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India nuclear fuel agreement;
News helicopter July 27, 2007
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Wolf blitzer, cnn anchor: Thank you Kitty.
They say the terrorists are doing drills at the airport right now, but guess what, it's all fake.
An elderly woman told us how she was wrongly held for three hours and was asked a shocking question by security guards.
There was also a clash on TV news tonight.
A game covering police hunting ended in a deadly spray of metal, smoke and flames.
How does it happen?
NASA confirmed the charges that astronauts were drunk in space.
What the space agency is doing tonight to prevent flying under this influence.
I'm Wolf Blitzer.
You're in the Situation Room.
This week, when we found an announcement from the Transportation Safety Administration that issued ominous warnings about airline travel, alerts were issued across the United States.
This caused nervous nerves of the picked passengers.
We have important news for you tonight.
We went to the scene to find Brian Todd.
He's watching the story for us.
Brian, what's going on?
CNN correspondent Brian Todd: Wolf, the law enforcement announcement only mentions suspicious items found in passenger bags at the airport checkpoint recently.
It also warned that this could mean the failure of a terrorist attack.
These are not true, as it turns out.
Here is an example. (Start Video)TODD (voice-over)
: San Diego, July 5.
The Transport Safety Authority security inspector found a bag with two ice bags covered with tape with clay instead of a blue gel.
It is included in the TSA announcement, warning that the terrorist attacks will continue.
This is the woman with an ice bag.
Passenger sara weiss: I'm not a terrorist. I'm a 66-year-
Old woman with bad back
I am on vacation and plan to visit my son in San Diego.
Todd: Sarah Weiss says there's clay in the ice bags she carries with her because they're old and they do the same.
Wes, who was held for three hours and questioned by the San Diego Port police and two men, said they were dressed in plain clothes and did not recognize themselves.
She said a problem with the San Diego Port police shocked her.
Do you know bin Laden?
My answer is, first of all, I think this is a very ridiculous and strange question because if I know ---
If I do know bin Laden, do you think I will answer this question if I am a real terrorist?
Todd: CNN contacted the San Diego Port police chief, who said his officer was not told to ask the question.
Wes said she also raised doubts because she carried a survey report on Muslims in the United States.
I work for a faith.
Based on organization.
It is part of the responsibility to provide inter-religious cooperation and understanding.
Todd: is she angry about the experience?
No, I'm not bitter.
I know they have to do their job.
I think they overreacted. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Todd: Actually, America. S.
Government officials familiar with the investigation now say there is a valid explanation in the announcement for all four incidents, and no such case will be charged. Wolf?
BLITZER: What does TSA say now not only to Sara Weiss's case, but to other people involved?
Todd: TSA first told us that Sarah Weiss's incident was on the announcement because of a system error, but they also said that it was correct for them to put all of these events on the announcement, because whenever they find any suspicious objects, they have to quote "bring them to the ground", as they say, telling law enforcement to pay attention to such items.
BLITZER: It's a story.
Thank you, Brian.
A retired U. S.
The army chief of staff announced today that the United States entered the war in Iraq with the wrong strategy.
Let's go to top Pentagon Correspondent Jamie McIntyre. -
Jamie, there's some very strong testimony before Congress today.
Jamie McIntyre, CNN senior correspondent
Pentagon correspondent: Yes, the former deputy chief of staff and chief architect, General Jack Keane, admitted very dramatically that the troop increase strategy was an advisor to the Bush administration.
He acknowledged in the House committee today that the strategy adopted by the United StatesS.
Frankly, it failed between 2003 and 2006.
He said it was a strategy for a short-term war with no plans to defeat the rebellion.
This is a big mistake. (
Start Video Editing)GEN. JOHN KEANE (RET. ), U. S.
Army: I didn't know at the time that our strategy was wrong, we started a movement that seriously underestimated the enemy and by definition we unnecessarily extended the war. (END VIDEO CLIP)
McIntyre: Keane now describes the situation there as a difficult and complicated situation.
But he said it was far from hopeless.
In fact, he said there was a big change. around lately.
He said this is not taken seriously in the United States because political dynamics in Iraq are changing.
He believes the victory is still under control.
Remember, of course, Wolf, who is the lead architect of the plan that is being used now.
Jamie, thank you very much for doing this.
India and Pakistan, two neighbors with nuclear weapons, are always very nervous about each other in this extremely dangerous area of the world, now one of the countries has reached a landmark agreement with the United States to give it an advantage in a possible showdown.
Let's go live with our State Department reporter Zain Verjee.
She is reading the story in the Situation Room.
Zain, explain it all to our audience because the risks are huge.
Zain verjee, CNN State Department reporter: well, Wolf, the relationship between the United States and the United States is really great. S. and India.
Basically, the agreement allows India to enter the United States. S.
Nuclear fuel and technology.
There is still a need for congressional approval, and India must also allow international inspections.
Deputy Secretary of State Nick Burns (ph)
The agreement sends a very important message to a nuclear illegal regime like Iran. (
Start Video Editing)
Deputy Secretary of State Nicholas Burns: this sends a message that you will not be punished if you are responsible for non-proliferation and follow the rules, but it will be invited to participate more fully in international nuclear trade. (END VIDEO CLIP)
VERJEE: Now, critics of the agreement say that the U. S.
Here is basically a submission because it promises to provide nuclear fuel to India even if it tests nuclear weapons.
Now India's neighbor Pakistan is the main neighbor of the United States. S.
Allies of war or terror are not happy with this.
Pakistani officials say it looks like their country also has energy demand.
So they really should have similar deals.
In addition, they warned that the agreement does have the potential to trigger a nuclear arms race and thus create a level of instability in the region.
BLITZER: What do they think about similar deals with other countries in the future?
VERJEE: Well, AmericaS.
They really don't have plans to do similar deals in the future, he said.
Now, they say, India is indeed an exception, and its economy is growing.
Frankly, the United StatesS. trusts India.
It is also the largest democracy in the world.
VERJEE: Right.
But the Pakistanis will be very, very angry about it.
I am sure they have expressed their opinion to the United States. S. government.
Thank you, Zain.
VERJEE: Thank you.
BLITZER: Jack Cafferty will be joining us from New York with the "Cafferty Archives. Hi, Jack.
CNN anchor Jack Cafferty: Nice to see Zain working late on Friday night. (LAUGHTER)
VERJEE: It's really painful, Jack.
Are you addicted to video games? mail?
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Warning, Wolf, the most electronic.
Mail-addicted city in the country, right there where are you, Washington, D. C. C.
Excuse me, Jack. wait a minute. I'll check my email. mail. Oh, yes. (LAUGHTER)
I like to check my email.
Post during "Cafferty documents.
This is a great opportunity. . . (CROSSTALK)
BLITZER: . . .
Who sent us some emails? mail.
Cafferty: There's nothing better than that in the time of your life.
Thank you very much, Jack.
Hollywood is in Iraq. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: You agree or not, it is important if you go to war, if you go to war, be careful and wise, not careless and arrogant. (END VIDEO CLIP)
BLITZER: a new film about the serious mistakes made by former White House insiders in the early days of the war.
Let's have a look at the film first.
Also, drunken astronauts, NASA, tried to explain how they were cleared off even if they were liquefied.
The helicopter collided.
Two television news helicopters crashed after police were hunting down.
Stay with us.
You're in the Situation Room. (
Business break)
BLITZER: Cocktails in the crew area and allegations of drunkenness of astronauts have raised concerns among colleagues about flight safety.
However, they are still allowed to fly.
That's the point of NASA's report today.
Let's take a look at John Zarrella from CNN.
He's at the Kennedy Space Center.
How did NASA react to the report, John, because it was really shocking.
John zarrella, cnn correspondent: that's true, Wolf.
You know, unfortunately, in recent times, NASA's stories on the ground have gained more air time than what happened in space.
This happened again today, and they spent more than an hour at a press conference in Washington trying to explain what they are going to do now after a report says some astronauts, and we don't know how many, probably just a couple, probably more than that, the astronauts allegedly drank alcohol at the wrong time and drank too much before the flight. (Start Video)
ZARRELLA (voice-over)
NASA officials say NASA did not know if the astronauts were intoxicated with the flight, but now plans to look into it.
NASA Deputy Director shana dale: we will take immediate action on the more disturbing aspects of alcohol use in this report.
And institutional leaders refuse to accept anecdotal references to suggestions or criticisms about personal fit for space flight.
ZARRELLA: after Lisa Nowak's love triangle, the allegations appeared in a report commissioned by the space agency.
NASA wants to evaluate the mental and psychological screening process for astronauts.
The most damaging statement in this study is alcohol.
The report found that alcohol was freely used in the crew quarters.
In two incidents, astronauts were considered a danger to flight safety, but they could fly anyway.
Senior Flight Surgeons believe their medical advice has been ignored.
But at this point, the United StatesS.
The space agency is not aware of the severity of the problem.
Unidentified men: we don't have enough data to call it alcohol abuse.
We can't tell whether this is the only two events in the history of the astronaut corps, or the tip of a very large iceberg.
ZARRELLA: The panel's report does not provide specific details of the two incidents, as the panel must guarantee anonymity in order to obtain frank information.
However, it was revealed that one of the incidents occurred before the launch of the Russian alliance rocket.
Another task is the space shuttle.
Astronauts did not get the earth drunk because the mission was canceled.
He flew back to Houston by plane.
Astronauts used to fly Nasa jets back and forth between Houston and Kennedy Space Center. (END VIDEOTAPE)
ZARRELLA: Now, ironically, NASA will implement what it calls T-38 policy.
This means that when astronauts fly on these jets, they can't drink 12 hours before they fly, and if they are found to be affected by alcohol, they can't drink.
NASA went back and looked and found that there was no place in their book, Wolf, these rules apply anywhere in the astronaut, so now they have to go back, they have to formally implement the policy that astronauts should not drink and fly, and in my opinion the wolf is a No. brainer anyway.
Not exactly brain surgery.
Thank you very much, John.
Don't drink and enter space at the same time.
The new charge against the affected astronaut is only the latest in a series of serious embarrassing allegations from NASA.
Let's go to Mary snow.
She's watching. -
This institution once had
The reputation is clean, but this is not the case anymore.
Mary snow, cnn correspondent: That's right, Wolf.
You know, some of the headlines that John just mentioned did upset the image, and it all happened in a relatively short period of time.
It's a coincidence or a part of NASA's culture, which has raised questions. (Start Video)SNOW (voice-over)
Their reputation is original.
For years, astronauts have been known for having the right things.
But the image of NASA's best and brightest people has been hit hard.
Astronaut Jeff Ashby is skeptical about the latest allegations of colleagues getting drunk during the flight.
NASA astronaut Jeff Ashby: I certainly haven't seen anything like that in my 10 years.
I was very close to the launch crew and I was on three of them myself.
Snow: The claim of drinking surfaced as NASA revealed another embarrassment that one of its subcontractors had deliberately vandalized a computer scheduled to fly on a space shuttle.
This is not comparable to the black eyes suffered by the space agency in February, when astronaut Lisa Novak was arrested for strange behavior and alleged plot to kidnap a rival.
An unforgettable detail that the police gave her was that she wore diapers during the long bus trip so that she did not have to stop driving.
Novak's lawyer said it was a lie.
On April, a NASA contractor entered the Johnson Space Center and killed a male colleague.
Aim the gun at the worker before you.
Edit keith cowing, NASAWATCH.
COM: You can't avoid the question of why all these things pop up and why do they always seem to be fixed on NASA?
Snow: some people who keep a close eye on NASA think it's a coincidence and they question whether NASA is different from any other workplace.
Brian berger, space news: We think NASA is basically the right organization you know, and that's all about the right thing.
At the end of the day, they are the best and brightest people. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Snow: Now, an official at NASA says the agency itself is confused about some of the cases called isolation.
She said it should not paint pictures of all astronauts, nor how NASA can fly in space ---Wolf.
Thank you very much, Mary.
The third man died in a rocket disaster at an airport in the mohawai Desert, California.
The explosion happened yesterday when a propellant system was tested.
The space facilities belong to Bert Rutan, headed by the company.
Rutan's so-
In 2004, Spaceship One became the first private manned rocket to reach space.
His team, along with billionaire partner Richard Branson, is secretly building the No. 2 spacecraft. ph)
In a closed hanger. SpaceShipTwo (ph)
Was conceived as a fleet of commercial space vehicles.
They will be carrying paid tourists 62 miles from Earth for $200,000 per rack.
Passengers can see the beauty from space in 5 minutes of weightlessness.
Ahead, the fatal Middle
Two helicopters crashed in the air.
Quick police hunt
Senator Obama vowed that if he were elected president, the United States would look at itself differently.
Can he change the face of race relations in our country?
Stay with us.
You're in the Situation Room. (
Business break)
BLITZER: Take a look at this amazing picture of today's deadly disaster in Phoenix, Arizona.
Two news helicopters crashed into the Earth after a collision in the air, while reporting a car chase.
Everyone on both helicopters fell down.
CNN's Carol Costello reports the details of the tragedy.
Carol, what do you know about how this all happened?
Carol costello, cnn anchor: this is a terrible picture, Wolf.
You know it's not clear yet, but some questions have already been asked and there is a need to cover up these police chase actions from the air.
Two Phoenix TV helicopters followed.
Their video is live on TV.
All of a sudden, a TV pilot said it seemed to be over, and then he said, Oh gees, the audience saw a bunch of spitting, broken images.
The helicopters crashed in the air. (Start Video)
We're not sure which helicopter they are.
COSTELLO (voice-over)
: In Phoenix Park, smoke billowed, and two television helicopters crashed in the air and caught fire on the ground.
Unidentified male: I was standing in the park when I saw two helicopters-
It looks like they crashed in the air.
I heard a loud noise.
After about two seconds, a loud noise, like a loud noise, then two helicopters went straight down and fell in about three different areas, with flames and debris everywhere.
I was destroyed.
Unidentified male: He came to Third Street and Osborne (ph). . .
Costello: news helicopters chase police on the Phoenix highway, local television reported.
Police say a suspect stole a city vehicle and at some point he jumped out of the car and entered another vehicle on the highway.
Police said the helicopter collided at that time.
Pilot Craig Smith and photographer Rick Crocker have died, according to ABC 15.
Pilot Scott bowlesbank and photographer Jim Cox were killed, according to KTVK. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Now, all the dead are very experienced at work.
But if you 've ever taken a TV helicopter in something like this, I 've had it many times, and you know the pilot is looking at a lot of different things.
I mean, he's on a helicopter.
He's also broadcasting live.
You really need to see what you're doing.
Because not only that, because pilots have to look at what is happening on the ground, they have to keep in touch with air traffic controllers.
Wolf, there are still many things to solve.
BLITZER: So, what are the rules when shooting, shooting police chase cases like this?
As far as I know, usually air traffic controllers will clear the helicopter to an area where they can safely cover the police hunt, but the pilot himself is responsible for keeping apart from other aircraft in the air.
NTSB is under investigation.
I should say, you know, it doesn't happen very often.
BLITZER: It's like an accident waiting to happen.
You're on those helicopters.
You have worked at stations that have such helicopters.
How does it feel to watch something unfold in such an environment?
Costello: I tell you that every time I come across this, my palms sweat because it's nerve --wracking.
Because of the pilot, you know you don't know where the chase will go, so helicopters sometimes fly on very steep banks.
So you're like, you know, almost sideways.
In these cases, the pilot is actually talking to the host of the studio, driving a helicopter, trying to figure out where the suspect will go next.
So it's probably tense. wracking.
But as I said, this does not happen very often.
But you're sure to wonder why you want to cover up the pursuit of these police officers.
B: Okay.
I will definitely have a complete one.
A massive investigation into this.
Thank you very much Carol.
A new documentary about the war in Iraq says the war will not end.
We're going to tell you who the guy in that documentary is.
The film is likely to become a very controversial film.
Who's behind it?
In addition, we will also tell you how Hillary Clinton's cleavage was obtained. -
Her cleavage is brewing a new Clinton fundraiser.
Stay with us.
You're in the Situation Room. (
Business break)
For our audience, you are in the Situation Room.
Vice President Dick Cheney will undergo a minor surgery tomorrow at the George Washington University Hospital.
The doctor there will replace the special pacemaker for his chest because the battery is broken.
After a Washington Post fashion article about Hillary's cleavage, Senator Hillary Roham Clinton's campaign team is fighting back.
The presidential campaign tried to use the incident to raise money, saying it was an insult to focus on women's bodies rather than their thoughts.
Some stores across the country continue to sell recalled canned peppers and other foods that may have been contaminated with botulinum poisoning. -
According to the Food and Drug Administration.
Despite warnings that Castleberry food could be deadly.
I'm Wolf Blitzer.
You're in the Situation Room.
There's a new counter. war --
The Iraq War documentary has just been released today and will certainly not get along well with the Bush administration.
Our entertainment reporter Sibila Vargas is joining us now from Los Angeles.
Tell our audience what the film is about.
Entertainment reporter sibila vargas: Well, it was produced by the Oscar nomination team who made the Enron documentary, and this "no end" is a sharp criticism of the Bush administration's handling of the war in Iraq.
Look at this. (
Start Video Editing)GEORGE W.
President Bush: supply and freedom to the Iraqi people, food and medicine.
Director Charles Ferguson: whether you agree or not, if you go to war, it's important if you go to war carefully and wisely, not carelessly and arrogantly.
Vargas: "see no end" is a documentary directed by a political scientist. later, director Charles Ferguson gave a detailed account of the catastrophic mistakes made by the Bush administration in Iraq.
I am the chairman of the National Intelligence Commission.
M: I am director of strategic policy.
Rumsfeld called me and asked me to deal with humanitarian matters and rebuild.
Vargas: Of the dozens of former key players who helped Ferguson, Barbara boding (Barbara boding)ph)
Who was appointed head of the United States? S.
The occupation of central Iraq after the fall of Baghdad
We haven't had a phone call for a while.
Robert Hutchins (ph)
At the beginning of the war, the chairman of the National Intelligence Commission-
Unidentified male: The president has not read or even read --page summary.
VARGAS: when it was decided to invade Iraq, Secretary of State Colin Powell's chief of staff, Colonel Larry Wilkerson.
Unidentified men: As we look at our careful planning, our detailed planning, and basically discarded, the frustration of the secretary and myself grows.
Unidentified male: When I interview people for the film, they tell me over and over again that they attended a Cabinet meeting or that they attended a briefing to the president.
The same thing happens, you don't ask questions, he doesn't read the documents, he doesn't read the intelligence analysis.
VARGAS: Ferguson said the bad plan led to what he said was the worst mistake in the war.
Insufficient number of troops and lack of posts
Invasion and protection of Iraqi civilians and dissolution of Iraqi forces.
Unidentified male: In the absence of work, half a million armed men were thrown into the street.
These men began planning and creating rebellion almost immediately. (END VIDEOTAPE)
VARGAS: now Ferguson says a copy of the documentary has been sent to key figures in Washington.
When CNN contacted the White House, the White House declined to comment.
At the Defense Department, a spokesman said the Pentagon did not receive a copy of the film and quoted "it is difficult to comment on what you did not see.
"The film was released today in New York City and Washington, D. C. C.
Give it back to you, Wolf.
Okay, Sibila. thank you.
BLITZER: Is the United States a closed country? S.
Friends who support America's enemies in Iraq?
Dozens of foreign fighters enter Iraq every month. The U. S.
Half of them are from Saudi Arabia, according to military estimates.
At the same time, the flow of funds from individuals in Saudi Arabia to Sunni rebel groups continues.
S. State Department says the Saudi government is trying to stop young people from flooding into Iraq, "trying to blow themselves up or blow others up ".
"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Robert Gates will raise this sensitive issue during his visit to Saudi Arabia next week.
Michael will, our correspondent in Baghdad, is joining us now.
Michael, the Saudis and their involvement in what is going on has caused some panic in Washington.
Mainly Saudi Arabia, a Sunni Muslim country.
They are not happy with the Shiite-controlled Baghdad government.
What did you see on the ground?
Michael ware, CNN International
Reporter: Wolff, what we see is that Saudi Arabia is experiencing as much panic as the United States. S.
Experiment in Iraq
Now, they said before the war, it doesn't work.
In fact, I think this sentence in memory is like this: "You will solve a problem, become Saddam and create five other problems.
"Then when they saw the American expedition unfold, they saw that it was broken.
At first they started whispering and then they started screaming.
For a long time now. -
We talked for years. -
They have been acting on this.
They have been funding Sunni chiefs and tribal groups.
Linked to the rebellion.
They are funding the political rival of the Maliki government, a government they don't trust.
This is the consensus of most Arab countries.
It is even seen as an agent for Iran, or an agent for the Iranian government, and it cannot function as a truly independent entity.
Saudi Arabia believes that the United States's efforts in Iraq have not protected the legitimate national interests of Saudi Arabia.
They say the war has undermined stability across the region and put America's allies at a disadvantage.
Breze: Michael, does the Saudis think Prime Minister Maliki is more notable than Iranian agents?
According to the New York Times, because this is the word they spread.
"WARE: Yes, obviously, I cannot speak on behalf of the government of Riyadh from here in Baghdad.
What I can tell you is that the Arab world does not trust Prime Minister Maliki or this government.
I mean, it's not a real government.
I mean, there's no water for people in the capital right now.
If you get the electricity, it's about an hour down the day.
In order to fill your car with gas, you have to line up for 5 to 12 hours or even overnight.
The government did not provide services.
This government is a loose coalition of militias, most of whom are supported or supported by Iran in one way or another.
We want to know why the Arab allies of the United States are nervous about the expansion of Iran's influence?
We have heard that they allow rebel commanders and political leaders to gather in Jordan, Syria, and even Saudi Arabia.
Wolf, expect this to recover rather than downgrade.
Okay, Michael. thank you very much.
Michael Ware is our correspondent in Baghdad.
There is a new twist in the White House campaign tonight.
For what they call transformative politics, Barack Obama tonight has made dramatic new claims about the future of race relations if he becomes president.
But it's from Africa.
Did Americans buy it?
Filmmaker Michael Moore has thrown new bombs on the Bush administration and subpoenas. Stay with us.
You're in the Situation Room. (
Business break)
It will certainly make history, but it will change America.
Barack Obama could be the first African country in the United States.
President of the United States.
Today, some presidential candidates spoke at the National Cities Alliance meeting.
Obama told most Africans
American peopleS.
If he was elected, it would be different.
Tom Foreman from CNN has more-Tom.
CNN correspondent Tom Foreman: Wolff, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Dennis cuscinch are in St. today.
But what stands out most is Obama's words. (Start Video)SEN. BARACK OBAMA (D)
Presidential candidate: On the day I took office, the country had a different view of itself.
Don't underestimate this power.
Don't underestimate this shift.
Forman: Barack Obama's powerful words to try to become the first black president in the United States.
The senator from Illinois spoke openly about race at the National City Alliance conference in St. Washington. Louis.
Obama: race is still a huge factor in our society, but the economy can overcome many racial divisions.
FOREMAN: He also said that action is not high.
The way to end racial polarization is a discussion of ideas.
Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, Obama's two main Democratic rivals, also talked about racial inequality. SEN.
Hillary Clinton (D)
Presidential candidate: I refuse to talk about 1.
4 million young people are a threat, a headache or a lost career.
Presidential candidate: I will make sure that the federal judge I appointed believes in true equality and in the concept of affirmative action.
FOREMAN: Black voters are critical to the Democratic Party.
About nine out of ten black people voted for the Democratic Party.
This makes them the most reliable polling station for the Democratic Party of the country.
FOREMAN: they will play an important role in the selection of the next Democratic presidential candidate.
Especially in South Carolina and Florida, the first two major states.
In a recent CNN poll, Senator Clinton and Barack Obama were close to each other among black voters across the country.
Although Clinton is far ahead in South Carolina.
But it is still too early, and many voters have not yet made up their minds.
Unidentified female: At this point I don't think there will be much difference between any candidate. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Forman: there is no Republican presidential candidate for the National Urban League today to address the crowd.
But Mike Huckabee did talk to a smaller group last night, Wolf.
Tom Foreman is watching the story. Thank you.
Michael Moore, the producer/director of "Sicko", is back in the news, and Moore himself broke this particular project.
He can answer questions from the Bush administration.
Let's go back to Carol Costello.
She will share more with us about the story.
What's going on, Carol?
Carol costello, cnn anchor: Wolf, talk about drama.
This is a perfect time for someone who is about to be on national television.
Moore said the United StatesS.
The government ordered him to meet the judge. But did it? (Start Video)
COSTELLO (voice over)
: Talk about a madefor-TV moment.
Breaking news on tonight's show.
Filmmaker Michael Moore: I don't even have-
I didn't even tell my family.
You asked me to say this on national television.
Jay leno, tonight's show: But NBC, there aren't so many people watching it.
MOORE: Oh, OK. All right.
When I got back there with Jay, I was just told that the Bush administration has now issued a subpoena for me because I have helped these 9/11 rescuers.
Costello: not exactly.
We were told by Moore's PR staff that Moore had not yet been served.
But he contacted his lawyer. Plus, if the U. S.
The Ministry of Finance did call Moore to appear in court because Moore went to Cuba without getting the government --issued license.
According to the United StatesS.
The Ministry of Finance, those who violate the Cuban embargo face punishment in dealings with the enemy.
The enemy of this case is Castro's Cuba.
Moore: which way to Guantanamo Bay?
This is 9/11 rescue workers.
They just want some medical care.
Costello: part of his documentary, "Sicko," focuses on three people who claim they were ill after 9/11.
Moore took them to Communist countries, and all three of them were given medical care.
They were there, right in the middle of the audience of The Tonight Show, and Moore announced the big summons.
Moore: I'm here to help them.
Now I will face further harassment from the Bush people.
Aren't they busy with anything else?
You know, I just--(APPLAUSE)
Costello: Liberal
Leaning Moore has long claimed that his troubles with the Treasury Department are politically motivated.
But please keep in mind that although he applied for a permit, he went to Cuba before obtaining it.
However, Moore has always insisted that he is innocent.
Moore: The law is very clear about this.
We are not breaking the law.
According to the law, any American can travel to Cuba for news work.
Costello: It seems now that the judge has to make a decision. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Costello: We asked the president's spokesperson about the summons and the political motives behind it all.
Tony Snow told us, "We will not comment on this. " Wolf.
What did Moore's lawyer say?
I called his office three times today. No call back.
So your guess is as good as mine.
Carol Costello, thank you for doing some great work for us.
There's a surprising new defender, Barry Bonds.
You'll find out why a high political figure thinks the Bond refuses to use steroids.
What's in your bottled water? One company --
A big company-
Make an announcement that may make the wrong way for your next drink. Stay with us.
You're in the Situation Room. (
Business break)
BLITZER: San Francisco Giants slam Barry Bond is still two home runs by Hank Allentime record.
Bonds are at the center of a major sporting dispute over ongoing allegations of steroid use.
When he said he did not use the drugs, a major supporter believed in the bonds.
That is Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco. (Start Video)
Thank you very much, mayor.
Willie Brown, FMR
San Francisco mayor: Nice to meet you, Wolf.
BLITZER: You know, when Barry Bonds insisted that he never used steroids, a lot of people didn't believe him at all.
Why do you believe him?
Brown: Well, it's hard to refute a lie.
I believe he did not use steroids because he said so.
Second, he took all the possible tests and he passed each.
And he said--be clear --
I have never taken steroids on purpose, except for those that may be prescribed for any damage I may have, steroids are legal for some damage, some form of steroids.
So I say the question is not whether Barry Bond has taken steroids, but whether he will break the record.
BLITZER: those who think of him point out factors such as his shoe size changing from 1/2 to 13.
This is an adult male.
Even with his head size, his hat size will expand, and usually, even if you are gaining weight, your head size or shoe size will not necessarily increase.
Brown: It's a reality, frankly.
But you don't have to use steroids.
As a person, you should be in a position where if there are standard tests to determine if you use something that is inconsistent with the rules, you pass them.
You're no different than Lance Armstrong.
You are no different from other super athletes who happen to be outside.
In fact, you grow bigger than others, which is good for you and a credit for you.
BLITZER: But you do admit that there are a lot of baseball players trying--
Use steroids to try to make yourself stronger, better batsmen, and better athletes.
This is relatively common.
Brown: none of them can be like Barry Bonds because they have no talent. Period.
This is the key.
They obviously admitted that they had already tried it.
They did not succeed.
Wolf, I don't know about you, but I doubt I can take all the steroids and I will still be as big as I am now.
I still can't swing in a baseball game as well, play any distance, or throw any distance.
So, this is not a problem with steroids.
You must have talent. The hand-
Coordination, the ability to synchronize with what nature--.
But the argument, sir.
Mayor, we have almost no time. the argument is that these people are--
They are all talented athletes, and some steroids can make them really beyond their peak and make them great athletes, not just really talented athletes, and obviously neither you nor I are.
Brown: No, obviously.
Because no one can match the number of Mr.
Bonds of any level, at any time. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Mayor Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco, joined us.
Go to the White House briefing room earlier today.
Funny mock journalist Stephen Colbert at the Comedy Center's Colbert Report.
Colbert stopped under the signature of White House press secretary Tony Snow.
But Colbert told us that Suzanne Malvo, snow is not the only person he wants to get his signature from Washington. Listen to this. (Start Video)
Suzanne malveaux, CNN: What do you think of Wolf Blitzer?
Stephen Colbert, report Colbert: he has a bright beard. Why?
Is there anything I can respond?
Did he say anything about me?
No, he's not.
The wolf is amazing. He's fantastic.
I heard he was described as a bulldog.
I'm sorry. Sorry.
Did my interview get in the way of your call? Just say, Hi.
See if the wolf will sign my cast.
Jack Cafferty, a bulldog.
That's what they call me, CNN bulldog.
Jack Cafferty, cnn anchor: I don't know.
But that's good.
That's Colbert.
He's a fake news. he knows what he's talking about.
Cafferty: Well, I don't want you to be close to my cast if I break anything.
What do you think?
BLITZER: fair enough.
Cafferty: The question is, how do you know when you are addicted to e-commercemail?
John of Miami: "You know you're addicted to e-commerce
Mail the stamp when you think it will cost 29 cents.
Peter from New York: "Hello, Jack. I'm e-
Email you from my BlackBerry while on vacation. I may e-
There are too many emails, but they are not needed. Yes, I e-
Mail from almost all places, including my car.
But I don't sleep with it.
Janet: "I like my email. mail.
I check it often as it may come from 1)friends 2)
Poetry publisher
CNN Breaking News 4)
Just something interesting. I think e-
The Mail is great and I can't and don't want to live without it.
Lauren wrote: "You are addicted to e-commerce
If you're listening to information while you're having sex, send an email.
"David:" at 7: 10. m.
You're still on Friday-
Mail the Cafferty File.
Betty, Ontario: "You know you're addicted to e-commerceEmail when email
The mail you are reading is from someone opposite you.
Frank, Arkansas: "You know you have an email
When you go to a store with a computer, you will ask if there is a computer on the Internet so that you can check your emailmail.
Genine wrote: "You know you're addicted to e-commerce
Send a message when your inbox is your home page and you have never logged out.
Sean from Phoenix: "I found out I'm addicted to video games.
When I realized how often I sent an email
Mail you the answer to the question, but don't let them read it.
Loyalty or addiction? Don't know.
I must bring it up at the meeting.
"If you don't see your email
Here's the Mail. Go to cnn.
We have posted more of these files online as well as video clips of "Cafferty files.
Go back to the bullfighting festival now.
This bulldog, he checked his email.
Mail, when he gets up in the morning, before going to bed at night.
You never know who sent you the email. mail, Jack.
I have to admit that it is a disease.
Cafferty: you don't realize how often you do that.
But that's the only way we communicate.
I don't pick up when the phone rings, but I looked at it
Have been mailing things
How do we live without it?
I don't know. But we did.
Mobile phone, electronic products
Mail, a whole new world.
Have a good weekend, Jack.
So are you, Wolf. See you Monday.
Thank you very much.
Roland Martin, CNN contributor, will host a special occasion.
It runs at the top of an hour.
Roland, tell our audience what we can expect.
Roland Martin, CNN contributor: Thank you, Wolf.
Six months before the first presidential primary.
Who in the end is making the news, you, the voters, the people who really choose the president.
So, we're looking at the issues you care about.
Why are no more female voters more excited about female candidates?
Can any president separate religious views from their policy decisions?
Outside politics, was Michael Vic guilty before he was acquitted?
At the top of an hour with me--Wolf.
Ask quickly, Roland.
What do you think Willie Brown said to Barry Bonds?
Martin: He makes a lot of sense.
The bottom line is, didn't he pass any tests? No.
Did he say I didn't take steroids on purpose?
That's what he said.
The bottom line is, you have no evidence.
You have people who advise, people who make accusations, but the bottom line is, as we do in journalism, it's all about facts.
Okay, Roland Martin.
I want to tell our audience to make sure they are on the side.
He will have a great hour right at the top of the hour.
Thank you very much, Roland.
A company knows the real things in expensive bottled water.
You will be surprised when you see the next report. Stay with us.
You're in the Situation Room. (
Business break)
BLITZER: Here are some hot shots from our friends at The Associated Press.
There may be photos in your hometown newspaper tomorrow.
Look at this in Brazil.
In the final game of the Pan Am Games, a synchronized swimmer showed her feet and skills in the swimming pool.
In the West Bank, an elderly Palestinian woman waited quietly at the funeral of a young man.
In China, when the boat passed by in the distance, a man stood in the flood holding his child.
Look at this. No hands.
The tour leader of the Tour de France motioned to another rider at the 18 th stage of the race.
Some of the hot shots of this hour are worth thousands of words.
Carol Costello is monitoring some of the other stories that go into the Situation Room.
Carol, what do you have?
Wolf, it may surprise you, but the water in your water bottle is not from spring.
It's tap water.
Today, Pepsi announced that it will replace the label of its Aquafina brand of bottled water.
The bottle is now labeled PWS.
The new label will clarify the meaning of these letters: public water sources.
NFL star Michael Vic has been under new influence after being charged with fighting dogs.
Nike says it has suspended its contract with the Atlanta Falcon quarterback.
The company said it would remove his name from the shelves in the store owned by the company.
But it did not terminate its relationship with Vic.
Reebok says it will stop selling copies of Vic's jerseys in retail stores and websites.
Authorities have released the 911 call made by Lindsay Rohan's former private assistant mother shortly before his arrest.
The woman was heard asking for help in the recording.
Said there was a mysterious car following her.
Authorities then saw Lohan and the woman in what the police called a heated debate.
Lohan was arrested on suspicion of driving, revoking his licence and holding a felony cocaine under such influence.
Back to you.
Thank you, Carol.
Have a good weekend.
Jeff: Thank you. You, too.
BLITZER: she's in the Situation Room with us, from 4 to 6 on weekdays. m. Eastern.
Another hour at seven. m. Eastern.
Among my guests, Sunday, on the late night edition, USAS.
Ambassador to the United Nations Khalilzad. Sunday 11 a. m. Eastern.
Before that, thanks for watching.
Roland Martin's "debate this!
"Start now.
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News or use our secure online order at www. voxant.
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