clean-up continues after sailboat sinks near oak bay marina - absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-29
clean-up continues after sailboat sinks near oak bay marina  -  absorbent
The Canadian Coast Guard is still working on how to deal with 45-
A sunken foot sail near Oak Bay pier leaked diesel into the Bay on Monday.
The agency said on Tuesday it was looking for a contractor that could remove Sara Rosa or any contaminants.
"An accurate assessment of the number of contaminants on board has not yet been determined," said Michelle Ibo, a Coast Guard communications consultant, in a statement. C-
Two Victoria who helped clean up
On Tuesday, I returned to the Bay with the Coast Guard environmental response specialist.
The crew replaced the saturated absorbing boom and installed the other boom to capture any diesel oil leaking from the ship.
"There is a new boom right now and diesel is rarely coming out," said C . "
Tim Johnston, trailer owner
The wind blew away some of the diesel around the pier, but Johnston said he expected the diesel to evaporate.
"It evaporates more slowly when it's cold like this.
He said there may be temporary plans to use cranes and barges to remove ships this week.
"If they do go this way . . . . . . That would be a spectacular sight because it was a big ship.
"He said it would be very difficult to insert barges and cranes into fuel terminals, docks and all other ships.
The Coast Guard said they received an alert about 11: 00 for the wreck. m. Monday.
No one was on board.
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