- carbon dioxide absorbent

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  -  carbon dioxide absorbent
Katowice, Poland (AP)
More and more satellites are monitoring human beings.
Due to the need to track the main sources of climate change gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, space produces greenhouse gas emissions.
When scientists and policies
Manufacturers agree that a strong grasp of the source of emissions is key to tackling global warming, and there is a lot of political sensitivity around this issue.
US President Barack Obama proposed in 2009N.
The United States may use satellites to monitor emissions from other countries.
Obama called for the information to be shared so that people can see who is serious and who is not "annoying China and other countries that are worried about external monitoring of emissions data ".
Experts say the precise country
There is still a long way to go for the specific accounting of space emissions.
But when negotiators at this month's climate summit in Katowice, Poland, are confused about how to ensure countries provide accurate emissions data, many international agencies and private companies once again touted the space
Monitoring as an auxiliary means, if not an alternative means, can
Number of reportsSo-
The so-called emissions inventory is key to the implementation of the 2015 Paris climate agreement, but so far there are no international standards, let alone independent oversight.
Data reported per country, usually Year-
The old estimates were used to determine if they did enough work on emissions reduction.
According to a recent report by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, the most abundant greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions, by 2050, the earth needs to be reduced to a level called net zero, to keep global warming at 1.
5 degrees Celsius (2. 7 Fahrenheit)
As envisaged in the Paris agreement.
"It is very important to have accurate information about emissions," said Oksana Tarasova, head of the atmospheric environment research department of the World Meteorological Organization.
"We have no time to waste. "Space-
Talasova says basic observation allows scientists to capture the big picture.
But, she added, "it's like a Russian doll.
You start with global observations and then go to regional observations and local observations.
"Outside half the world, Mike Gunson of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, California, and his colleagues have been running NASA's OCO-
Since its launch in 2014, there have been two satellites.
This "Eye of the Sky" was designed to observe carbon dioxide.
"How much fossil fuel we are willing to burn, and how much carbon dioxide we are willing to emit into the atmosphere is the first --
Orders for future climate forecasts, "Gunson said.
The second big question (is)
How much does the terrestrial ecosystem absorb and how much does the Ocean absorb. . .
It is far from solved.
"Due to concerns that some of the gases may not be obvious yet, efforts to take stock of the world's greenhouse gas emissions have become even more urgent.
Greet Maenhout, a European Commission scientist at Ispra's joint research center in Italy, said coal mines had not been found to leak carbon dioxide until recently.
"This is coming from space," Maenhout said . ".
The committee by a few satellite monitoring the European Union member states are performance its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas of emissions compared 40% 1990 2030.
Claus Zena, Sentinel manager at the European Space Agency, said that while satellites themselves cannot provide accurate emission data from far away, their advantage lies in their consistency5P mission.
"You can easily compare different measurements, different emissions in different countries, which is not easy to do on the ground --
"Based on measurement," he said.
Zehner said the observation showed that China's sulfur dioxide emissions have declined over the past decade compared to India, suggesting that Beijing is taking action to reduce pollution.
These results, coupled with the new tools to collect data at increasingly sophisticated resolutions, will inevitably cause governments to worry that others will enter their territory.
Previously unpublished methane measurements captured by Sentinel
5 P and its predecessor Sciamachy show that this strong greenhouse gas has increased atmospheric levels globally, especially in industrialized countries and emerging economies.
In the next few years, a series of new gases
The detection instrument will enter orbit.
Copy of NASA's OCO-
Next year, the International Space Station will connect two stations and will have a stand.
A separate system, Geocarb, is scheduled to be launched in 2020 for higher orbit.
The Japanese space agency has just launched GOSAT-
2. measure carbon dioxide and methane while the European Space Agency is preparing to send a dedicated carbon dioxide observer, Sentinel
Into orbit in 2025. U. S.
The transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration continues concerns about China.
Despite the current U. S.
S. President's decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, and U. S. diplomats in kat Wiz are urging emerging economies such as China to set strict rules on transparency, the last reported level of greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 was much higher than all other countries on Earth.
Scientists believe that from space
Measurement-based data is increasing and it makes sense to share the data and work together.
Maenhout said: "We want big companies like China and the United States to be involved in these measurements so that they can even contribute within an international framework, who has been working on emissions inventories for more than a decade.
"The Paris agreement is based on countries coming together and saying that I want to do so," said Louise Jeffery, a scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact in Germany.
"If countries can trust each other and believe that they are doing what they say they want to do, then that gives them more motivation to do so.
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