calif. governor declares state of emergency after oil spill - oil spill pads

by:Demi     2019-09-15
calif. governor declares state of emergency after oil spill  -  oil spill pads
GOLETA, Calif. --Gov.
Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in response to a pipeline that leaked thousands of gallons of oil off the coast of California.
"This emergency announcement reduces red tape and helps the country quickly mobilize all available resources," Brown said in a statement on Wednesday . ".
"We will do everything we can to protect California's coastline.
"More than 7,700 gallons of oil have been raked, skimmed and vacuumed from a nine-mile leak off the coast of California, just a fraction of the stickiness, officials say, smelly goo escaped from the broken pipe.
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It is estimated that on Tuesday, the border arrests arrested by Parkland resulted in a ban of up to 105,000 gallons leaking from a broken pipeline and as many as 21,000 gallons reaching the waters north of Santa Barbara.
Environmental impacts are still being assessed, but so far there is no evidence of widespread harm to birds and marine life.
According to CBS News reporter Carter Evans, workers wearing white protective clothing and helmets are digging out large chunks of crude oil from the blackened sand and transporting it away in transparent plastic bags.
William McConaughey, 56 (2nd R)
On May 20, 2015, he drove from San Diego to volunteer service, carrying a bucket of oil barefoot on the coast of Refugio State Beach in Goleta, California.
Early deaths from the Reuters/Lucy Nicholson wildlife include two types of oil
The Pelican was covered, officials said.
Biologists counted dead fish and shellfish on beaches and rocky coasts.
"We may be working with the attorney general's office of the United States. S.
"The prosecutor's office, and determine whether it's a criminal, civil or just an accident," said Joyce Dudley, a district attorney in Santa Barbara County, according to CBS Los Angeles.
The leak occurred on a long, pristine coast along the northern border of the Santa Barbara Strait, where there are abundant marine life.
Birds such as whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, sea otters and pelicans live on the strait between the mainland and the Channel Islands, five of which are national parks surrounded by waters declared as national marine protected areas.
The California pipeline breaks the delivery of 21,000 gallons of oil into the ocean, and the staff in protective clothing shovels black sludge on the beach, and the boat drags the boom to the proper position to haul two floats
The clean-up went on overnight and more crew and boats came out early ThursdayS. Coast Guard Lt.
Says Jonathan McCormick.
They can get help from the expected breeze and calm ocean.
Sean Anderson is an environmental scientist at California State University in the Channel Islands.
"When the water is rough, the reaction becomes complicated.
But because the water is flat and the oil is stuck together, it is easier to find and pick up, "he said.
Regulators and workers of all Pipeline LP companies in the United States responsible for pipeline operations plan to start digging pipes on Thursday to see violations for the first time.
The company's chief executive visited the leak on Wednesday and apologized.
Greg L, Chairman and CEO, said: "We deeply regret the incident . "
Armstrong said at a news conference.
"We apologize for the damage it caused to wildlife and the environment.
All Americans say they experienced mechanical problems around 10: 45 A. M. m.
CBS Los Angeles reported that the pipeline was closed on Tuesday.
They restarted the pump before 11. m.
Just before noon, a passer-by reported the smell of crude oil, which can be seen on water and sand, and the first sign of the leak appeared.
"The fact is that once the spilled oil is spilled over the water, it is difficult to store and collect.
Therefore, it is likely to have some impact on the environment, including the oily birds and the oily coastline.
During the leak, the company said, crude oil flowed through the pipeline at a rate of 54,600 gallons per hour.
The company's officials did not say how long it had leaked before it was discovered, nor did they discuss how quickly the oil leaked.
The federal regulator of the Ministry of Transport responsible for the safety of the oil pipeline investigated the cause of the leak, the condition of the pipeline and potential violations. The 24-
According to the company, there were no previous problems with the inch pipes built in 1991 and a thorough inspection was carried out in 2012.
A similar test was performed on the pipeline about two weeks ago, although the results have not been analyzed yet.
According to the Los Angeles Times, according to federal records, the company has violated 175 safety and maintenance regulations in total since 2006.
These violations include pump failures, equipment failures, pipeline corrosion, and operator errors.
The newspaper said that a spokesman for the Plains pipeline did not immediately respond to a request to comment on its regulatory records.
There is no estimate of the cost of cleaning up or how long it may take.
During the Memorial Day weekend, the combination of dirty beaches and the pungent smell of oil caused officials to close the popular camp Refugio State Beach and El Capitan State Beach.
Nevertheless, tourists saw the disaster on the highway along the Pacific coast.
"It smells like something they use to pave the way," said Van Young of Indiana, who hopes to find a cleaner beach in Santa Barbara, 20 miles away.
"I'm sorry for the birds --
If they lose their habitat
"The national Department of Fish and Wildlife has closed fishing and shellfish fishing in the East and West mile at Refugio Beach, and has deployed fences to protect the nesting and foraging of snow plows and at least terns, two endangered coastal birds
The coastline is the site of a larger spill in 1969.
Largest in the United StatesS.
Waters of the time
This is believed to be the cause of the American environmental movement.
Environmental groups took advantage of the oil spill as a new opportunity to make an attempt on fossil fuels and to remind people of the region's notorious oil spill.
"Big Oil poses huge risks --
"From drilling to delivery," said Bob Deans, spokesman for the Natural Resources Conservation Commission.
More than 40 years ago, Santa Barbara learned this lesson when offshore drilling caused a disaster.
"The large offshore drilling platforms are still scattered on the horizon of the coast, delivering crude oil to the coast, and there are regular small amounts of natural leaking tar on the beach.
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