have a baby so soon. it's a little small.
"Well, I always have babies," she said . "
"So, I will forget it.
OLIVAS: Investigators say Lisa admitted she went to the home of Bobbie Jo Stinnett in Skidmore, Missouri, strangled her from behind, and cut the fetus from the womb.
An hour after the terrible crime, Pastor Whitley said Lisa's cheating network was falling apart.
Whitley: She called me at 3: 15 on Thursday and wanted to talk to my wife about the situation with her child.
I said, "Do you have it?
Do we have children? " She said, "C. J.
Take it now.
The priest said Montgomery's husband did not know that the child was not the child of his wife.
He even took the newborn to the cafe in town to show off her to his friends.
Unidentified women: they go downtown to show off babies to everyone.
She is considered a good neighbor, a educated mother, a loving Christian woman.
The citizens of Melvin said it was a lie.
Woman: very mentally ill.
Totally crazy.
We feel betrayed. We were angry.
But most importantly, we are very, very sad. OLIVAS (on camera)
: Lisa Montgomery was detained by federal authorities in Leavenworth, Kansas.
She could face the death penalty.
This is Sandra Olivas for CNN. (END VIDEOTAPE)
NGUYEN: The federal prosecutor handling the case told CNN that his office has not yet decided whether to impose the death penalty, but Todd Graves also said that, his office twice in three years successfully sought death sentences on the same charges Montgomery faced.
Harris: There are stories like this all over the United States.
Three Maryland men will appear in court tomorrow on charges of the largest residential arson case in state history.
All 20 suspects.
One year old, one of them volunteer firefighters, was accused of causing $10 million in damage to an upscale community under construction.
A security guard at the scene was also charged.
In Iowa, a federal judge hit spammers for $1 billion.
Judge, three e-
Mail marketers representing an Internet provider in Iowa.
This is believed to be a record verdict on companies accused of improperly sending spam emails
Mail from central Florida
There is a sink hole in deltoona.
It has swallowed up four lanes of one road and is now 150 feet wide.
It threatens 20 families and a wire that serves about 2,000 families.
Aleutiya County officials said the situation could grow in the next few days.
NGUYEN: Well, Santa's studio is not the only lively holiday center this weekend before Christmas.
In fact, the same is true of another hot spot in southern Memphis, Tennessee.
This is the center of FedEx, and the name of the company has become synonymous with global shipping.
CNN's Sarah Dorsey is in this nerve center, bringing us some tips and some small News.
I think we all need a lot of skills this time, because we don't have much time.
Sarah Dorsey, cnn correspondent: That's right, Betty.
Time is running out, but not too late if your package is not shipped for Christmas.
If you ship in the US, FedEx will ship you before the 23rd.
This means that if you do, they will deliver the goods before Christmas.
The weather here started to be a bit hot this morning. The people -
The staff here are preparing for the busiest day of FedEx.
It will be Monday.
The company plans to deal with about 4.
6 million bags on the same day.
It was the busiest day for the whole company last Monday, where they handled eight-
More than 8 million packages.
Now we are joining us, Adam Psarianos, also known as diamond.
He is the vice president of FedEx and may also be called Santa Claus for some.
You do a lot of Transportation this time of year.
Tell me a little, how important is Thanksgiving and Christmas to you in this industry?
Adam PSARIANOS, FedEx World Center: First of all, Sarah, good morning.
Welcome to the north pole in central south.
Dorsey: Thank you.
PSARIANOS: at this time of year, we feel like Santa Claus.
This is our peak season, and in the 12 months of the year, we deal with the most, again, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then die after that.
But we're all excited.
This is 26 years since I did it.
Happy time of year.
Like other FedEx staff, I feel like Santa Claus.
Dorsey: I'm sure everyone appreciates the job, so they can get these gifts for Christmas.
Tell me what you need to do this, what kind of fleet do you all have so that we can deliver all the gifts to their destination in time?
Well, we have more than 600 planes.
We have about 70,000 cars.
More than 200,000 employees.
About 110,000 of these employees are dedicated to packaging, sorting and delivery.
So this is a huge operation.
At this time of the year, we also hired casual workers to ensure that we received every package, every gift, on time as possible.
I know we're talking about the 213 countries that FedEx ships.
PSARIANOS: 200 15.
Dorsey: instead, FedEx is offered to 215 countries.
We should tell our audience that you need to continue shipping if you are going to ship on an international scale
Get the package out tomorrow.
Tell me what we will see today.
We heard the plane started arriving this morning.
What will we see?
PSARIANOS: today is probably our busiest day here, this Sunday.
Tomorrow night will be the busiest day of our entire operation.
But you will see about 110 planes, more than 200 tractors.
Trailer, CTDs, hub to come here.
We need to unload the package.
We will sort out these packages as soon as possible.
We will then put them back on the plane, back on the truck, and put them back in the fields so they can be delivered tomorrow.
DORSEY: Great.
Adam Psarianos, also known as the diamond at the FedEx factory, thank you for joining us.
Throughout the day, we will bring you more tips on how to deliver these packages to your destination before Christmas.
Call you back, Betty.
NGUYEN: Well, I can understand why Adam is also called Santa, but what the hell is going on with the diamond?
You call him a diamond all the time?
Dorsey: She asked you in your name what was going on with the diamond?
She said she understood Santa, but what about Diamond?
Well, Diamond is the name of a family.
Nothing exotic.
When I first moved to the south, everyone asked me where the diamond came from.
This is a surname.
Dorsey: that's too direct, Betty.
I hope he will distribute diamonds and gifts at this time of year.
Well, I asked him for some diamonds.
Hey: Okay.
We will talk to you later on today's show. Thanks, Sarah.
HARRIS: It's time to look ahead to some of the news that will be released this week.
The trial of actor Robert Black began on Monday.
He was accused of murdering his wife, Bonnie Lee Blakely.
The trial was postponed several times.
Blake changed his lawyer four times.
On Wednesday, the San Francisco High Court held a hearing on the constitutional nature of a state law. sex marriage.
The lawsuit was filed by San Francisco and gay couples who were denied a marriage certificate.
On Friday, the European Cassini spacecraft launched a probe into Jupiter's largest satellite, Titan, for 21 days.
Titan is a major focus of the United States. S.
Explore Saturn's European mission
Among other things, scientists are trying to figure out if Titan has a solid surface.
Yes, I have been thinking about it myself.
Well, more and more people think it's time for everyone to slow down.
They want you to eat slow food instead of fast food.
What is slow food, you ask?
Okay, stay. Find out.
Harris: add this. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: I started talking to this person or that person and told them what I was going to do.
They said you need to find this lady in Raleigh. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Harris: not just anyone can make Santa look like Santa. Meet St.
Nick's little helper at CNN on Sunday morning.
Good morning, doctor. (WEATHER REPORT)(
Business break)
Harris: our headline this Sunday morning.
Terrorist images from Iraq
A video tape showed the rebels holding the hostages blindfolded.
A security source said the hostages were 10 Iraqis working for an American company.
Insurgents threatened to kill the company if it did not leave Iraq.
In his condolence letter, Donald lensfeld hopes to have more personal contacts.
The defense minister plans to personally sign every letter of condolence sent to the families of those killed.
A Kansas woman charged with a terrible crime will appear in court tomorrow.
Police say Lisa Montgomery admitted to strangling a pregnant woman in Missouri and taking the baby from her womb.
People in Montgomery's Kansas City say she is trying to treat the baby girl as her own.
The funding crisis is affecting new concerns by the US Fire Department about fire safety, which will appear at 7: 30 a. m. m. Eastern.
NGUYEN: Well, this is the time of the year when people take a break from their daily lives, sit down with friends and family, and enjoy a hearty home cooked meal.
But some people around the world are practicing the idea all year round. (Start Video)NGUYEN (voice-over)
These days, everything runs at the speed of light.
Fast-paced life brings fast food.
But thousands of people around the world choose to stay away from fast food tables and instead support a growing sport called Slow Food.
So far, the group claims to have 80,000 registered members in more than 100 different countries.
This is a lifestyle for Skip Glover, who runs an independent organic farm in Douglas Vale, Georgia.
Skip GLOVER: it meets the creative needs.
It meets the needs of art.
In any case, it satisfies the nurturing needs that I think all humans have in some way. So that's -
Makes me feel good.
NGUYEN: the root of Slow Food is that you should take the time to enjoy old-fashioned food instead of relying on fast food.
The campaign, which actually started in Italy in 1986, is a counter-attack on the construction of McDonald's restaurants.
The concept of slow food is to buy locally grown produce, to protect food that is being phased out in large commercial farming, and perhaps most importantly, to enjoy traditionally cooked food.
While most people may prefer slow food, it's a reality for millions of people. (on camera)
But is fast food really the answer?
Or is this just a simple way out?
Unidentified woman: fast.
I can get in and out in 30 minutes.
It's not about nutrition.
Unidentified women: our only choice in this area is typical fast food. NGUYEN (voice-over)
Julie Schaeffer disagrees.
She started her first slow food chapter in Atlanta.
Julie Scheffer at Slow Food Atlanta: I'm full of work
Time as a high school teacher.
I'm a single parent.
I run Slow Food in Atlanta.
So if I can make time to do it, I think everyone can make time to do it.
I think it's just your own commitment.
She said you can prepare the food in advance and freeze it.
So instead of having a TV dinner, you have a home-cooked meal.
Skip and his wife Cookie also believe that the art of cooking will nourish the soul. S.
Glover: you get some kind of fun seeing people enjoy what you're prepared for or doing.
NGUYEN: if this is not satisfactory enough, the Cookie says slow food can really reunite the family. C.
One of my favorite memories is growing up sitting at a table.
NGUYEN: it is these memories that give a new meaning to slowly come. (END VIDEOTAPE)
I like all of this.
NGUYEN: Mm-hmm.
HARRIS: It looks like a cabin.
The first Thanksgiving DayCooked it slow.
This is the old way.
NGUYEN: Mom used to do it.
Harris: Take your time.
So you plant it and put your hand in the soil. . .
NGUYEN: cook it. HARRIS: . . .
You grow it, you cook it slowly, you take the time. . .
NGUYEN: You like to eat. HARRIS: . . .
Talk to your family at the table.
NGUYEN: Do you know?
I like my fast food very much. . .
HARRIS: Yes? NGUYEN: . . .
But I tell you, I'm really satisfied with the home cooked food.
This is a good thing.
NGUYEN: I think that's the moral of the whole story.
Harris: Good job, Betty.
Okay, thank you.
Harris: One thing we all rely on is if you need help from the local fire department, will they be there?
We will look at some of the reasons why this protection can be threatened in several big cities in this country.
NGUYEN: protecting the army in Iraq is also a top priority.
We will be entering a California company that is doing its best to ship more armored vehicles to Iraq. (
Business break)
Oh, we have Rob's red.
You brought it back. Thanks, Rob.
Rob Marciano, cnn meteorologist: take it with you in the newsroom.
No one wants it.
Because you refuse to accept it.
That's not very good, you know.
It's crazy.
You know, it's all about giving.
This is a gift. It's a --
Yes, this is the spirit of dedication.
NGUYEN: I will leave it there. (WEATHER REPORT)
Harris: Firefighters across the country are seriously concerned about budget cuts in big cities as budget cuts result in understaffed hooks and ladders.
Welcome back to CNN on Sunday morning.
I'm Tony Harris.
This is Betty NGUYEN.
We will have that story in a moment.
But first, let's take a look at the news this morning.
CNN confirmed 10 Iraqi employeesS.
The company was taken hostage in Baghdad.
Insurgents reportedly threatened to kill al-Sandy group in Washington if they did not leave Iraq.
Sandy Group provides security, transportation, accommodation and translation services in Iraq.
A Kansas woman who admitted to strangling a pregnant woman and then stole the child from her womb will appear in federal court tomorrow.
People say Lisa Montgomery showed the child as her own hours before he was arrested.
Authorities say Montgomery saw the victims online.
Israeli forces have ended a two-day bloody attack on southern Gaza.
The attack left 11 Palestinians dead, dozens injured and many houses destroyed.
It was the largest offensive since the death of Palestinian leader Arafat last month.
Israel said the operation was aimed at ending mortar attacks by Palestinians.
Former Chilean dictator Pinochet has been hospitalized this morning after a stroke.
He will face at least one day of monitoring and testing before he is released.
Pinochet is awaiting this week's court ruling on whether to support his prosecution and house arrest on human rights charges.
CNN is the most trusted name in the news and keep you posted.
Harris: Today on CNN's "Safety Watch" program, will there be someone around to save you when your life depends on a fireman?
The question could get a disturbing answer as several big cities are suffering from huge budget cuts.
CNN reporter Alina Joe watched the match from Jersey City, New Jersey, N. (Start Video)
CNN reporter Alina Joe (voice-over)
: A normal day for firefighters in Jersey City.
Engine Company 6 reacts to a chemical leak.
It's not a big deal, but it's possible to get a big call at any time.
Fire Captain Fred egos said it was a problem.
Fred egos, fire chief, Jersey City, New Jersey, New JerseyJ.
: Due to shortage of manpower, Jersey City was forced to close two companies every day.
Jersey City is not alone.
The National Fire Association said,
More than 30 people in the national fire department are understaffed. in places like Cleveland, 7% firefighters were fired this year. Several fire stations in Houston have been temporarily closed, and six fire companies in New York City have been permanently closed since 2001.
Egger says it's like playing Russian roulette.
Egos: It's never been a crisis before it happened.
But his events can happen anytime, anywhere. CHO (on camera)
: Firefighters are more than just putting out fires, they are the first responders, and as in September 11, it will only exacerbate the problem.
Harold schetberg, International Association of Fire Fighters: for them personally, it is a crisis that unnecessarily endangers them, which will certainly affect their ability to provide effective protection for the community. CHO (voice-over)Take high-
Earlier this month, 450 firefighters responded to a fire in Chicago.
The wind city is lucky.
It is fully staffed.
SCHAITBERGER: if a fire occurs in another major city in the country, where there are only three or fewer firefighters with equipment, then the fire will be more difficult to control.
Zhao: Congress passed the safer bill in 2003, promising $7.
6 billion hired more firefighters in more than seven years, but the money was rarely paid out.
GRACE, New York University: Cities, states and counties across the United States face huge budget shortages.
At the same time, we have brought them a huge burden of Homeland Security.
So, this puts them in trouble when they make some very difficult decisions.
Zhao: so the fire department, including Jersey City, will continue to do more with less money.
CNN, Jersey City, New Jersey, New Jersey. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Listen to the story.
A soldier who served in Iraq took time out of clearing roadside bombs and graduated from college.
Keith Lucas attended a ceremony yesterday with his classmates who graduated from the University of Missouri. St. Louis.
During the two-way real-time transmission of the satellite, Lucas's commander awarded him a diploma.
Lucas is on the road in Iraq every day, but his father says he is committed to finishing college. (
Start Video Editing)
The father of the soldier Larry Lucas:. .
I kicked his ass.
This is just a phrase between the two of us.
He needed a lot of encouragement in his early days.
We don't always agree on where he's going, but you know, he turned and he finally came out.
He just thanked us for everything we did.
We all need that kind of encouragement, don't we?
Push, push.
Lucas says his fiancé has also inspired him to continue his education. There she is.
She's doing a post.
Her own graduate degree.
Lucas plans to return home in February.
NGUYEN: Well, congratulate him.
Well, another soldier who has returned home can't wait to return to Iraq to perform his duties.
The Marine was seriously injured in Fallujah, but he said he was ready to go out to sea again.
Kathy Vivian has this week's hero story. (Start Video)
CNN reporter Kathy Vivian (voice-over)
The war has already started. at that time, 20-year old K. C.
A year ago, Moran joined the Marine Corps. LANCE CPL. K. C. MORAN, U. S.
Marine Corps: I knew I was going to Iraq when I signed the contract.
Vivian: Moran is a driver, but he volunteered to release some Marines who have been on the roof for more than 24 hours.
An hour later, the mortar began to rain.
Moran: I fell right after it hit me.
I screamed and said I was hit.
Vivian: the mortar has been falling, and rescuers have sneaked into the top of Moran to prevent him from further injury.
After a difficult rescue on the roof, he was finally tied to a Hummer.
Moran: When we left, the new Doctor was trying to give me an IV.
He stood up.
His head is less than 1 feet from the car.
We were hit by an improvised explosive device.
The driver was knocked unconscious.
The rescue team replaced the driver but hit the second driver in the second explosion.
We waited about five minutes.
The speed is fast, but it feels like a long time.
Here comes the ambulance.
It's a Hummer ambulance.
They were also hit by improvised explosive devices.
Then the driver got hurt in that car, but they were fine.
It's OK to drive.
They changed drivers.
The driver continued to lead us back to the base.
Vivian: Molan's legs, back and abdomen were hit by shrapnel and lost 6 inch of the intestines.
After six weeks, he hopes to be able to rejoin his platoon.
Moran: After I got hurt at first, I thought, "Get me out. I'm done.
"Then, after that, after I, you know, started to feel better, I was like, you know, I started to feel like I wanted to go back.
Vivian: Moran plans to ship again on Sunday.
His family wants him to be on probation and spend Christmas at home.
CNN's Kathy Vivian reports. (END VIDEOTAPE)
NGUYEN: We bring you a hero story every week on CNN Sunday morning.
Harris: Well, there's a truck plan in Los Angeles, and the work of the staff is like someone's life, it's up to it.
NGUYEN: they're picking up your phone. S.
CNN reported on Iraqi troops Sunday morning.
We will tell you.
No, no. . .
NGUYEN: Donkey song.
Harris: our trouble. (WEATHER REPORT)(
Business break)
NGUYEN: Let's take a look at the best story this morning.
Iraqis working for an American company were taken hostage.
Insurgents have threatened to kill the hostages if the company does not leave Iraq.
Defense Secretary Donald lensfeld has announced that he will personally sign every condolence letter to the families of the fallen soldiers.
Melvin, Kansas, was stunned by the horrific kidnapping case that was unfolding there.
Lisa Montgomery is in court tomorrow.
Police say she confessed to killing a mother-to-be and kidnapped her unborn baby.
The baby girl is in good condition.
Harris: repeated communications between an American soldier and Defense Secretary Donald rensfeld have injected a sense of urgency into the efforts of armed military vehicles in Iraq.
For the manager of an armored company in Los Angeles, this effort is personal, as CNN's Ed lavanda reports. (Start Video)
Ed Rawanda, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
Ricardo Hernández knows that his job is about life, death, and soldiers he has never seen before.
Ricardo Hernández, armor of America: My wife and I think every night --
How they are doing in Iraq and what we can do to improve this protection for them.
Rawaldra: Ricardo is responsible for sewing together all the soft and heavy armor bags made by American armor company at the Los Angeles factory.
He is also an American stepfather. S.
Army sergeant driving Hummer in Iraq
A few months ago, his stepson
Mailed to say that his vehicle was finally equipped with a soft Kefla armor kit made here by Ricardo and 30 employees.
Know that he's walking around with the product you made, does that help you sleep at night?
Of course. Of course. I'm very happy.
My wife is very confident in what I do because it protects my son.
Yes, we are very happy.
I am proud of what I have done.
Rawaldra: last year, American armored forces built nearly 3,000 suits of armor for Iraqi military vehicles.
Some are soft Kefla fibers, which slide on the door of the Hummer to protect soldiers from roadside bombs.
Unidentified male: in less than five minutes, you get the armor out of the car.
This system is soft.
You can feel the soft blanket.
As manager John demand shows us, some of the kits are hard armor.
This is a hard plate. Same concept.
That hard board will stop AK-
Round 47 and round 16.
Rawaldra: John thinks it's the protection the soldiers want on the vehicle.
Unidentified men: they want to be able to stop the bullet.
They hope to prevent some division.
They hope to have the ability to fight back.
That's exactly what they want to do.
Lavadela: business is basically calm these days as John waits to continue to make $20 million worth of armor kits for the United StatesS. military.
Just in case, he has already started preparing armor for the Hummer door.
Trying to surpass the curve here?
Man: this is-
This is the hardest part of the whole process.
Lavadela: John's military forces have been working with ships for the next three to four months.
John wenyens of American armour: they are very interested in putting this on before leaving.
But they are again restricted by the dollar.
The military says there are about 20,000 cars in Iraq.
About 3300 people still need armor.
For these vehicles, help also comes from places such as the Red River Army base in northeast Texas. COL.
Michael CERVONE, U. S.
Army: this is-
Everything came together.
Colonel Michael Cervone is responsible for the delivery of the Hummer armor kit.
The equipment will be shipped to the Middle East and installed in the field.
To help the soldiers in battle, the new design has again increased production.
CERVONE: This thing will open all the time now, and if he needs to lie down, it allows the soldier to have a better shooting angle
To escape from the ambush, suppress the fire.
Rawaldra: Ricardo herndez is concerned that his stepson is always in danger when carrying out his mission in rural Iraq.
The job is personal to him.
This may save a life. Another one -
Nothing to say.
CNN reporter Ed lavantara reports from Los Angeles. (END VIDEOTAPE)
NGUYEN: We have some breaking news in Baghdad this morning.
We received some disturbing photos of the deadly ambush on Haifa Street.
Now we're going to Karl Penhaul, CNN's In Baghdad, to talk about the violence there today. -Karl.
Hello, Betty.
Well, keep you up to date.
In the last few minutes, a CNN reporter in the holy Shiite city of Najaf in southern Baghdad, reportedly a huge car bomb exploded near the shrine of the holy Imam Ali.
This is the most sacred shrine-
One of Iraq's most sacred places for Shiite Muslims.
Our reporter on the ground told us that he had seen at least 10 bodies loaded into a police car, victims of the explosion.
He said he believes there will be more casualties.
At this stage, no one claimed responsibility for the bomb attack, but assumed Najaf was a major Shiite town.
This very close to the most sacred of Shiite shrine Imam Ali shrine this is July Sue-
Known as the Mehdi militia, a militia group led by a rebel Shiite priest.
In fact, the bomb attack occurred two hours after another bomb attack in another Shiite town a few miles away.
City of Karbala.
This is Iraq's second largest Shiite Muslim.
In that bomb attack, police told us that 10 civilians were killed and 37 injured in the attack.
Again, I don't know who might have placed the bomb and who might have detonated it.
But it seems to show that today we are seeing a campaign against Iraqi Shiite targets.
Then there are those disturbing pictures that we saw from the Associated Press, some of which were ambushed on Baghdad Haifa Street.
About three blocks from the green area, where the United States isS.
Both the government and the Iraqi interim government were placed here.
We learned from the police that members of the Iraqi Independent Electoral Commission are moving along this street as part of their preparations before the January 30 elections.
The gunmen on that street dragged them out of the car.
What we see in these pictures is obviously these gunmen, who hold handguns, have no masks on their faces and drag these people down the street.
We saw at least one of them kneeling.
We then saw in subsequent photos that the victims were shot and killed on Haifa Street.
Again, there is no claim of responsibility there, but this street so close to the green area has always been at the center of the insurgency.
We have spoken to the alliance's sources.
They said that the multinational force did not respond to this, and the Iraqi police are handling the matter ---Betty.
Karl: Carl, tell us about the people who were killed in these pictures.
As far as I know, they are helping with the election next month.
They are members of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq.
They function many times.
Part of this is the continued collection of names on the electoral register.
Another part of what they are doing in November is sorting out and arranging for use as a venue for the January 30 election polling station.
We don't know exactly what these people are doing on Haifa Street, or if they just pass Haifa Street because Haifa Street is a main road.
Of course, they have to do with the preparations for the January 30 election, Betty.
NGUYEN: OK, that's another violent day.
Karl Penhaul from Baghdad. thank you for your report.
Please keep an eye on us.
We have more news to tell you this morning.
You were watching CNN on Sunday morning. (
Business break)
Harris: Joyce Bethel in the suburbs of Atlanta is considered a stylist for Santa Claus.
Of course, she is the stylist of the stars during Christmas.
Dennis Belgrave spoke to the stylist and some of the stars.
Start Video)
Dennis belgraev, CNN reporter (CNN (voice-over)
The beard on his chin was as white as snow.
"Joyce Bethel is in a salon on the outskirts of Atlanta every year, and she is known as a stylist for Santa Claus, who pushes hair-dyed envelopes to create a white beard.
Joyce beizel, boss of hair appeal: I look forward to it every year.
That's why many hairdressers don't do it because they're afraid.
Belgrave: as many women know, they are afraid of the color because it will ruin your hair.
Beisel's more than 100 clients are as fair as Las Vegas and close to us.
Hal Bell, a Georgia real estate agent, likes the unique way that Bethel has a beard.
Hal Bell, Santa: We tried to bleach it for the first time. . .
Bell: Yes, we are. it's painful. it's never really white.
So I saw Joyce on TV and that's when it started.
Belgrave: As many as 12 Santa Claus were served in a day by beizel.
Hal Bell only needs to touch it a little this time.
Hal usually takes three days. So. . .
So we compressed it into a day.
BEISEL: We did.
Belgrave: Beisel does not advertise.
"Santa" Joe Smith: I started talking to this person and that person and told them what I was going to do and they said, "Well, you need to find this lady in Roswell
Belgrave: only the most dedicated Santa Claus is willing to take the trial.
I look dirty.
I look dirty because I can see it coming through here and of course my eyebrows and then my aura is there.
"Now you know what women are going through," she said.
Bell: she just let the app get rid of all the pain so it doesn't burn so badly. BEISEL: (UNINTELLIGIBLE)allergies?
Zhong: this is fatal.
Belgrave: Joyce has demonstrated more than 20 years of experience in the final product.
All cutting and grooming, coloring and grooming will only enhance the magic of the most important part.
M: How are you doing this year? Have you? What else?
CNN correspondent Dennis Belgrave reports from Atlanta. (END VIDEOTAPE)
NGUYEN: Well, Santa may be the one for this season, but for the "people of the year" who would you choose? That's our e-
Mail problem today
Harris: We got a reply from Madeline.
"I think the person of the year should be the blogger.
They changed the face of politics and could have a better impact on the integrity of the process.
"It should be chosen by President Bush," Lois said . "
"This is her best choice this year.
Okay. do you know what I'm going to say? We should -
We will push it forward for you to send more responses in three minutes, but we will tell you who Time magazine's "people of the year" is.
We will take a break and come back with more CNN on Sunday morning.
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