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After apologizing to BP, return to the transcript of the main contest.
Gulf leak accident June 18, 2010
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Drew Griffin, cnn anchor: Good morning.
Friday, June 18
This is Drew Griffin. I'm reporting for John Roberts today.
Kiran chetry, cnn anchor: I'm Kiran Chetry.
Thank you for being with us in the morning in America.
We have a lot to talk about.
Let's start directly.
An apology. -
Texas Congressman Joe Barton apologized to bp ceo at yesterday's congressional hearing, distorted by Democrats and Republicans.
Republicans say take it back.
We will know more about the consequences of yesterday's apology. fest.
Griffin: A tornado swept through parts of the Midwest, killing two people and injuring many others.
Will the area still face another round of bad weather?
Our Renault Wolf will provide this service for you and the weekend forecast.
And call all the muggles. -
The Magical World of Harry Potter opens today at Universal Studios in Orlando.
This is what people are looking forward.
Later on, we will have a live talk with Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe.
Griffin: of course, the amFIX blog is already running.
Join the conversation now.
Why don't you send Daniel a question?
Just go to CNN. com/amFIX.
First of all, our headline: Texas Congressman Joe Barton wants everyone to know that he has no sympathy for BP, although he did feel the need to apologize to the CEO of the oil giant in front of the nation's people.
Barton is apologizing for this.
Griffin: follow this.
The Republican senator's career was threatened by party leaders if he did not apologize.
After hearing what Barton said to BP's Tony Hayward at a hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday, he took a step back and apologized. (
Start Video Editing)REP. JOE BARTON (R)
Texas: I'm ashamed of what happened at the White House yesterday.
I think that the fact that private companies may be affected by what I call a restructuring is the first scale tragedy.
I want the record to be absolutely clear, and I think BP is responsible for this accident, should be responsible, and should do everything possible to make up for the consequences of this accident.
If what I said this morning is misunderstood, I would like to apologize for this misconception ---
Construction mistakes(End Video Clip)
Wrong interpretation, wrong construction, you go.
Griffin: misunderstood (ph).
CHETRY: Well, there was nothing else at yesterday's hearing, except dozens of apologies and a little bit of "I don't remember.
Griffin: we want to bring in CNN's chief political correspondent, Candy Crawley, who is also the host of the state of the Union address, and you can see the show on CNN.
Candy, it's always great to have you here--
Especially after such a chaotic day on Capitol Hill.
Candy Crawley, CNN's chief political correspondent: Yes. And I --
I don't think that's confusing, because if you look at BP's position, the U. S.
The Justice Department is investigating whether there are any criminal charges.
They can't even imagine how many civil lawsuits this oil spill could cause.
So expect the CEO to go there and deal with a lot of things that I think are naive in the way the law works.
I think we can expect legitimate anger from members of Congress during the political year, which is a blow to BP.
Of course, they deserve attention.
But it seems to me that this dynamic is quite predictable.
The question, however, is, you know, he asked a question in advance, you know, what Bart Stu Parker and others have said about it.
When they brought in the other heads of the oil company, I mean, I think they seem to be more willing because they may not have been criminally charged. Is that why?
If so, what's the point of bringing Tony Hayward there?
Crawley: Well, he was called to testify.
I don't know what he did. -
Too voluntary. I --
You know, you can't defend Tony Hayward, BP's best public spokesman.
He made many mistakes.
But they wanted--
They brought something heavy. duty P. R.
People should at least try to get back on track.
I think on the screen, like on the left side of the testimony, it would be difficult to spray.
So, I think the simple answer to your question is that someone told him to go there and talk. He is the CEO.
But at this point they think there are some questions that they cannot answer because the investigation is in progress.
He doesn't know what's wrong.
But, as you said, it's frustrating that the legislator gave him these questions.
I think they looked at him and said, we either don't know or take care of the answers.
Griffin: Candi, there may be a subplot, especially for Democrats who are trying to ease the pressure on President Obama in this crisis and put it back on BP, or legally put it on BP.
We got a new poll of how the president handled the crisis and what the Americans think about how he handled it.
We have.
What I'm interested in is--
In the crisis in particular, his approval rating was well below 40%.
His overall support rating is not high.
Our poll was conducted after the president gave a speech in the Oval Office.
He dropped it. -
6 points after the Oval Office speech, maybe 8 points-
It aims to re-establish the impression of the Obama administration and the way it handles it.
However, we should add that the president's overall support rate, how he, as president, approved or not, still stays in the middle of the country, about 50/50.
CHETRY: What's on Sunday, Katie?
Crowley: Actually, we're going to talk about Afghanistan.
We're obviously going to talk about some oil, what's going on, some political implications when we can expect it to end.
But we think-
I'm interested in a statistic and a staff member told me that since the first 11 men were killed on the oil rig 60 days ago, the U. S. 65S.
Military personnel were killed in Afghanistan.
It is now the longest-lasting war for the United States. S.
There are now more troops in Afghanistan. S.
More troops than Iraq.
So, we want to talk about it.
Where will it go, will it really end, and how difficult the road ahead is when we think it will end.
We have two senators Dianne Feinstein and Richard Lugar, one from Indiana and one from California, who will help us understand what is going on there.
Griffin: Okay. Candy Crowley.
Be sure to catch the candy show State of the Union this Sunday morning.
This is CNN at 9: 00 eastern time.
Thanks, Candy.
At the same time, it is expected that there will be storms in most parts of the country today, including the possibility of more tornadoes.
Our Renault Wolf is following all of this for us at CNN Weather Center this morning.
Hi, Reynolds.
Reynolds Wolf, ams meteorologist: Hi guys.
You know, it's hard to miss on radar.
We see two different areas and we may have some bad weather.
Yesterday was quite cordial (INAUDIBLE)
Parts of the Midwest, mainly parts of Minnesota and even Iowa.
But today it looks like the Great Lakes.
Let's go right there and tell you where the storm happened.
We saw a line sweeping through parts of Lake Michigan.
As we speak, you see it moving in parts of Michigan.
It could be a pretty hard morning.
Another area of concern for us happens to be a little further away from the southwest.
Right near the corn belt, you'll see a strong storm moving north of Omaha, with heavy rain expected and possibly big hail and lightning.
What's more, in the afternoon hours, this will definitely cause some backup in places such as St.
Louis, Chicago, Detroit, possibly Kansas City.
This is a quick snapshot of your forecast.
We went straight forward.
Let's give it back to you in New York.
Griffin: Thank you, Reynolds.
This is a whole-
Lakers night party in Los Angeles after beating Boston Celtics, 83-
The seventh game of the NBA finals is also the decisive game.
The Lakers are second in a row and the team star Kobe Bryant is fifth.
The fans went crazy after the game.
Noisy, broken bottles, street lights and even a car on fire. Police in L. A.
More than a dozen people have to be arrested.
CHETRY: Still, anxiety is increasing the cleaning up of workers.
The most important thing is health.
We will speak to the head of OSHA, and you know, the task of ensuring the safety of these workers is ---
How is progress as a clean
The Gulf region continues to rise.
Griffin: We will also be with Harry. Hello ---Harry Potter.
Daniel Radcliffe joins us in unveiling the Harry Potter Hogwarts Exhibition in Orlando.
We're putting Harry Potter here. -
David Radcliffe live. (
Business break)
Griffin: there was new progress in the Gulf oil spill this morning.
We told you yesterday that the Coast Guard pulled the 16 fleets of the state of Luis Anna to the side.
Have a vacuum barge for safety reasons.
They worked very well and before red tape arrived, sucked some oil off the coast at about 4,000 gallons of crude every 90 minutes.
Yesterday afternoon, we were pleased to say that all 16 ships were given the green light to return to the water.
CHETRY: You know, they're asking a lot of questions about the health of the workers cleaning up this massive oil spill: are they ready to deal with the risks, from wearing the right protective gear, to some of the chemicals they are using, working at extreme temperatures
Our next guest is responsible for ensuring the safety of these workers at work.
David Michaels is assistant minister of labor at OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Authority.
David, thank you for joining us this morning.
David Michael of ASSTSEC.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the workforce: Hi Kieran.
Thank you for inviting me to your show.
CHETRY: Well, I know that at first you were very critical of some of the things that BP did earlier in terms of worker safety.
I am sure that you sent a letter to Admiral Sade Allen during the last week of May.
Let us know where we stand now and whether some of your concerns have been addressed.
MICHAELS: Kiran, OSHA has 20 to 25 inspectors on any day from the staging ground to the staging ground, observing what is going on, ensuring that workers are properly trained and appropriately
As you said, we had some serious concerns a few weeks ago.
We do not see the security procedures we require to comply.
We got this information from BP and, more importantly, Admiral Allen.
General Allen, the commander of the incident, conveyed this to BP on behalf of the Coast Guard, and since then the situation has been much better.
What we insist on is being done.
Therefore, we believe that the workers are protected.
You talked about it in that letter.
You said it was BP's systemic failure.
I mean, it's not just a few issues that come up here and there.
What is the biggest concern?
Michael: Well, one of the issues that we were and continue to focus on at that time was hot.
The weather in the Bay is very hot now.
Workers work in the sun, they work in chemicals
Warm clothes, gloves, boots, these HVAC suits.
Therefore, we want to ensure that workers are protected.
Their work schedule is correct and they have a lot of liquid and a lot of shadows.
However, the systemic issues that we see are that when we ask questions, they are not dealt with immediately.
Now, we find that they are being dealt with immediately. So, that's --
We are very happy about this.
CHETRY: one of the things you don't see on the worker is that you talk about protective equipment as a respirator.
As far as I know, you think the respirator is unnecessary for the health and safety of workers.
How did you make this decision?
Michael: Well, the decision was actually for the job.
So, on the beach, the staff are cleaning up the oil that has been in the air and water for a few days, the volatile chemicals have disappeared, the workers who are shoveling things have to be very worried about skin contact, but breathing chemicals on the beach is not a real problem.
On the other hand, workers who work on ships close to Burns or oil sources are actually getting some exposure and they do need a respirator.
Therefore, we make decisions based on the specific hazards of each work.
You know, yes--
Not everyone agrees with you.
Riki Ott is a marine toxicologist.
After the Exxon Valdez incident, she did a lot of research.
She's on the bay side too.
That's what she said--
About that question. (
Start Video Editing)DR.
Marine biologist riki ott: Some of us are really passing out.
You now see these pictures in the Everglades where the workers are leaning against the boat to clean up with suction pads and materials.
Oil and their faces are 2 feet from the water.
And they do come out of the smoke.
Obviously, people need breathing apparatus. Clearly.
They did not get them. (
End of video clip)
CHETRY: one of the things she has put forward is, why be cautious and if you are cleaning up oil, you just need a respirator no matter where you are?
Michael: Well, I 'd like to invite anyone who suggested ---
Put on a respirator in 100-
Temperature and high humidity below.
When we tell BP to have people put on a respirator, we also need a physical examination and a pit test because when people put on a respirator, it doesn't actually work unless you put it on.
In hot weather, the respirator is very hard for the heart and lungs.
We can actually do some real harm.
So we measure every specific job.
We went to the swamp for measurements.
If we find someone exposed, we need a respirator.
But now we're actually doing measurements.
Every place where we send workers, and where there is chemical exposure, we ask people to put on a respirator.
I found you.
But what's important is--
Look at the specific work.
I am--
You know, it's interesting that when we were there, there were people who were hired, you know, signed up and they said they were told, you know, it doesn't look good for people to skim oil outside and put on a respirator because it looks like a toxic place.
I mean, some of the concerns of the company and the government are ---
You know, the optics are not good to wear a respirator.
Michael: We don't care about optics.
In some ways, we would look better if we said everyone had to wear a respirator because they looked like they would be protected.
In fact, we know that if they wear a respirator at such temperatures on the beach, we will hurt people.
Therefore, we must weigh the risk exposure and concerns of each specific job.
I found you.
I would like to ask you some training questions.
It has been criticized that these workers may not have received adequate hazmat training and have not been trained to deal with hazardous materials.
They usually get 24 hours.
But they have four hours left.
I mean, do you know that dealing with disasters that require urgent attention is part of it?
Or, will people receive longer-term training in dealing with hazardous materials?
Michael: Well, there are both.
Obviously, we need to get people out quickly.
But OSHA is concerned about making sure people do the job safely. Not promptly.
So what we're doing now is, we're saying, again, specific to the work, if you're on the beach, only exposed to weathered oil, and that danger is actually just a risk to the skin, you only need 4 hours of training.
But once people are on the ship and have access to different kinds of oil, we say 8-
Hours of training is necessary.
There are other workers who are actually in the vicinity of the dispersing agents and other things that need more training.
So again it depends on the situation.
The bottom line is, you think--
The health of the oil cleanup will be well handled?
Or do you think they will have a problem with the safety and health of these workers in the future?
Michael: Well, one day after another.
We are very vigilant, we are paying attention to the situation every day and making decisions on that basis.
At this point, I think we did a good job.
But the situation is very unstable.
It can change at any time.
David Michael, it was a pleasure to talk to you this morning.
Thank you for coming and talking about it with us.
Michael: Thank you very much for inviting me.
If you like, there is an opportunity to help the Gulf Coast.
Larry King will host a special two-game. hour all-
Star telethon was held Monday night for those who were destroyed by the oil spill.
Starting at 8: 00 eastern time on CNN.
Griffin: There's good news for the big three automakers in Detroit.
Their quality is improving.
Next is Christine Roman. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Moderator jay leno: authorities investigated the 40 heads found on Southwest Airlines flights.
There are forty heads in the box. Yes.
After the head complained about the lack of leg space, Southwest Airlines first received an alert. (
End of video clip)
Griffin: part of the story is disturbing.
Leg space? (LAUGHTER)
Griffin: Free package in southwest direction.
Christine Roman, "Focus on your business," and join us now with good news from Detroit. Good news.
CNN correspondent Christine Roman: Detroit.
Initial Quality Survey by JD Power and associ, which they have been conducting for 24 years.
Detroit surpassed its rivals in quality for the first time.
What is this investigation?
There are a lot of quality surveys, right?
What is this?
This is a survey of people's feelings about the first 90 days of owning a new purchased or leased vehicle.
Look at this.
Ford jumped to fifth place.
Toyota fell sharply to 21.
Ford soon got on the list here.
I want to point out that Ford, as we have been doing, there is no need to take your bailout money during the crash of the entire American auto industry.
So it's interesting.
So the quality survey, top brands, Porsche ranked first, Acura ranked second.
Mercedes is third.
I really think it's interesting--
You're talking about the first 90 days.
Of course, if you can finally afford a Porsche, you will be very excited in the first 90 days. (LAUGHTER)
What happens after that?
Griffin: you haven't changed the oil yet.
Romans: you will be surprised. there are some small problems with the new car.
They chart these things. -
How much is wrong with the brand new car.
They found that Porsche's ac songs and Mercedes-Benz are the least.
The next one is Lexus.
Ford came after that.
Ford Fox, Buick, enclave and Ram 1500 LD all received a pretty good rating.
They're moving the list.
But all of GM's and Chrysler's products are below average.
But they're on top of Toyota.
But below average.
One of these things-
Griffin: Who are they? (LAUGHTER)
Romans: One of these things--
Owner of a minivan.
That's right. Yes, I was --
How many cars will a Porsche drive.
That's how I am--
Yes, right?
Well, I think they do have--
I was told that they do have a model where you can buy a couple of car seats,--
Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, all--general. (CROSSTALK)
It's really interesting, isn't it?
But, you know, look, so go up.
Detroit ranks up on the list.
But Ford is the real leader here.
Outstanding Ford.
Toyota stands out for obvious reasons.
The survey was conducted when Toyota encountered many problems. I mean (INAUDIBLE)
People bought 2010-
CHETRY: Toyota has to turn around and bring it back to the dealer.
So this will definitely keep you in--
On the satisfaction line
Griffin: of course.
That's right.
Okay, go to Detroit.
Thank you. Christine
Millions of tourists are still expected to visit.
Harry Potter, Universal theme park, opens today.
We will talk to Daniel Radcliffe live. (
Business break)
Griffin: it's time for our headlines this morning.
At least two people died in Minnesota.
There was a vicious outbreak of a tornado.
Massive destruction
It happened 70 miles southeast of Fargo.
The house was destroyed.
The roof of a high school was torn off.
Officials say more than 20 people were injured.
Today, Minnesota Governor Tim Borenstein plans to visit some of the most difficult places --hit areas.
CHETRY: The convicted killer Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed overnight by the firing squad in Utah.
His death took place after the Supreme Court denied the last time. ditch appeal.
This is the first time in 14 years.
This is the third time since the Supreme Court resumed the death penalty in 1976.
Gardner was convicted of murdering a 1985 lawyer while trying to escape the court.
Griffin: The Championship parade will be held in Los Angeles on Monday.
The Lakers beat Boston Celtics for the second time in a row last night to win the NBA championship. Game seven. Final.
This is the fifth championship of MVP Kobe Bryant.
As for the game, it's--
Fans will be crazy of course.
The usual thing in Los AngelesA.
A car caught fire and the lights on the street scratched the bottle.
More than a dozen people were arrested.
CHETRY: Well, there was only one way in the past to travel to Hogwarts, the school of magic in the Harry Potter world.
You have to close your eyes and imagine yourself on platform 3/4 at King's Cross station in London and jump.
Griffin: Now you just have to fly to Orlando. That simple.
Universal Studios theme park will open the World of Harry Potter magic today.
Living in the park with us, in the park, telling us everything, I can't believe it, is now a boy wizard for a man.
The star in the Harry Potter movie.
Daniel Radcliffe
Good morning. You look --
You're sitting on it like you're flying.
Actor Daniel Radcliffe: Thank you very much.
By the way, there is a top British accent there. (LAUGHTER)
Griffin: What is your choice in England?
Let's start straight? (LAUGHTER)
What are you talking about? 3-
Definitely England.
Griffin: Okay.
CHETRY: Three-nothing.
In this World Cup, it will take a lot of time for anyone to score three goals.
But by the way, you played the role. It's so funny.
You 've been in these movies since you were 11. And --
So that means you 've been playing Harry Potter for almost half the time.
The theme park is now open.
I mean, you're super.
Excited, or what are you thinking, Oh my God, when is this over?
RADCLIFFE: No. You know what?
That's great.
We packed the movie. -
We finished the last movie--last Saturday.
So it's kind of like a whirlwind these days.
This is a bit awesome.
But the most wonderful thing is--
In the last ten years of our lives, Ttis has always been a wonderful punctuation.
Finally, we came to an amazing part.
That's great.
When I was told for the first time that this would be a "Harry Potter" theme park, I thought very well and that could--
There are two ways, you know.
I'm a little scared because when you have ten years, you are desperate and don't want anything to take this legacy away.
I promise you that if I don't think this is an absolutely extraordinary place, I won't be here today.
Griffin: I always wanted to ask you a question.
You know, you might ask the same question over and over again.
But when you were a kid, little kid, the book came out because the book came out before the movie, did you stick to that book?
Have you ever thought about one day, hey, I'm going to be this guy?
Radcliffe: It's not special.
Honestly, I'm not--
I was not a big reader when I was young. There were --
I kind of agreed when I got this part ---
This part is not dedicated to the fanatic "Harry Potter" fans,--
I only read the first two books.
I think the first four came out at the beginning of the first movie.
I really like them, but I'm not crazy like everyone else.
Then I got the character.
But I began to reread them and was completely attracted and obsessed.
That's great because you say you're not a big reader and the whole Harry Potter series is down to getting kids to read, especially books and ways to get involved in the Internet world, there are no more children.
Radcliffe: I mean, I'm definitely an example of that.
I was not a big reader before Harry Potter, and since then it has given me a love for books.
I think the amazing thing about Harry Potter is that it cultivates a very thorough and culturally educated generation of children, something that must be appreciated in the coming decades.
Let me ask you a question about you.
You worked in this industry.
You may have made a lot of money.
I know you're an actor in other ways.
You have already played some adult roles, etc.
But Daniel, aren't you making enough money? Where can you relax and do something crazy and do whatever you want, just like disappearing into the captain of the Caribbean?
I mean--
If money is my motivation-
I'm in a very lucky position, I--
I have a job that I like very much and I am very paid.
So I'm lucky.
I think so--
If you're in this position-
Obviously, I want to continue acting.
I think if you have the ability to pick out the other parts of your shoot and the films and plays you make very carefully, I think it is your responsibility, because of you, I am in a position to do things not just for money.
So, you know, in the years ahead of my career, I would love to be selective.
I won't gamble it all.
Captain of the Caribbean.
Hey, Daniel, open the Hogwarts casino.
Let me tell you.
It will be an explosion.
Radcliffe: this will happen.
So if--
You know, tell us. -
What would it be like to walk us through the universe.
This is highly anticipated and many fans of Harry Potter want to go out and have a look.
What will they get when they go there?
Radcliffe: Yes--
That's great.
First of all, I don't know--
You may see the castle behind me, which is great.
About 700 feet of the Rock and Castle.
I personally like the Dragon Challenge here. It is my --
I think it's a scary roller coaster.
I'm going to go again today.
There is also a journey called Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.
"This is a fantastic adventure simulator tour.
In addition, you are immersed in the words of the village in the movie.
For any child like I was a child, in the next two weeks of my life, they would go to the movies, live in the world in my mind, anyone who did that, you can live the movie here now, but there's no danger.
Okay, Daniel Radcliffe, you know, personally, my kids love those movies.
I really like those movies.
Thank you very much for a gray show job.
I like those books too.
Thank you for being with us.
Radcliffe: Thank you very much for inviting me.
We can't wait to visit.
It will look great.
Daniel Radcliffe, thank you very much.
We are still discussing the hearing.
So far, 33 oil spills have occurred.
What have they accomplished?
Well, that's my opinion.
But we'll see what Carol Costello says. She's up next. (
Business break)
38 minutes passed.
Well, Congress has been sticking to a rule that, you know, there are a lot of hearings scheduled.
Griffin: hold a hearing to deal with environmental disasters.
If it doesn't work, you call another one.
CHETRY: Carol Costello has been following all of this and has joined from our national capital through intuition.
Of course, yesterday was the key to the hearing because you asked bp ceo Tony Hayward not to answer the question.
Carol costello, cnn correspondent: It was the mother of all the hearings and turned into a bankruptcy.
I 've been following up if you want to know how many hearings are already there so you don't have--
33 and counting.
It's only two months.
So we want to know if 33 hearings are helpful to us?
Do they matter?
Bowel examination this morning(Start Video)
COSTELLO: (voice over)
This is probably the mother of all hearings so far.
Unidentified male: This is one of the most important hearings in Congress's history.
Costello: Many people think that BP's number one villain, Tony Hayward, sat in a hot seat and was silent for more than an hour, while lawmakers sat him in a seat.
Man: Sir.
Hayward, I am sure you will return to England with a golden parachute to restore your life.
M: I don't want to know if you are upset.
I think you're insulting our intelligence.
Unidentified women: this is unreasonable.
Costello: as described by Congressman Bart Stu Parker, this is not the first time BP executives have attended the hearing ---
Slice and cut.
On Tuesday it was the turn of the CEO of BP America, Lamar Mackay. REP. JOSEPH CAO, (R)LOUISIANA: Mr. Stern asked Mr.
Mackay resigned.
In Asian culture, we do things differently.
In the days of the samurai, we just give you a knife and let you take the Hala-kiri.
Like suicide.
This is the kind of thing you heard after Hurricane Katrina.
There were 24 hearings in the months after the hurricane.
In the two months since the BP disaster, there were already 33.
Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia: an important part of the congressional hearing is to attract attention and get members of Congress and senators on television, especially in the election year.
But it may backfire.
Pure politics is why a member of parliament apologized to BP at a hearing to find out why oil is still pouring into the Gulf. REP. JOE BARTON, (R)
Texas: I'm ashamed of what happened at the White House yesterday.
I think that the fact that private companies may be affected by what I call a restructuring is the first scale tragedy.
Costello: Republican congressman Barton is talking about a $20 billion unemployment application hosting account for BP, which was curated by the White House.
Barton from the oil company.
He thinks the Obama administration should also sit in a hot spot.
He later withdrew his apology.
Man: You cut corners to save time and money.
Nevertheless, there are still some who insist that these hearings are important.
Lee Hamilton, who served as vice chairman of the 9/11 Committee, told me that the process was confusing and inaccurate, but important lawmakers raised witnesses on the spot.
They are doing their job.
Lawmakers did do that, although their star witnesses continue to think that security is the first, and he does not really mention the specific examples of BP's alleged neglect of security to make a profit.
Tony Hayward, CEO of BP: I can't possibly know.
I don't recall.
It is impossible for me to answer this question.
I can't remember.
I know you don't want to answer our questions.
Costello: maybe he will have a different reaction from BP at the next congressional hearing. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Costello: you can bet there will be.
In this case, however, the legislator did not act immediately.
It will take some time to pass a law, with 34 bills in the House and Senate, many of which have been drafted due to information at all hearings.
We want to know what you think today.
You can post your comments on my blog CNN. com/fix.
Most of the comments so far are too many hearings.
Consider this though. -
What if not?
Congress has done nothing. will people complain?
Griffin: I understand Lee Hamilton's point of view, but it seems too early.
You asked the attorney general to threaten all these proceedings.
They are in the room.
What should that guy tell them?
Carol, I just don't understand.
I couldn't help thinking that because I saw the whole hearing.
I was thinking, they asked him so many questions.
He will not answer these questions.
BP is facing a criminal investigation.
Griffin: "Don't you agree that your company is illegally polluting the bay?
Of course.
CHETRY: a lot of them are sorry and a lot--
Let the survey see how the results are.
Costello: That's right.
Thank you, Carol.
Thank you, Carol.
Of course.
CHETRY: we are still dealing with some of the ongoing storms in the Northeast that could cause travel delays.
Renault Wolf will join us in a minute. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Host Jimmy Fallon: Earlier tonight, the Lakers played Celtic in Game 7 of the NBA finals.
They are excited about it.
That is the NBA Finals, the annual game of basketball, and the city that decides who will be lit up by drunks. (END VIDEO CLIP)
The winner is--
Griffin: That's the Lakers.
And the Lakers fans, they put L. A. on fire --
It's just a car. Right?
Yes, but a dozen people have been arrested?
Griffin: A dozen people were arrested. You know.
Really, it's kind of a gentle Reynolds.
WOLF: Yes.
It's good that they win.
What happens if they lose?
Yes, that's right.
I mean, you have to know.
You know, about--
About the NBA, I mean, it's certainly a great thing.
But don't you think the playoffs are too long? It's like an (INAUDIBLE)
During pregnancy;
It never seems to end, and maybe some shorter games.
But it's still a great series.
Now, we see a series of storms moving in parts of the Great Lakes.
The first part brought some bad weather to parts of Chicago this morning.
A few windows creaked, and then all the bad weather went to parts of Michigan.
Reforms may take place later today.
We also encountered some of the more violent storms that were developing in parts of the Corn Belt as we returned to Fort Dodge, north of Omaha.
Some of the stronger storms could sweep through parts of Iowa or parts of Missouri and Sao Tome.
Louis, in fact, may even be in Kansas City before the end of the day.
You know, another important weather story, not just some thunderstorms, but the heat we feel in parts of the Gulf Coast, today's heat will soar to over 90.
But when you put your hat onph)
Exercise in humidity and you know.
It feels much warmer.
Some places have also surpassed the mark of the century.
For those who are trying to contain all the oil, the weather outside is very bad.
In Raleigh, 90 degrees is the highest level expected; 86 in New York.
But humidity is also a factor.
Go back to Denver and enter Salt Lake City, mainly after 80.
Look for some delays, maybe even St. , in places like Chicago.
Before the end of the day, Louis and Kansas City.
This is your prediction.
Let's give it back to you in New York.
Okay, your official comment today is the NBA, keep three games?
Wolf: A little, no, no.
I mean, it's a bit shorter in the playoffs.
It just lasts forever.
Five games?
Wolf: Well, maybe so.
Something like this.
Griffin: just No. June.
Yes, that's right.
Griffin: me and--
I'm with you, Reynolds.
It's baseball season.
Wolf: here you are, guys.
OK, thank you very much.
WOLF: You bet.
I know you saw this, Reynolds.
So are many others.
But if you don't, you have to look.
Is this real? Is this real?
I mean, this baby has a rhythm.
I mean, can't you teach this? Can you?
I think you can.
By the way, he is dancing Brazilian samba.
Not lying on the hips.
You saw him.
The toddler sat safely at the kitchen table.
When mom and dad think of viral videos, live videos, why can't they give the little guy a new diaper?
Look at that thing.
Milk for a week there.
Yes, man. okay.
Wipe the table clean before they eat. Whoo lordy.
Look at these moves. You know what?
All the other toddlers are waiting in line ---(CROSSTALK)
Hey, look at you, big dad.
You don't know enough about this guy.
You should have a look if you can't get enough.
Because I think there's seven minutes.
Griffin: Well, you go.
He danced for a long time.
Griffin: slow. -
No, slow down.
The next one is football, Richard Ross, our football master.
Richard Ross.
Griffin: he will tell us why football is popular this time. (
Business break)
CHETRY: Welcome back to the latest news in the morning.
You never know how much cash tips can bring you.
As far as CNN Heroes are concerned this week, they are helping to change the whole country. Take a look. (Start Video)
CNN Hero PONHEARY supports children: in rural Cambodia, some children come to school, but it is not normal because families need them to go to school on the farm.
The school is free but they have no money.
How do they have money for uniforms and supplies?
My name is Ponheary Ly and I help the children to go to school.
Because my father is a teacher, education is very important to me.
My father was killed during the Khmer Rouge period and if we tried to study, we might be killed.
My soul always goes to school.
I only had one girl at first.
There were then 40 children and now 2,000.
I saw the change a few years later because they knew how to read and write.
They borrowed books from our library to read to their parents.
Because when we learn, we gain knowledge and understand other problems, and we have a bright future.
LY: I need them to get a good education, build their own family and build their own country.
My father, here, in heaven, in my heart, must be proud of me. (END VIDEOTAPE)
CHETRY: Well, nominate someone you think is changing the word to CNN. com/heroes.
Griffin: It's a great story.
CHETRY: Yes. Wonderful.
Griffin: Let's tell a story about football next.
Our football master Richard Ross is currently at home with his entourage.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
They shook the house yesterday and the children had a good time.
Griffin: Really.
Yes, they did.
Griffin: I'm happy. Anticipation.
About an hour away.
Can we get the live photo I want?
We're looking for the guy at our booth. -
They won't give it to us.
We do have people waiting for the football match at our booth.
Yes, with Richard Ross, the last count.
You know, we're talking about America. S.
And the Slovenia team of the second World Cup.
Of course, the game is in full swing.
Some of the things we often say, the United States has a little interest in football every four years, but the rest of the world is always interested in football.
So will this season be popular?
Richard Ross, CNN veteran American journalistN.
Reporter: I think it is becoming popular.
To be frank, I'm tired of being skeptical and opposed to our shows, producers and other people who like football. It is coming.
You may not like it. -
Griffin: it's for me.
I feel the tension between me and you.
Rose: The campaign is based on expectations.
In this society, everyone wants to pull a slot machine and win in an instant, and with the accumulation, games and sports seem to be suffering from Americans.
But the demographic is changing and it's a great team sport.
But you already know all this.
We have a World Cup every four years.
I was asked why football is not popular?
This network often asks me to make a report.
I explained the reason calmly, but there was still doubt in the end.
Why? just two hours before my last report, Roland Martin from CNN sent me an emailmail at 6:40 a. m.
I never got an email.
Mail from Roland Martin at 6: 40 A. M. (CROSSTALK)
Football inspires passion.
He wrote to me that football has no chance in the United States. S.
It's coming, it's coming.
"No, no," he wrote . "CNN --
But young people are playing. -
I was in Harlem the other day.
These young people are in a new area of the children's AIDS Association.
The children are playing. They are --
It's a sport, you know, and it's coming soon.
You may not like it, it is happening.
CNN asked other Americans yesterday about their lack of interest in the World Cup. (
Start Video Editing)
I think there may be more people watching every four years.
Our team is getting better and better.
It's just a cool international event.
Woman: I'm interested in the Olympic Games, but I don't have a fever.
We saw a couple, but we were happy. -
We are so focused on basketball. And then --
Like basketball tournaments and all other sports, football and baseball are the pastime of Americans.
Man: very strange.
You have to play with your feet and head, you can't play with your hands.
This is a biological quirk.
Unidentified male: The rest of the world likes it though.
The rest of the world--(CROSSTALK)
The rest of the world is crazy.
What are we going to do about this? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Ross: The new reason I think football is going to be popular is this kind of vuvuzela.
This will change all this.
Another reason, you know, Argentina coach Diego Maradona-
Former superstar, he said he would run naked on the street if his team won. U. S. A.
Against Slovenia in an hour;
To support Germany's defeat to Serbia-
Nothing. nil.
Vuvuzela, like it, use it.
You can spend the weekend with it.
I have two at home now.
Griffin: it doesn't sound right.
Hey, thank you for joining us.
Fredricka Whitfield's "CNN Newsroom" is about to begin now.
CHETRY: now.
Have a good weekend. (
Business break)
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