‘breast deodorant’ is now on sale. how stupid do beauty companies think women are? - water absorbing powder

by:Demi     2019-08-23
‘breast deodorant’ is now on sale. how stupid do beauty companies think women are?  -  water absorbing powder
We have heard that women will tattoo their nipples, make faces to the vagina, and buy private cleaners, but just when you think the beauty products have reached the limit, the breast deodorant will come out.
Not one, but three companies have promised that their products will eliminate sweaty breasts.
"Women can rest easily now," she promised in promoting her fresh breast deodorant.
"We're replacing 'subduct '-
Terrible sweating on the chestwith smiles! ” Erm … what?
I don't know if cloth Khan is true, not to mention that we should all be "scared" and spend up to $20 (£12)to eliminate.
Women have spent about £ 18,000 on facial beauty products throughout their lives without taking into account body hair removal, moisturizer and regular deodorant.
For things that most of us don't even notice, do we really need to add an extra £ 12 per month?
Will you buy a breast deodorant?
Nipple tattoo
The latest "must-have" vagina for women may be hairy, however, they don't need to steam 7 gender-discriminatory products for female vibration pants controlled by your boyf Klima Health solution "faulty" 5 "wearable technology" devices. Sweating in the chest and chest of Bust is called sweating.
But "bust like" is more than just medical.
It's a floral citrus.
Scented powder, applied with powder puff, has obvious sales on all women. (
The packaging is pink. )
However, sweat-
It is not necessary for a typical woman to absorb the powder.
I understand and accept that some people, regardless of gender, need this if they are sweating.
But overall, this is just another attempt by beauty companies to try to get women to spend more money beautifying themselves into living Barbie dolls.
OK, listen to Bust like dust, fresh breasts and delicious breast deodorant: women are not as stupid as you think.
We are not going to fall in love with another advertising strategy, trying to fit us with the strange idea that women are perfect.
Sweat is natural.
Whether it's between your underarm, back or cleavage.
It adjusts your body temperature to cool you down.
After working out in the gym, it will show you how much you have worked out.
Sweat is not bad;
This is a performance of hard work, stress, menopause, and if you do it very correctly, it is happiness.
Many people do use deodorant under their armpits, but they have the most sweat glands in their body, and sweat under their armpits will make clothes smell or dirty.
Breast is not the same sweating alliance, usually only sweating in the heat or afterexercise.
Sadly, although some girls do seem to have a problem with sweating.
Last year Olympic gold medalist Jessica Ennis said too many girls avoid sports because they hate salty things.
At an awards ceremony, she said: "When you reach the age of 13 or 14, girls don't want to do sports and there are other things happening.
My girl this year doesn't want to get hot and sweaty.
It is not attractive to them.
This is still the case, but it is changing more and more.
In short, the American lady needs to embrace the sweat and borrow a phrase from the lyrics of Justin Timberlake. (
It was sexy when he brought it back, but you know what I mean. )
There's nothing shameful about a few beads of sweat-
Even the rivets of sweat
Dripping down a woman's cleavage, it's ridiculous that these companies don't suggest that.
No woman needs to swap "smiles" with her "pounce"-especially when it gives off a scent called Perky Peppermints or Lickable lemon,
The only comfort in this chaotic swamp is that it is not as gender-discriminatory as you think.
Because the fresh body is not just producing fresh breasts, it also makes fresh balls. For the sweaty-
Testicled people, the lotion will dry into an invisible sweat
Powder sucking, ta-
Dry testicles.
I can only hope that both men and women will avoid these painful patronizing and unnecessary deodorant.
We don't need medication for another completely natural physical process.
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