christmas dinner: go green with a nut roast with family on skype - meat wrapping paper

by:Demi     2019-09-12
christmas dinner: go green with a nut roast with family on skype  -  meat wrapping paper
From reusable Christmas trees to reducing the carbon footprint of Christmas dinners, here's how to make sure all Christmas is green.
Research shows that a typical roast turkey of six people emits as much carbon dioxide as 78 driving.
An average of 5 miles per British gasoline vehicle.
In the UK, about 8 million Christmas trees are purchased every December, which is a lot of production and waste.
Experts also recommend cars
Share carbon dioxide when driving home for Christmas.
When Bin Crosby dreams of a white Christmas, Adrian Ramsey, an expert in green life, is dreaming of a green Christmas.
"In the grand scheme, a Christmas tree is only a small part of our carbon footprint, but that all adds up," said the chief executive of the alternative technology center.
"We can do vegetarian food or reduce meat and dairy products all year round, avoid flying, and usually buy less, not just Christmas.
"Going to visit friends or relatives can generate emissions, but it's better to be less.
"So, if you can avoid flying, take a train or a car," Adrian suggested . ".
"We even know that someone has a Christmas dinner via skype to avoid flying.
The added benefit is that you can turn off your relatives when you are full. "Fake or real?
For those who are still deciding, it depends.
Adrian said: "a real tree helps to absorb carbon as it grows, but if it rot in a landfill, it releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.
"If you burn it or use it in the garden, the impact will be lower.
If artificial trees are used for five years and ten years, their emissions may be lower than the real ones.
But it's plastic.
Try for a second-
Continue to use it.
"If you have space, the best option is a real tree that is still in the pot, put it outside so it can grow againused.
"In terms of decoration, the center of Machynlleth promotes decoration made of natural materials such as wood or pine fruit, and recommends lowenergy lights.
For anyone who likes to fill a gift under a tree, it may be a gift that is hard to swallow.
"No one wants to look like Scrooge, but we have to buy less," Adrian said . ".
"Think about the impact of electronics, for example, whether it's the energy they need to make and transport them, or the electricity they will use.
He suggested setting up a family secret Santa Claus with price restrictions.
If this is a big psychological leap for overeating
Adrian advises buyers to purchase locally manufactured or used goods made from recycled or sustainable materials, and not to be packaged in unnecessary packaging.
"Choose a gift of time or experience, not something," Adrian added . ".
If you put a bunch
Put recyclable wrapping paper into a black bag with other options.
"Try recycled brown paper that you decorate yourself, or holiday material that you can reuse in the coming years.
Did anyone mention the old newspaper? !
"Turkey is not the worst meat in terms of greenhouse gas emissions --
Worse beef and lamb
But it could still make up more than half of your Christmas plate emissions, "Adrian said.
"Choosing a vegetarian diet during the festival, or at least keeping meat for Christmas, will reduce your impact on the environment.
"Potatoes, European radishes and bean sprouts are the peak season for Christmas, which means you can buy them in the UK --
Agricultural products that have not passed so far.
Eating seasonal foods grown locally reduces food mileage.
Adrian's suggestion is that whatever you decide to eat, think carefully about how much you need and how you handle leftovers.
"Waste food and waste land, water and energy," he said . "
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