chennai oil spill dooms turtles - oil spill absorbent

by:Demi     2019-08-30
chennai oil spill dooms turtles  -  oil spill absorbent
On Sunday, a thick tide of oil from the sea slapped on the coast of several fishing villages north of Chennai, a day after two cargo ships, one of which was a tanker, collided at the port of Kamarajar in Ennore.
Several dead turtles and young turtles coated with black oil were rushed to the shore and found in boulders.
By the afternoon, the spread of oil was 400.
Near the Ernavur junction, 40 metres long and 40 metres wide.
On these two ships. T.
Dawn from Mumbai, Kanchipuram, collided with diesel at about 4 in the morning. m.
A liquefied petroleum gas tanker on SaturdayT. BW Maple.
As a result of a leak in the tanker, authorities in the port of ennoreka Malaja placed a fence around the vessel.
Oil floating along the north Chennai coast has hit fishing villages, as the port authorities said on Saturday that the ships had only a faint glow and would soon disappear.
Hundreds of residents watched the oil spin in the water.
"Just outside the Cherian Nagar outside the fishing port of casmai Du, we have been smelling the oil.
This makes breathing very difficult.
We felt like there was oil in our mouth and we smelled it, "said a vendor on the beach of bharathar Nagar, where hundreds of residents gathered to watch
The port insists it has nothing to do with the collision.
Officials of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Commission (TNPCB)
Visited the bharathar Nagar near the Ernavur junction of the Enno highway, and the leak was visible even at night.
The TNPCB engineer said that samples have been collected and the type of oil will be determined after testing.
A panel of experts from IIT Madras is also on site.
"We went to the port of camaraja but only found oil in one place.
It doesn't look like gasoline or diesel, but it looks like lubricating oil or furnace oil.
"Samples will be analyzed," said an official with TNPCB . ".
A pollution response team from the Coast Guard arrived at the scene after receiving an alert from the TNPCB using a mop oil purifier and spongeLike an absorbent.
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