cab driver got sexual thrill out of making women pee in backseat - absorbent sheet

by:Demi     2019-08-31
cab driver got sexual thrill out of making women pee in backseat  -  absorbent sheet
Here are the professional tips from American daily callers: never eat some mysterious snacks from random taxi drivers on the third day
Largest city in Japan
Just don't do-
Even if you are hungry, or the snacks look really good.
According to the Bangkok Post, about 50 women in Osaka unfortunately did not follow this wise advice.
This week, police said the Japanese taxi driver, toshininishi, somehow lured the more than 40 women to his car for a long trip.
At least once, he lured a woman with half his money. price fare.
The 41-year-old Nishi provided the passengers with biscuits after they entered his taxi.
The cookies are covered with obvious drugs.
Urine-promoting agent is a substance that promotes urine production.
Thanks to the magic of the Internet, he bought diuretics medicine.
He smashed them into powder and mixed them with biscuits.
When these women felt a strong urge to use the bathroom, Sishi refused to let them out.
Eventually, they had no choice but to urinate in the back seat of a taxi.
Sishi also secretly filmed the events and watched them for his later bizarre individuals.
"I was excited to see women trying to withstand the urge to urinate," the driver told police, according to the post . ".
When local police raided Nishi's home, they reportedly found videos of about 50 women who had no choice but to relax themselves in his taxi.
A woman told the police about how Sishi's extremely bizarre criminal behavior affected her.
She said she entered the West city taxi in October.
He gave her a small paper cup full of biscuits.
She said she accepted it.
Soon she had a strong urge to pee, but Sishi wouldn't let her out.
Instead, he conveniently gave her a certain absorbent sheet and asked her to use it to clean up the mess in the back seat.
Police arrested Sishi on charges of violence.
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