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camelot superabsorbents.  -  absorbent
Camelot Super absorption resin is a private professional polymer company based in Calgary, Canada, serving the international market.
Camelotbegan, which began operations in 1994, focuses on the commercial use of the new generation of high water absorbent fibers.
Camelot has improved its high absorption fiber technology to meet many specific applications, providing high absorption capacity in various formats today.
With its wide range of application capabilities, camelot's mission is to provide customers with superior value products based on performance and innovation opportunities.
The market supplies absorbent fibers for sanitary, industrial and other special end-use purposes.
Camelot's high absorbent fiber is especially suitable for water absorption applications in markets such as sanitary protection, urinary incontinence, baby diapers, filtration, packaging and cable packaging.
The company is actively serving customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia.
Thanks to its unique form, Camelot's high absorbent fiber offers many design options for product developers.
In order for our customers to innovate in their market, Camelot provides its fibers in a variety of different forms to suit a variety of product designs.
The fiber of Camelot can be directly introduced into the absorption core, or it can be used in a non-spinning roll-like good format like air laying (
Latex or heat bonding)
High duplex comb needle-punched yarn, hot bonding, yarn and various composite materials.
The commercial fiber production facility in FACILITIESCamelot is located near Calgary, Canada.
The current production capacity is 4000 tons per year and will be expanded to 10,000 tons in 1998.
Calgary is also home to the company's corporate offices, development labs and asemi
Factory dedicated to continuous product and process improvement.
Scamelot mainly produces two different kinds of high absorbent fibers.
"Fiberdri" high absorbent fiber designed for hygienic applications and "Fibersorb" ideal for industrial type end use ".
At present, Camelot is launching its new 1200 series of products with enhanced absorption, re-wet and retention performance.
Both fiber DRI and fiber Sorb ofcut lengths are available in a range of months to 48mm.
The special service camelot super absorber is committed to working with customers so that they can innovate in the market by using the fiber drior fiber Sorb.
Camelot's position in the market is to work with customers to design the overall product for engineering products.
This means working with our customers to bring our fibers into their products, designing the product correctly and ensuring performance.
Therefore, in the field of metrology and metrology, Camelothas can accurately measure its optical fiber into the production process with commercial equipment.
For more information on how our entire product design approach can help meet product development challenges, please contact one of our sales offices.
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