cloth versus paper diapers: the cost is a wash - super absorbent polymer in diapers

by:Demi     2019-08-26
cloth versus paper diapers: the cost is a wash  -  super absorbent polymer in diapers
As early as today's baby boomers began to create their own baby boomers, dirty diapers have been a scourge for parents.
Today, however, the ability to choose between diapers and diapers also creates environmental and economic difficulties.
The environmental problem is simple: it's worse for Mother Earth ---
Millions of disposable diapers clog the landfill or use a lot of water and detergent to clean reusable diapers?
While we won't try to discuss environmental issues, this column will try to answer the second question: will it cost you more money?
As with the environmental debate, there is no simple answer.
The financial situation of diapers depends to a large extent on the children who use diapers and the parents who are responsible for taking care of the children.
But to provide some cost
Benefit analysis, we will look at three different schemes and the cost of each.
Choice: use only disposable diapers;
Service of cloth diapers and diapers;
Only use cloth diapers and wash them yourself.
First of all, disposable supplies.
The cost of disposable diapers depends on the age and size of your child-
The smaller the child, the lower the per capitaunit cost.
But usually they run 20 to 41 cents each.
Of course, each child is slightly different, but in general, you will change smaller children more often than older children.
So, in per-
Unit costs will still bring you a relatively stable daily cost of about $2. (
This is based on 10 changes per baby per day and 6 changes per child. )
It costs $14 a week and $728 a year.
On the other hand, the diaper service will offer about 80 baby diapers for $12 to $15 a week, depending on the service and where you live. (The per-
When the child is older and the diaper is larger, the cost of the diaper will rise slightly, however, the final price change is small because there are fewer diapers needed. )
Many families also buy luggage bags or handbags from the diaper service to store dirty diapers between pickups.
Estimated cost: $5.
Total annual: $629 to $785.
Buying and cleaning your own cloth diapers is often considered the cheapest option.
However, depending on which diaper you buy and whether you add a dollar value to the time of the caregiver, the cost can change a lot.
The following is a brief chapter: the standard cloth diaper is in J. C. Penney. For super-
Diapers, prices rose to $15 a dozen.
For more than a year, you may need about 100 diapers.
Assuming regular and super mixing
It will cost $90.
The cost of plastic pants varies depending on whether you want basic pants or something patterned.
But if you're not looking for something too fancy, it's about $1 per pair.
Let's say you need four dozen, that's $48.
The budget for the full set of safety pins and other accessories is $10-Up to $148.
Depending on where you live and shop, the cost of diaper washing will vary.
But you will estimate for water, electricity, laundry detergent, pre-paid
For each wash of the soak and softener, the rough cost is $1.
You need to make at least two packs of diapers a week, averaging about $104 a year.
Total budget allocation: $252 per year--
Of course, let's say you don't take into account the time it takes to soak, wash and fold.
If you want to be more convenient than standard diapers and plastic pants, there are a lot of products available on the market today.
But they will cost you.
For example, koooshies are forms-
Washable cloth diapers suitable for color and pattern. An infant 10-pack costs $70.
When the child exceeds 22 pounds, the cost per child increases to about $8. (
The price is calculated according to the retail price. C.
Penny and Sears)
If koooshies are not absorbed enough for your child, you can buy koooshie padding-10 for $9.
Also, if you want to feel the feeling of diapers in a cloth bag, you can buy the Cypress diaper liner for $8 for £ 200C. Penney.
Let's say you have 30 baby koooshies, a 10-
Koooshie padding and a pack of Cypress paper padding. That's $227.
Plus your laundry fee, due to the fact that you have less diapers, now increase to three loads per week, your total cost is about $390.
However, given your time cost and the family economy --
The wash was blown out of the water.
If you think it will take an hour to soak, wash and fold each wash, then it will take you at least 104 hours-
Designer diapers 156 hours--doing laundry.
$5 per hour, $520 for standard packages and $780 for designers.
In addition, the price of diapers and bargains is $754, while the price of designer options soared to $1,170 a year.
The bottom line is: the potty train your child as fast as possible.
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