chickens as house pets - absorbent pad under meat

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chickens as house pets  -  absorbent pad under meat
Chicken indoors?
Chicken is really a great pet (
What else do you eat in the morning for breakfast made by animals? lol)
As more and more people get tired of buying dim-flavored eggs from chickens on factory farms, popularity has soared.
As they pop up all of a sudden, it seems inevitable that people will begin to realize that chickens are not as stupid as they are portrayed, and that they actually have their own personalities.
This leads many people to think that chickens are crazy for pets at home.
This may begin with a sick chicken that needs to be separated from the flock for special care, or raised in it, then not willing to lose the intimacy with them by moving them out even just a opinionated hen that tries to come in whenever she can,, the operation of raising chickens began very slowly.
For whatever reason, after raising one or two chickens in the House, the little cluckers seem to start adapting and it seems strange to have them written down all the time, so they may come out of the cage for the time being.
This caused you to sit on the sofa and watch TV with a chicken on your knee.
Sounds silly, right?
It always sounds silly until it happens to you.
Keeping a chicken is like keeping other pets.
They need food and water, need a cage or home where they can sleep, and need a proper way to go to the bathroom.
They need security, family and love.
Just like any pet, it is important to know their nature to make their environment a healthy environment and to ensure their health and happiness.
Chicken is a social animal before getting a pet chicken. It is important to realize that chickens are essentially social animals.
They need a group, just like dogs need a group.
They will not be happy if they are alone for a long time, they may feel stressed and develop bad habits.
If you are going to buy a pet chicken, you need to plan to spend most of your time together, or buy one or two more chickens to accompany them.
Although they have a dog sitter and a dog day care center, they don't have anything like a chicken, so it's better to work from home.
Your chicken needs a friend if you don't.
My pet chickens usually accept that my other pets are part of their flock, so if they are well combined with your cat or dog, it may be another one to accompany them
Chicken likes to be with you. Chicken is a social animal and likes to be with everyone.
Raising chickens in the chicken house does not allow you to really be part of the flock, but living in the same place as them, hanging out with them while you are watching TV, generally speaking, spending time one-on-one will really give you a greater appreciation and understanding of the chicken.
The raw silk in the picture below is the chicken on my table.
Because she was sick when I received her, sweet tweets had to get back healthy and she was put on my desk when I looked after her.
Even if she gets better, she thinks it's her space.
While I was working she was hanging out on my desk and sharing space with cats as they all passed by and wanted to find pets and wanted to get from my plate while I was having lunch
The place she wants to go most is on my desk.
Like other pets, raising your child with a pet, the chicken may be great for the child.
But just like other pets, it depends to a large extent on the personality of your pet and how strict you are with your child's treatment of pets.
Chicken is usually very friendly and loving.
They tend to be strong and protect themselves if pushed too far.
But be careful of the sharp mouth.
Bright Eyes and food on the cheeks are tempting, so it is important to supervise their interactions.
Also, wings and legs are easily broken, so teach your child to handle the birds carefully and not pick them up.
Chickens and other pets if you have other pets, you need to consider whether it is safe to have a home chicken.
Chickens are attacked daily by dogs and other pets, and if you don't want this to happen to your chickens, you need to plan very carefully.
Your pet can coexist, I have cats and dogs, and sometimes rabbits and other animals, none of which will attack my pet chicken, but that's not always the case with each pet.
Pets personality needs to be considered and how you introduce them.
If the other pet often hunts and kills animals, or even breeds raised to do so, you may not be able to put them together safely.
A bird dog or animal husbandry may be particularly problematic.
If you are going to try to introduce your pets, be sure to look carefully and introduce them through the fence of the cage in case of any problems.
In any case, you should always put the chicken in the cage and tie the dog to the belt, which will help you to get a hold of the situation.
Dogs or cats may be fascinated and try to smell the chicken.
Chickens may be afraid.
Wait until they settle in and don't get too excited about each other until you start letting them relax together.
Even if your pets look safe together, don't leave them alone.
If the chicken is frightened and flapping its wings, he may trigger the hunting instinct of another animal because it is a bit like a prey.
Even if your pet chicken is out most or all of the time, they need a unique place.
It should be a spacious cage so they have room to walk around easily in case they need to stay in it for a long time.
The chicken can sometimes be in a place where there is no diaper, which is also good, and if the hen lays the egg, she will want a safe place to do it.
Many chickens also like to sleep in cages because it makes them feel safe.
The interior of the cage should be lined with shavings (NOT cedar! )
Newspapers, old towels, even diapers.
Depending on how long your chicken has been in the cage, you can easily throw diapers or towels into the washing machine every few days.
The shavings are all over the place if the chicken slaps its wings, so I prefer to change them with old cloth diapers, and then, when I have a bunch of things, I threw them all in the washing machine.
I actually have a zone on my desk, not a cage, because sweet tweets refuse to sleep in her cage, instead she likes to sleep next to me when I work on my computer at night.
Chickens should have food and water in their cages and a habitat.
The bantam Garmin below had no habitat in her cage because she refused to use it, but she did like to turn over and sit on the carton I added, so she has a place to lay eggs.
Don't forget that if the chicken is a hen, it will lay eggs and she needs a box to lay the eggs.
I love the cartons because I can easily turn them off when they get dirty, but anything works, they just need to be easy to clean and big enough to feed the hen
The most common question when I mention home chicken is why, but the second most common question is poo?
What about poo when you have a parrot or parrot?
They are also pet birds, and the results are similar.
Anyone with chickens knows that when dealing with chickens outside, chickens are a common danger.
Sooner or later you will be hit by it, or sooner or later you will know the chicken.
It could be a problem in a house because no one wants chicken shit everywhere.
There are several ways to solve this problem when people raise chickens.
One way is to put the chicken in the fence when it is not in the cage.
Some use the old baby fence, but some use the puppy fence.
Setting up these fences in the family room can interact with the chicken, but this makes it difficult for the chicken to really be a part of the family and to hug, and most chickens will eventually jump out.
Another way is to let the chicken wander around and don't worry.
This really doesn't work if you have a carpet, however, if you have hardwood floors or felt, the paper towel will wipe anything quickly and it's not hard to wipe the poop off occasionally.
Put a towel where the chicken is sitting most of the time to grab most of the poop, and the tissue can handle any other garbage.
I have heard of the people's house.
Train chickens.
I haven't tried it myself, but it's worth a try if you're interested in doing so.
Take a look at some of the tap training videos on YouTube and get started.
The most common way people deal with poo
Fill the chicken with a chicken diaper.
Yes, here are some diapers for chicken.
They haven't bought it from many places yet, it's not like there are a lot of people who need chicken diapers, but you can often buy it from other chicken people or make it yourself.
Basically, the chicken diaper is the small cloth bottom you put on the chicken, there is a small suction pad at the bottom, and you will replace it as the chicken goes on.
The chicken diapers do not touch their feathers, it will stand out a little so that their feathers will remain clean.
The chicken wears diapers when it is loose at home and removes it in the cage.
Really, for most chicken fans, the poo problem is no big deal after a while.
Like the cat litter box, this is another household that needs to be continued.
In fact, I think it's less irritating to deal with than cat poop or picking up dog fights in the yard.
While it's hard to find chicken diapers, someone will make and sell them if you don't want to make them.
I found some and if you know nothing is listed here please let me know in the comments so I can add them.
Although many chickens are as laid back as my sweet tweets --
Coming back lazy, some chickens may get tired of being pets at home, especially if they are used to running around the outside and can't do that anymore for some reason.
Toys and games come in from here.
Like other pets, you need to keep your chicken entertained.
To keep them busy, you can do a lot of things and think about some of the games you play with your cat.
Keep in mind that chickens really enjoy finding food, and toys or games that involve food are often the most popular.
It's always good to give your chicken some outdoor game time once in a while if possible.
They like to eat outdoors and grass, but you have to be very careful because everything likes to eat chicken.
Nearby dogs may be as friendly as anything, but the delicious roast chicken may be too tempting.
In addition, it is well known that raptors will drop from the sky and take off with a chicken in just a few minutes.
Every time your chickens don't increase at dangerous levels, but a discreet host should be able to keep their chickens fairly safe.
Always remember that everything wants to eat your pet, so you need to keep an eye on any dangers at all times.
Chickens can learn to walk around with belts, and if you want to take chickens to the park or on a road trip, it's convenient for you to accompany him for a while at the rest station.
Chickens need to learn to wear straps, or diapers with belts, and then train them like rabbits or cats.
They did not really walk themselves, but walked around with the master.
Another option to allow your chicken to stay outside for a while is to use a cage or fence.
Antams and bunnies in the picture below are enjoying their time outside in the enclosure under the shade.
Some chickens jump or fly out of the fence, so usually putting a cage on the grass works best.
It also makes the chicken a little safer.
Just like a baby, treat a chicken as a living breathing creature.
In the pen, they will not be able to leave the Sun if it is too hot, they need to be supervised, and they also need supervision if they need water and food.
Chickens tend to overheat very quickly, so make sure they have some sort of shade on the part of the fence that can be retreated.
Chickens need to be cleaned and don't always realize that they should be cleaned in dirt, so it's not uncommon to see chickens think they can be cleaned in random things outside or inside the house.
Home chickens should be brought out once a week, rolling in some clean dirt, or set them up with a small box for them to roll inside.
A small storage box with holes on the side is a great place to put some dust and DE so your pet chicken can roll inside.
Or an unused, closed cat litter.
One of the questions that pet cocks or pet hens often ask is whether a home chicken should be a hen or a cock?
As long as there is no problem with your neighbor, hen or cock, it works like a chicken house.
Hen lays eggs, some varieties are more than others, but the cock usually gets sweet.
Chicken coop is usually a cock for some reason.
I don't know why this is the case, maybe it's because chickens are usually chickens that can't get along with other chickens, or maybe it's because a lot of people don't want Cocks and always want to throw them away, but for whatever reason, roos seems to be more common than hens as a family pet.
Although they are often considered silent (
Except cock)
It may be very noisy.
Depending on the birds, they may be very noisy.
Some hens often talk.
They walk around and tell everyone what "Hey, look at this" is?
Is this something to eat?
"They kept on chattering, and I was a little skeptical that they were talking to themselves.
Other hens make small noises occasionally, but scream when they lay eggs. . . "Everyone!
Come and see! I laid an egg! ! ! " . . .
Then the Cock (If any)
Must come and say, "Wow!
My hen laid the egg!
"Hello everyone, she laid an egg!
Until the final commotion subsided, it started again the next morning when the hen screamed again "I laid an egg.
"There are also some that are basically silent.
You never know where they are or what they are doing because they sneak in and lay the eggs, very quiet and you will forget them.
This is the way I have a white sausage hen.
Except for some strange ringtones or content --
She never spoke.
The noise from hens varies depending on the breed, personality, and time of day, so it is difficult to predict.
Some hens even call.
Yes, there are even chickens.
When it comes to crowding, we can't exclude the cock from the Noise Factory.
If you had a cock, he would almost certainly have called.
Not every cock has a crow, but few exceptions.
The Crow is not always the same cock. a-doodle-do though.
The Big Chicken usually has a low, thriving crow, which is usually a bass.
Bantam cock occasionally makes a harsh sound like an old cock
Door hinge noise
Most of the Roosters are also ringing frequently.
They usually leave around three o'clock A. M. and continue throughout the day, especially if they can hear other chickens.
This means they are not pets in the apartment.
They may not even be pets at home if you have neighbors or thin walls.
You can handle a bit of noise by having a very dark cage at night, modify a well
The ventilated wooden box works well.
Wood helps to absorb any sound they make at night, and the darkness makes them think it's still night, not time for Crows.
Once they are released, however, they will hear a harsh voice.
All this means you need to think more carefully about which chicken to buy. Bantams (
Small or mini chicken)
Unless you get them from my pet chicken, you can't have sex at a very young age.
So if you get bantam chicks, you get 50/50 chance to get a cock.
The standard size chickens can be sexualized and usually sexualized if they are in the feed store, so you can be sure you only get the small chicken nuggets (young females)
This is not 100% accurate though.
So most people get adult chickens or get close to adult chickens so they don't risk offending their neighbors.
Although noisy like chickens, they look pale compared to many other pet birds that are usually kept.
The ears of a screaming parrot are shattered, and a hen is more lovely than anything.
Choosing a chicken breed is more suitable for pets than other breeds.
The personality of the chicken itself is important, but some varieties are more calm and smaller than others, and the chances are higher.
The popular chicken breed for family pets is Bantam (or mini)Cochin.
There are some big codes called standards, but since they are too large, it is usually difficult to live in them, so it is not common.
The sixins are shaped like balls with feathers on their feet and are very personable and friendly.
Because they have feathers.
Feet, they may have problems with poop sticking to the feathers on their feet, so they need to be in a clean cage, or wear diapers often, or they may track poop everywhere.
The chicken below is a Bantam.
For more information on Garmins, please check out my article in Garmin Chicken.
Another kind of chicken that makes a good house chicken is Bantam (or mini)frizzle-
A feather Chin as shown below.
Chicken feathers are a feather-twisted chicken that looks blurry.
In fact, there are several varieties of chickens that introduce curly feather genes, and curly hair seems to be the most common.
They are all cute, but often they break feathers easily, so be careful.
The smallest chicken in the world is SeramaSerama chicken.
The size of the chicken varies because there are multiple sizes represented by letters in the alphabet, but even the largest Serama is small.
These lovely birds are delicate and sweet.
They may be a bit timid in the beginning, but will become very friendly.
Naked Neck chickens or Turkic chickens are not as common as domestic chickens, but they are becoming more and more popular. the reason why naked neck chickens or Turkic chickens are so named is because they are chickens with feathers --
The neck is missing so it looks a bit like a turkey.
The naked neck is a bit frivolous but very friendly.
They have a well.
The known branch is called Showgirl chicken, which comes from breeding the Turkmen into silk to get a bare neck with a furry hat and coat.
Like silkens and Silkies, the show girls are friendly and nice pets.
The first sight of the Polish chicken crown was noticed.
The little feathers on their heads make them look funny, sweet and cute.
They make great pets, but their spires often make it hard for them to see, which makes them either a bit stupid --
Looks, or can easily be scared.
Trim the top a little or put it in a soft ponytail --
Holder will be of great help to PC.
They have the standard version and the bantam version, although there is not always a big size difference between them.
SilkiesProbably may be one of the more popular chickens for family pets, and black chickens are often referred to as hairy chickens (
Because of their skin color)
, Or bedroom slippers with feet: They are one of the most peaceful chicken varieties and are usually very meek, making them a great pet both inside and outside the house.
For more information about black chicken, please check my page about black chicken on black chicken.
I know you 'd be surprised.
Silkies is small in size and peaceful in temperament, and may be the best chicken for pets in the family.
Every once in a while, I get a strange response saying that I have a home chicken or even a chicken outside, "Are you not afraid of bird flu ? "?
If you have chickens, you will make it easier for us to get bird flu.
"It's hard for me not to laugh at this.
Whatever form it takes. . .
"Sick" "Salmonella" "chicken will make you sick ". . .
This is a manifestation of ignorance and brainwashing.
Raising a chicken doesn't automatically make you sick, nor is it a dangerous thing to eradicate.
This is the case with most bird flu hysteria. hysteria.
Very few chickens from home, often far away from the outside world, have strict regulations on their movements, which is not a carrier for spreading bird flu.
Wild birds, wild birds who do not know the coastline, go very far in the migration, around us, on the picnic table, in the bushes around our home, even around the hospital yard you get bird flu, not chickens.
Salmonella is a problem for many pets, not just chickens.
We can get salmonella from other pets, others, and even water.
Salmonella is by our side, raising chickens hardly increases the risk of getting salmonella, and most salmonella varieties are not that bad even if you get it.
Most varieties will give you a bit of a stomachache, and if so, it will also help to teach your antibodies to react (like a vaccine)
Dangerous types such as salmonella.
Compared to most other animals in kindergarten classes that we take for granted or any mother knows, chickens or any birds are unlikely to pose a threat to your health.
Bacteria have been around us all the time, but a lot of them are specific species, so it is unlikely that we will get sick because chickens are birds.
Other mammals are more likely to carry bacteria that affect us, while other humans are more likely to carry dangerous bacteria.
Clean chicken nests and healthy chickens are unlikely to have bacteria and diseases, so unlike factory farms, chickens on factory farms have to take drugs and antibiotics to survive, and most pet chickens rarely need medication, pet chicken owners are more likely to use natural, non-natural
If there is any problem, control the dangerous remedy of any problem.
Chicken is unlikely to make you sick.
When you think of children growing up on a farm, do you think of sick children?
Raising chickens makes you healthier.
Their eggs are often filled with vitamins, much more than in the store --bought, mass-produced eggs. The Omega-
3 s is higher, which usually results in a better immune system and more disease resistance.
Children growing up around any pet are more likely to be healthy than children growing up in a sterile environment, and the immune system is stronger.
The most popular Disney children's show Zack and CodyOne's suite live chicken has an unexpected guest in several episodes, one of which has a pet chicken called Dudley.
Dudley is a cute little white. although he doesn't do much, his clothes are really cute.
In this episode, the hotel's Bellman and Dudley's boss, Esteban, are auditioning for a talent show with Dudley, who is very disinterested.
The woman likes her pet very much. The beginning of the video below is good, but most of the time it starts around 5: 00.
It is then characterized by the fact that someone treats a cock as a pet and a baby.
The Golden Campine hen in this photo below lived in the house for a long time.
She shared a cage with our rabbit and gave us a fresh egg every morning.
Although we found a new outdoor home for her after a while, she was too active, frivolous and uncomfortable indoors.
Some chickens can't be good indoor pets, it's better to find them a more comfortable home instead of forcing them to be something that doesn't fit them.
Not a Human chicken.
Should not be a pet at home.
The chickens raised for meat production should also be carefully considered.
They usually grow too fast to survive for a long time, and no one wants to lose their pets after a few months because of a heart attack or a broken leg.
Choose friendly and outgoing chickens, those that have always wanted to be with you.
Choose varieties that tend to have good family pet traits.
Remember, not every chicken is a chicken. Mr.
Mr. cock in Miami.
Crookkey is Miami's idol.
He lives in the owner's apartment with a hen and rides the owner's bike all day through the streets of Miami.
He also served as Grand Marshall for the annual mango King parade in Miami Beach and was selected as a top activist in 2008.
He may now be forced to leave his home.
Livestock are not allowed in this city, but pets are allowed.
The court rendered a judgment against Mr Crouch, but it was held that, since Mr Crouch was indeed an icon in Miami, they might be granted an exemption.
To learn more about Mr. cluky, please visit his website at Mr. cluky.
Not only is chicken a pet at home, but also duck.
The Big Duck in the picture below does not live permanently in our small place, but she is injured in the winter storm and needs to come in and recuperate.
Ducko has a special mat on the bed so she can hang out with us and watch TV.
Other ducklings are inside until they are as big as they can stay outside.
It's easy for ducks to leave their mark, or think humans are their mothers, so they will be great pets.
For more information about ducks as family pets, check out this great article by XpectMorebizsolutions, which is about their pet ducks. . . YES!
Some people think it sounds interesting to raise chickens!
Anonymous: I have eaten chicken {Chick Chick}
Almost a year now.
People think it's crazy that we eat chicken at home, but I always tell them that she's the best pet I 've ever had.
She makes me laugh all day.
She's so cute.
We have several cats inside and outside and they all get along very well.
She slept in the kennel at night and spent most of her time at home with me.
She likes to dig dirt outside.
I highly recommend chicken.
We plan to get a cock soon.
Anonymous: I have a cock, he is my love, I can't put him with the chicken outside naked.
Anonymous: another strange pet of love!
I like this one.
I used to have a home quail.
Follow me everywhere.
Sit on my feet.
Anonymous: It's really disappointing that people are so narrow about keeping chickens indoors as pets. . .
Under what circumstances it may be much better than chickens that are raised into food or layers (Factory farming. )
Dogs need to dig, cats need to climb, but as long as you give your pet freedom, excitement, proper diet, I think it's a great thing that people can accept chicken as something outside of their food source.
Anonymous: there is no reason not to try to eat "home chicken "!
We bought a house in the country last year and inherited three chickens from our former owners.
Hen Gertie became as friendly and sweet as our dog and cat.
She was in the house every night, jumping on the couch, watching TV for hours with us, having dinner with the dog, walking around like family, and of course, she was sitting on our legs, like to be a pet :-)
I know that chickens can be very friendly and sweet, but I don't know that they will fit into a family like any other beloved pet.
Our two cocks continue to live with a large group of hens, so Gertie is now our only chicken and she lives a happy life or relaxing with her family at night, but in the winter she lives in the heated hen apartment in our garage.
She plays with toys, eats a special diet of organic food, and has a lot of space to sleep, play and relax.
Now, with regard to the view that people only belong outside to chickens, I can only say: do you know how commercial chickens and eggs are raised? ! ?
Unless these chickens and eggs are specifically labeled "free range", they will spend their lives in small cages that are almost not big enough to let the birds move around in cages.
For the spawning bird, the bottom of the cage is tilted, so after the hen lays eggs, it can roll the bottom of the cage to a moving conveyor belt and then pass the eggs through the production line.
This is not the outdoor life that most Americans imagine living in chickens and other poultry.
The coops in the backyard, even the occasional home, are definitely more human than anything you 've ever had on your dinner or breakfast plate.
Anonymous: We have three anonymous people in our family that we like: it's just a great experience.
They became part of the family!
I already have one!
We bought two POL pekin bantams and found that they were suffering from conworm disease.
Unfortunately, one died, but the survivors ended up being a chicken.
It was not intentional, but the other hens were so picky about her that she became withdrawn and unhappy.
She had full roaming rights in the house and was lying on our bed.
When we do this, she will go out and follow us back and beg for corn in front of the fridge, often with a very privileged life!
She has a garbage tray made up of birds and DE to clean the shower to keep the feathers intact.
I have one.
I like chicken! ! !
I like your camera very much. It's a hoot.
I have a chicken, but I never thought about it.
My sister lives in Africa.
In a house, not a cabin)
It is common to eat chicken, she said.
That's how you left. Do or don't do. . . .
Anonymous: I have a chicken too!
I love her so much and she is great with my dog and my 18 year old daughter.
She sits on my knees/shoulders/arms and loves it there.
I do need to invest in diapers, though!
Anonymous: My daughter just brought two chickens home and loved them very much.
I don't know what to do since we live in the city.
Over the past few days, I 've been thinking about the legal issues with the backyard chicken.
It still looks like a gray area.
They are legal within the city as pets, but not as practical animals.
I am very happy to know the chicken, don't worry about the chicken house outside.
I think it will be a very interesting and helpful experience for her.
My MIL raised a chicken in the house.
This is a very beautiful black and white stray chicken.
She found out who it belonged to and returned it many times, but it came back to her all the time, so she finally kept it.
She bought it a huge dog house that let it live inside, but sometimes it sits on the edge of the tub.
She and her cat have pictures of the chicken, and when she works from home, the chicken often sits next to her computer.
In the end, she gave it to a family farm that saved the abused animals because it was normal for her to have a hard time getting on it whenever she left for a few days.
The chicken is a great pet.
Anonymous: My niece has a pet chicken that runs around the house with her cats and dogs!
I thought it was crazy when I first saw this, but now I think it's fun. . .
The fluffy chicken wandered around the house!
I never thought I 'd see this day! lol!
Anonymous: I raised it with a pet chicken, which is better for kids than cats or dogs.
I have a friend who is raising a disabled chicken.
I never thought the chicken would have such a pleasant personality!
This is my "Grand-Peep" :-)
Anonymous: I have 4 chickens as pets at home and they will be treated like parrots but will be quieter and sweeter.
Also, you know what parrot will give you breakfast in the morning.
I like all the chickens at home and outside.
My children also like it.
Anonymous: I recently ordered a chicken diaper for one of my Americans.
No matter what I do, she will not merge with my flock.
Having a bantam could also be a problem, though I found out at least once that she was with someone else, so she might end up fine.
Every time Maria sees me she runs over and finally falls on my shoulder!
Anonymous: I have a cock because he doesn't get along well with my two hens and his father outside.
Anonymous: We have a chicken in the house with our dog and now she is free to be in the yard or in the house of her choice.
She wants to be with us in the house, not the other chickens.
She is really a pet and thinks she is a dog.
Anonymous: I have a hen named Beaker (
Yes, after the puppet).
She lives indoors, in diapers, sleeps on a plush pet bed at night, nestled under her wool baby blanket on the little fluffy sheep I gave her for Easter.
She sat on my shoulder, watched TV with me at night, combed my hair, and she pursed when I stroked her.
She is the best pet I have ever had. . . .
She was kind, lovely, didn't overdemand, she was cheap and ate any bugs that could get into the house and she wouldn't spoil my stuff either.
It's really no better than that.
Personally, I think if more people are aware of what chickens look like when they spend a lot of moneyon-
On one occasion, they will compete with dogs and cats to become family pets.
I never wanted to have a chicken in my house.
They are really perfect pets.
Great idea!
I already have a chicken. a showgirl)
Who is 1 week old
I also plan to have a silkworm.
This is a good idea!
I lived in the house for two years.
She turns out to be one of the smartest, best performing, and most interesting pets I 've ever had! !
Anonymous: Nothing special!
I have pet chickens at home and they are like my kids!
They are misunderstood and more people should take the time to get to know them!
I love my children and they are very special to me!
I will save them if I can! anonymous: LOL.
I am also a chicken eater: p I am the proud mother of two birds, an old British roo of Bantam, a lovely little silkworm hen.
Really the best pets of all time, and I'm glad to see other people like them too! ! !
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