bureau of meteorology impacted by internet service providers' move to wireless frequency - water absorption

by:Demi     2019-08-24
bureau of meteorology impacted by internet service providers\' move to wireless frequency  -  water absorption
Meteorological Bureau (BOM)
Plans to transfer some wireless Internet service providers to their radar frequencies may affect the ability to accurately measure weather.
BOM warns that the change in radio frequency it operates is 5.
The 6 GHz band may cause problems with the distance, resolution and measurement accuracy of its radar system.
Dr. Konstanty Bialkowski, an expert on radar systems at the University of Queensland, said 5.
6 GHz performed well in the interaction with water content.
"In terms of reflection and water absorption, it is because of this that it is able to detect things like rainwater particles and rain water," he said . ".
The new 5g mobile network needs a band to run, and the federal government plans to auction part of it.
6 GHz band in October.
But there are already a lot of wireless Internet service providers using this band and they need a new home.
Communications and Media Authority of Australia (ACMA)
It has been proposed to transfer them to No. 5.
The 6 GHz band has been used by BOM.
BOM said in a statement that it is working with ACMA to resolve any potential interference issues.
Dr. Bialkowski said that the interference played a role due to the "leak.
"The problem is that there is also a leak in the adjacent spectrum when the signal is working in one band," he said . ".
"The leak is because when we generate a signal, it actually has a very wide spectrum, and we use filters to limit out-of-band signals that appear.
"You can never drop it to zero, it will always exist.
"Compared to the signal of interest, this signal, although not so strong, is actually quite strong compared to the expected signal level far away from rainfall particles.
Dr. Bialkowski said that even if the storm does not exist, it may be as extreme as the storm that appears on the radar.
"It could be a very strong storm, and it would give the very wrong impression that some sort of storm is happening and that nothing is actually happening there at all.
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