choosing the right diaper to manage bed-wetting with older children and teenagers part 2 - super absorbent polymer suppliers

by:Demi     2019-08-22
choosing the right diaper to manage bed-wetting with older children and teenagers part 2  -  super absorbent polymer suppliers
If you decide to use the pin-
Use diapers to manage your young man's bed.
You have to cover them with waterproof pants.
The most popular waterproof pants are plastic pants.
Some plastic trousers are thicker than others.
Generally, plastic pants that are a little thicker tend to last longer.
Some of the plastic pants brands with good reputation are Comco plastic pants, Suprima plastic pants and Gary plastic pants.
For more information on these pants and where to buy them, see my article "plastic pants brand for older children, teens and teens --
Wet problem.
"When purchasing diapers, check the size range of the product on the website.
As far as disposable panties are concerned, they will tell you which hip and waist size the panties are suitable.
For young people, they sometimes give the range of weight that the product is suitable.
Using cloth diapers, they give the waist size of the diaper fit and the length and width of the diaper.
A customer service representative from Angel fluffy diapers told me that in order to get the right size, you should measure the waist from the belt in front to the belt in the back, and then to the crotch department.
You should also know the size of your thigh.
The easiest thing is to get familiar with what size the company you plan to buy from then on needs, and when you are ready to buy the item, ask them if they have other information they need.
This is suitable for disposable underwear, plastic pants and cloth diapers.
As mentioned earlier, the use of diapers can bring great shame.
Unfortunately, most people only wear clothes such as pulling. ups/pull-
Ons and "Goodnites" to handle their beds
Not even considering trying other options.
In some cases, this option can provide better protection to make the child feel more comfortable and safe.
I have spoken to the customer service representative at the diaper store about HDIS and other places that sell incontinence products, and where I spoke with them, I feel that disposable underwear is easier to absorb than clothing such as pulling and pulling, and provides better protection.
Ups and "Goodnites", although I told some people, underwear and pull
Ups is equally effective in protecting users, which is just a matter of personal preference.
That being said, consensus from customer service reps selling both outfits and people from experience beds at the incontinence Forum --
Disposable panties seem to provide better protection for this particular type of incontinence.
Opinion about the bed-
The Polish product of the customer service representative, although there may be bias in this area, people should maintain a certain degree of caution in evaluating the information provided to them (
This is true in any other transaction)
The company that I have collected this information has been around for many years and has been highly rated by many people.
In addition, recommending products that do not work is not in the best interests of these companies.
I suspect that, in general, people who run mail order incontinence companies tend to have a high degree of integrity (
Of course, like everything else in life, there are exceptions to the rules)
And want to instill these values into employees responsible for providing the best product type information based on customer needs.
Like any other salesperson, they have to respond to the needs of their customers or they will soon be out of work, if companies gain a reputation for recommending products that do not meet the needs of consumers, they will soon fail.
At this point, I would like to talk about some of the reasons why disposable tape label briefings are more effective than products like "merchandise" and "pull"
Ups with incontinent such as bedwetting.
One of the reasons for this is that there is often more padding in the underwear.
I was told by a customer service representative that many of the underpants have high absorbent polymers and large-capacity pads that extend to wings and side panels.
Another customer service representative told me that there is often more padding before and after the disposable tape on the underwear.
On clothing, there is often less filling in the waist.
The third customer service representative told me that there was padding around the underwear, and clothing like a lanyard
Ups and "Goodnites" are not available.
In general, products like "Goodnites" seem to have no padding on the sides, meaning they are likely to offer less effective protection, especially for those who tend to sleep sideways.
In fact, on an incontinence Forum, one person mentioned that he did not find pull.
Up style disposable diapers for bed effectivenesswetting.
He said they don't have enough protection on both sides and he often encounters leaks.
I was also told that there would be more flexibility to get comfortable fit with short tapes as you have the ability to adjust the short tapes to make them more comfortable.
This, in turn, should help prevent leakage.
That's why the one-time underpants re-enable the tape in case you need to make any adjustments to the underpants to make it more appropriate.
Finally, the owner of XP Medical said in the email to me the following about disposable tape and pull-
Ups: "The tape label underwear is almost always easier to absorb
Ups, so better for incontinence.
There are two reasons for this, as you mentioned: 1. )
Fill more because there is not much elastic space before and after. 2. )
The tape allows the product to be more secure so that they remain in place even when wet.
If it is too heavy, the pull will drop.
"He went on to say that some people may find it difficult to fix the tape on diapers, such as people with arthritis or Parkinson's.
In this case, it is better to use such as pull-ups.
If your bed
Wetter does not have any cognitive or physical impairment to prevent or make it difficult for him or her to secure the tape on a tape label disposable brief, it is better to have the child or teenager wear disposable tape label panties instead of pullingups.
As for choosing a diaper for a cloth like an outer cover and a plastic outer cover, he has the following words: "Air --Plus diapers(
Diapers made of cloth like outer cover made with Abena)
It has the advantage of being quiet and allows some airflow to pass through the material.
On the other hand, many customers don't like them because the cloth, like the material on the clothes, "catches", can let the smell penetrate in.
"While this happens on a particular brand of diapers, it can also be a problem with other brands of diapers.
One mentioned that he found that when he was walking around the bed, the diaper with a cloth like the outer cover tended to stick to the sheet because he often walked around at night, so he prefers disposable diapers with plastic covers.
The advantage of returning to the underwear with disposable tape and cable tape
Ups, author of the diaper starter book in the one-time diaper section, is pulling-
Ons: "As a general observation, we will say
Ons is not really "what do you know "(i. e. diapers)
Can't bear it either-hem.
"If they get used to it and get wet again, they get heavy and the elastic waist will not be able to keep them healthy or comfortable.
The writer's point is that they are very useful and valuable for those who do not intend to wet them and wear protection primarily for peace of mind or "just in case --
Ons is more than just a full diaper briefing.
"There are several brands of disposable underwear that are highly valued by many people, especially for incontinence like a bed --wetting.
These include Molicare Super Plus fitted panties, Abriform X-
Plus a unique briefing produced by Abena (
This was made by First health, also known as the health briefing)
, European briefing produced by Mediprime, safe X-
Plus underwear, quiet-Through-
Disposable underwear in the evening, Tenas, and dry 247 underwear.
Abena Abriform also has a model called "super" briefing which is not like X-
Plus model, but for young people who may not be able to adapt to X-it has an extra small sizePlus briefs.
These are just a few disposable underwear brands to choose from.
Other brands of disposable underwear include Kendall's wing brand, with the first quality, white stone (
Different models of disposable underwear including "ultrasonic)
Brand of dignity manufactured by Humanicare, rest assured, participate, protect, plus Medline, dry comfort and Nightingale.
As far as the dignity brand is concerned, they produced a night version of the briefing called "dignity PM" and they also produced a briefing called "dignity Plus.
On the Duraline medical products website in the education section of their website, they have a section called "common types of incontinence and appropriate products.
Night urine (
As mentioned earlier, this is the clinical term for the bedwetting)
With regard to the best product types, they have the saying: "incontinence such as impulsive, nocturnal enuresis, or reflex usually requires packaging
Whether it's disposable or cloth, or bulky pants and pad systems.
"As far as pants and pad systems are concerned, although Duraline mentions that these systems are suitable for incontinence, other sources for the sale of incontinence products (
And diaper primer)
Indicates that these are designed to deal with incontinence in the light to moderate, not recommended in bedwetting.
In the incontinence guide on the Woodbury product website, it lists four different levels of incontinence --
Very light, light, medium, heavy.
It also lists the clothing types that are best suited to handle these different levels.
The disposable tape label underwear mentioned is most effective in the treatment of incontinence (
People lose a lot of incontinence in urine. )
Quote website-
Disposable underpants are extremely comfortable and discreet, offering superior protection and confidence.
Easily secure with tape labels. " Since bed-
Moistening is a form of severe incontinence, and it is better to use products specifically designed for this type of incontinence, and disposable tape-labeled underpants seem to be the best option for the treatment of severe incontinence.
Now, I want to go back to the topic of disposable tape label underpants and disposable tape label underpants with plastic outer covers and cloth like outer covers.
In terms of buying disposable tape on underpants with plastic outer or cloth layers, this is a personal preference.
Some people prefer diapers with cloth outside, and some prefer diapers with plastic layers outside.
Some of the complaints mentioned in the diaper primer about diapers with cloth like a coat are the wear between the legs and the feeling of wet and cold.
Others prefer the fabric like the outer cover because they feel it is more comfortable.
Most manufacturers seem to be making diapers with cloth like the outer cover for many reasons.
First, they can be produced more cost-effectively for manufacturers.
Second, they should wear more carefully.
Some diapers with plastic outer covers make a harsh sound whenever the user walks around.
Third, cloth like the outer cover should make diapers look more like underwear, which makes it easier for many people to wear.
Fourth, these diapers should be more breathable, meaning they should be healthier for the individual's skin.
Finally, all of these reasons may have to do with the decision to make this diaper.
That is to say, there are companies that produce two styles of diapers, and there are companies that only produce diapers with plastic shells.
I personally think that the reason for using diapers for older children, teenagers, adults made with cloth like a hood, these diapers look more like underwear than they do with plastic outer layers.
As far as the sand is concerned, I know there is a way to fix this, and it shouldn't be a problem if this person only wears diapers at night.
In addition, even disposable diapers of certain brands make a certain amount of noise.
It should be pointed out that products and brands continue to develop over time
For example, a brand that may have a poor reputation among members of the incontinence community many years ago may have improvedversa.
Another thing to remember about disposable underwear is that some people buy disposable underwear to increase the water absorption capacity of underwear.
Disposable padding is called a force increase pad or a "diaper booster", which can be used by mail order companies from HDIS, National incontinence, homemade connections from other places specializing in incontinence products
As I mentioned later in this article, many companies that sell incontinence products have sample packs for disposable underpants, which will help you decide that the disposable tape on the underpants is a cloth with an outer cover, or is the underwear plastic outer cover with disposable tape label best for you.
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