british astronaut's first spacewalk ends early over 'water bubble' - absorption of water

by:Demi     2019-09-05
british astronaut\'s first spacewalk ends early over \'water bubble\'  -  absorption of water
NASA said water was found in the astronaut's helmet, which brought the space walk on the international space station to an early end.
"The crew are not in any danger," NASA commentator Rob Navias said. astronaut Colonel Tim Copra reported that they felt a group about four hours after walking in space.
However, this situation reminds people of the fact that the helmet of Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano began to fill up water quickly in 2013 and risked drowning.
"This is far less serious than that incident," Mr Navias said . ".
British astronaut Tim Peake, who is on his first-ever spacewalk, checked the appearance of his colleagues outside the International Space Station and described what he saw
Colonel copra said the liquid ball was about 10 cm by 5 cm long.
Navias said he also said it was cold water, indicating that the leak could come from the cooling loop inside the suit.
Colonel Col ra reported a high carbon dioxide reading in his spaces suit earlier in the outing, but did not feel any symptoms, and task Control believes the alarm was caused by a sensor failure.
Shortly after the mission control center's flight director, Royce renfreu, learned that Colonel copra's helmet felt wet, he decided to shorten the spacewalk.
By then, the main task of the team was
Replace the broken voltage regulator-
It's done.
The live video showed that both astronauts returned safely to the airlock area of the International Space Station, and the heat shield closed behind them.
Once entering the main body of the station, the colleagues inside them will help a 25-minute clean-
And further inspection.
With the re-opening of the gas gate
The European Space Agency said the early end of the space walk was officially completed at 5: 00.
Irish time is 31, 4 hours and 43 minutes.
ColKopra thanked ground staff for ensuring their safety, and Major Peake expressed the sentiment.
He added: "Thank you very much, I just want to reiterate what Tim said there, you guys did a great job and thank you all for your support. "Hishelmet-
The absorption pad and the sample of bubbles taken out with the syringe will be analyzed to determine what led to its formation.
Earlier today, Major Peake and major ColKopra switched their space suits to battery power at seven. 48am (12. 48 Irish time)
This marks the official start of the first floating of British astronauts.
When he climbed out of the space station, American astronaut Commander Scott Kelly placed a camera from the inside so that viewers watching NASA live TV could see the flagpole on the arm of the Mallorca Kraft space suit.
"It is a pleasure to see the Union flag there," Commander Kelly said . ".
"It's great to wear it.
This is a privilege, "replied major pique.
Former Army Air Force and helicopter pilot Major Peake was the first British to board the International Space Station and the first British professional astronaut to be employed by the space agency.
The International Space Station is expected to be in operation until 2024.
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