clean harbors settles case for $1.7m - secondary containment

by:Demi     2019-09-10
clean harbors settles case for $1.7m  -  secondary containment
An environmental cleanup company has agreed to pay $1.
7 million. in order to resolve the allegations, the company improperly stored hazardous waste in its facilities in Braintree.
Environmental Protection Agency's agreement with clean Port Corporation
Including a $650,000 fine and $1 million for planting about 1,400 trees in low altitude areas
Income and historically weak areas in Boston.
The clean port will also comply with the enhanced waste analysis plan that exceeds the current requirements.
In a 2007 inspection, the EPA said it found violations, including the failure to maintain a hazardous waste tank, which was in poor shape at the time, with insufficient secondary containment and improper storage of hazardous waste.
Clean Harbors said it did not agree with the government's actions and that all corrective actions were implemented a few years ago.
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