canada beats u.s. in pork sales to china - feet, elbows and all - meat packers

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canada beats u.s. in pork sales to china - feet, elbows and all  -  meat packers
Winnipeg/Chicago/BEIJING (Reuters)-
Canada has replaced the United States as North America's largest supplier of pork, as farmers and meat packers in both countries compete for a lucrative share of the world's largest market.
After a sharp increase last year, Canadian pork sales to China overtook the United States in 2017.
According to US media reports, this happened only a few times in 20 years. S.
Data from the Canadian government
China's appetite for pork is growing, including part of the pig --
Feet, elbows, internal organs
This is of little value in most countries.
At the same time, China's strict environmental standards forced the farm to close and increased demand for cheap imports.
This is a great asset for Canadian farmers who almost completely remove the growing drug lakedopamine from the pig's diet --
Much of it is because China bans eating pork, which accounts for half of the world's consumption. U. S.
By contrast, exports to China are limited, because only about half of the population has been weaned, according to US data. S.
Pig producers, meat packers and animal feed distributors. But major U. S. -
The headquarters company is now producing more ractopamine. free hogs -
Including three major pork producers Smithfield FoodsSFII. UL];
A Department of the coastal food company (SEB. A);
Victory food, pig farmers cooperative.
The growth of Canadian pork exports highlights the impact of the huge Chinese market on agricultural practices and profits of global suppliers.
Recently, 2013 a year in the United StatesS.
Pork exports to China are about 333,000 tons, more than double Canada's 161,000 tons.
In the same year, the Canadian pig industry began to remove ractopamine, most notably Eli Lilly & Co)LLY. N)
Payment for products.
In the first quarter of this year, Canada exported nearly 93,000 tons of pork to China, growing at a rate of 372,000 tons per year.
According to the governments of the two countries, this is more than 87,500 tons transported by the United States.
For graphics on pork sales to China in the US and Canada, see: tmsmrt.
The EU, which has long banned ractopamine, is China's largest foreign pork supplier, exporting 393,365 tons in the first quarter.
In 2002, Chinese authorities banned the use of ractopamine in livestock.
They say meat raised with the drug causes nausea and diarrhea and can lead to life --
Threats to heart patientsThe U. S.
However, the Food and Drug Administration did not see the same danger when it approved ractopamine in 1999, concluding that it "would not have a significant impact on the human environment.
"The FDA's position has drawn some criticism, including the 2014 lawsuits that environmental groups have accused the agency of not adequately reviewing the effects of the drug.
The suit was later dismissed for technical reasons but is on appeal.
Dave Warner, spokesman for the National Pork producer Council, said pig farmers and ranchers groups defended the use of ractopamine, saying it allowed them to grow livestock more effectively and reduce feed.
Health authorities in Canada also allow the consumption of pork from pigs raised with the drug.
The Chinese market is very profitable, and last year HyLife in Canada began selling pork directly to Chinese consumers online.
Manitoba's small processor Eagle pig feet and elbows on e-commerce
Business website JDcom Inc (JD. O)
Competitors of Alibaba Group Holding Co. , Ltd. BABA. N).
"They are big online buyers," said Claudio Vielfaure, chief operating officer of HyLife . ".
"You can move your pork in various ways.
The rise in demand for pork in China has driven up prices.
Pig feet, pig kidney, pig liver and other products.
The price of pig feet is more than 2 Canadian dollars. 50 ($1. 85)per kilogram -
They doubled their value two years ago.
President of Sales and Marketing, orlinmel, one of Canada's largest pork packers. Selling by-
Alberta president Ray Price says the product can squeeze another $10 out of each pig or else it will earn about $180 for Packers
Based on the processor Sunterra meat.
China is the largest by-product market followed by Taiwan and the Philippines.
White bean stewed pork feet is a famous dish in Sichuan province, the capital of Chinese cuisine, and the blood sausage is made of intestines and cooked with pickles. it is a traditional winter dish in Northeast China.
Chinese consumers enjoy the fragrance of miscellaneous
Internal organs and internal organs.
In Beijing, stir-
Vegetable Fried pork liver is common on the table and is known for its nutritional value.
China spent a total of 55 million tons of pork last year.
Although this is the lowest in four years, due to the millions of small Chinese-
In recent years, scale farmers have left the pork industry due to lower prices and higher environmental standards.
The government forced thousands of farms to close due to severe water pollution.
China becomes Quebec
Last year, Oringer's biggest export market surpassed that of the United States and Japan.
It plans to open a sales office there as early as next year.
"The adjustment of the market can change the game of anyone in the world," Davis said . ". U. S.
Pork producers are slower than Canadian rivals to raise ractopamine
Mainly because the United States is the world's third largest pig market.
The largest pork market in China.
Tyson FoodsTSN. N)
Hemel Food Company (HRL. N)
Pigs fed with ractopamine continue to be processed, in part because they do not raise their own pigs.
A spokesman for Rommel said that the pig supply in Rommel was "from more than 500 family farms", many of whom used growing drugs. U. S.
The company can also send pork from ractopamine
Feed live pigs to Mexico and Japan. S.
Pork export marketBut many U. S. -
Nevertheless, suppliers at headquarters are scrambling to take advantage of China's demand for ractopamine --free pork. Smithfield -
The world's largest pork producer and a subsidiary of Hong Kong-
Listed WH Group (0288. HK)-
A spokeswoman said that for more than two years it has raised most pigs without the drug.
As China's largest pork exporter, Smithfield exported 300,000 tons of pork to China last year from the United States and Europe. The second-and third-biggest U. S.
Pork producer
Coast and victory
Next month, a joint pork processing plant will be opened in Sucheng, Iowa, where almost all pigs slaughtered will become ractopamine
This is free, according to local pig producers and animal feed plants.
Ractopamine for construction-
Free pork factories allow processors to limit the risk of Chinese refusing goods containing trace drugs.
Coastal areas declined to comment on ractopamine.
Triumph did not respond to requests for comment.
Ocheydan, Iowa co-operative farmer elevator is building a new feed plant that will produce only ractopamine by 2018
Free Animal feed
"This is what some of the clients we are dealing with require," said Steve Peterson, vice president of the Co-op.
Feed president.
"The most difficult thing to push is the coast. ” U. S.
Pig producer Prestage Farms also plans to build a new Iowa slaughterhouse for up to 10,000 ractopamine
President Ron Prestage told Reuters that free live pigs are available every year by 2018. With the U. S.
In record supply, foreign demand is critical to profits, Prestage said.
"When we have enough pigs, as we do today, Packers prefer not to have ractopamine," Prestage said . ".
"They want to be able to export as many products as possible.
"For a chart on the soaring Chinese pork imports after the farm crackdown, please click: tmsnrt.
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